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一、 写出下列动词的过去式。






2.He .

eleven years old last year.

an apple on the plate yesterday.

happy yesterday.

10.They 学期)?

a book on the chair last Monday.

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at home the day before yesterday.

the second of June Yesterday first of June.

It ’s Day .All very excited.


(eat)a mouse(老鼠)last night.

(pick)up oranges on the farm last week.

(play)chess in the classroom last RE lesson.

(cook)nice food last Spring Festival.

(dance)at the party last night.

(call)Mike this morning.

(not do)housework yesterday.

15.— 一:00 in the evening.

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(not clean)the room just now.

19.—(come)to china?

—Last year.


( )1.She watered the flowers .

A.tomorrow B .sometimes C. yesterday morning ( )2.What Peter do last Sunday?

A. do B .does C .did

( )3.I my room last weekend.

A.cleaned B .clean C. am cleaning

( )4.I often helped my mother housework last year.

A. does B. did C .do

( )5. your brother TV last night?

A.Do,watch B .Did,watch C. Did,watched ( )6.—Did your sister write an e—mail yesterday? —.

A.Yes,she did B Yes,she does C No,she don’t

( ,2009

A.are going B going C.went

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( )8.We’re goingA climb B climbed C.climbing

( volleyball lthree days ago?

A.Does,play B Did,played C Did,play

( )10.一Good afternoon,Miss Zhang How does Alan feel? — He’s tired Hea lot of work.

A does,this morning B do,this morning C did,this morning

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一、 was flew found were drank played went made did danced worried asked ate drew put threw kicked passed lived knew


1.was 2.was 3.were 4.were5. was6. was7. was8. was 9.was

10.were 11.were 12.saw ,go 13.was 14.was 15.is,was,was,were


1.lived 2.ate 3.had 4.picked 5.made 6.played 7.cooked

8.sung,danced 9.came 10.read 11.called 12.heared

13.began 14.didn’t do 15.did,get,got 16.have 17.didn’t clean

18.went 19.did,come 20.did,do,watched,read


1.C 2.C 3.A 4.C 5.B

6.A 7.C 8.A 9.C 10.C

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