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Unit 1 How do you study for a test? Period 1


1.frustrate (v.) frustrating/frustrated (adj .) 2.pronunciation (n.) pronounce(v.) 3.development (n) develop (V.) developed (adj) /developing (adj) 4.impress(v) impressed/impressing (adj) 5.agree(v) agreement (n) disagree (v.) 6.friend(n) friendly (adj) friendship (n) 7.solve(v.) solution (n.) 8.important (adj.) importance (n.) unimportant (adj.) 9.happy(adj.) unhappy (adj.) happily (adv.) 10.aloud(adv.) loud (adj/adv.) loudly (adv.) 11.quick(adj.) quickly (adv.) 12. slow (v./adj./adv.) slowly (adv.)

Warming up
His English is very good. Do you know how does he study English?

He studies English by doing…

by working with friends

by making flashcards.

by reading the textbook

by making vocabulary list

by listening to the tapes

by asking the teacher for help.

by watching TV.

by practicing with foreigner.

by watching the English movie.

by practicing pronunciation


How do they study for a test?




How do they study for a test?

By making flash cards.

How do they study for a test?

By asking the teacher for help.

How do they study for a test?

By listening to tapes.

Make conversations.
How do you study Chemistry? Have you ever studied with a group? I’ve learned a lot …

by doing experiment.

by studying with a group.

Structures: 1. –How + do + you / we / they + do + something? –We / They + do + by + sth. / doing. 2. –How + does + he / she / it + do + something? –He / She / It + does + by + sth. / doing.


1. ----- Will you watch the World Cup match this year? (2006, 杭州, 1分) ----- No, but I _____ several World Cup matches since I was a small child. A. had seen B. see C. was seeing D. have seen

2. ----- You are leaving your school. How do you like it? (2006, 黄冈, 1分) ----- Very much, of course, I ___ this school since I moved here. A. came to B. have gone to C. have been at D. have been to

3. The life we were used to ____ greatly
since 1992. (2006, 苏州, 1分)

A. change
C. changing

B. has changed

√D. have changed

4. ----- How long ____ the film KING

KONG ____ ? (2006, 哈尔滨, 1分)
-----For just several minutes. A. did, begin B. has, begun

C. has, been on

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