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Module 11 Way of life


















Unit 1

In China, we open a gift later.

baseball cap chocolate dictionary video game

6 3 7 5

chess set chopsticks toy

2 4 1

baseball cap chocolate dictionary video game

g e d b

chess set chopsticks toy


f c

What present do they want to buy for Lingling?

1. When can people open the present in China? They can open it later. 2. Where must people open the present immediately?

In the US. 3. Do people accept a present with both hands in the West? No, they don’t.

1. Open a present immediately when you later receive it. √ 2. Accept a present with both hands. 3. Use red paper for hongbao. √ Don’t 4. Do cleaning on the first day of the Spring Festival. Don’t Break something during the Spring Festival. 5. any Don’t Have your hair cut during the Spring 6. Festival month.

accept attention surprise taste traditions
It is always a(n) (1) ________ to receive gifts surprise from family members and friends. In China, we accept usually (2)_______ a gift with both hands and open it later. But in the West, people usually do not pay much (3) __________ to that. During attention the Spring Festival, there are many (4) _________. For example, people in the north of traditions China eat lots of jiaozi. They (5) _______ great. taste

? Oh, you remembered! ? What a surprise! ? It’s bad luck! ? You can’t be serious! ? Perfect!

A chess set 一盘象棋 一个电子游戏 a a video game video game 太注意 pay much attention to 很感兴趣去做某事 be interested to do sth 打扫卫生 do some cleaning bad luck 倒霉 最好不去做某事 had better not do sth have your hair cut 理你的头发 a month away 一个多月 多告诉我一些吧 Tell me more

1. I don’t think I should open it now.

2. You needn’t wait! 3. You mustn’t break anything. 4. You must only use red paper for hongbao. 5. You’d better not have your hair cut during the Spring Festival month.

Must At school put up your hand before you talk

Mustn’t /Can’t

eat during the class

At the dining wait for others to talk with food table in your mouth start the meal

Now work in pairs. Say what you must and mustn’t/ can’t do.

must 的用法 1) 表示主观的义务和必要,主要用于肯 定句和疑问句,意思为 “必须……, 得……,要……”;由must引起的疑问句, 肯定回答要用must,否定回答要用 needn’t,意思是“不必”;must的否定 形式mustn’t表示禁止,意思是“不能, 不许”。

e.g. —Must I finish the task right now? —No, you needn’t. 我必须现在就完成任务吗? 不,你不需要。 You mustn’t come here without permission. 没有允许你不准来这。

2) 表示肯定的猜测,常用于肯定句中, 意为 “一定是,必然……”。 e.g. Your sister must be a doctor in t

his hospital. ( 现在的猜测 ) 你的妹妹现 在一定在这家医院当医生。 He must be reading newspapers in the reading room now.(正在进行的 猜测)他现在肯定正在阅读室看报 纸。

have to 与must的区别 两都都表示“必须”,但must侧重于说话 者的主观看法,认为有必要或有义务去做 某事;have to侧重于客观需要,含有“不 得不,被迫”之意。 e.g. All passengers must wear seat belts. 所有乘客都要系安全带。 My bike was broken yesterday, so I had to walk to school. 昨天我的自行 车坏了,所以我只能走路去学校。

can 的用法 can的否定形式为cannot,缩写为can't。 1) 表示能力 e.g. I can’t swim. 我不会游泳。 Can you drive? 你会开车吗?

注意: can表示能力可与be able to互换使用, 且后者有更多的时态,be able to常被用 来表示can所不能表示的将来或完成的概 念。 e.g. They will be able to run this machine on their own in three months. 他们将在未来的三个月自己操作这 个机器。

2) 表示可能性,意思是:可以,可能。 e.g. That big cinema can seat 2,000 people. 那个大影院可以坐2000人。 He can be very friendly at times. 他有时可能非常友善。

3) 表示允诺,意思是:可以,能够。 e.g. You can have the book when I have finished it. 在我读完这本书后,你可以看。 Can I use your pen? 我能用下你的笔吗?

4) 表示惊异、不相信、猜测等(用于疑 问句、否定句或感叹句中),意思是: 会,可能。 e.g. This can’t be true. 这不可能是真的。 Can it be true? 这能成真吗?

1.--Must I come before eight o'clock? --No, you _______.” D A. can't B. don't C. mustn't D. needn't 2.--Must I finish all the work before I leave? A --Yes, you _______ .” A. must B. can C. mustn't D. needn't

D 3. You ___ be quiet when you are in a library. A. may B. can C. will D. must

1. — Who is the man over there? Is it Mr Li? — No, it ____ be him. Mr Li is much C taller. (2013河北) A. mustn’t B. may not C. can’t D. needn’t

2. — Could I look at your pictures? B — Yes, of course you ______. (2013武汉) A. could B. can C. will D. might B 3._____you pass me a pen? I’d like to write down the telephone number. (2012北京市海淀区) A. Need B. Could C. Must D. Should

4. — May I go to the cinema, Mum? (2013安徽) C — Certainly. But you ____ be back by 11 o’clock. A. can B. may C. must D. need

Write a passage about the school rules at your school.

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