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外研七上m8 unit2 She often goes to concerts。

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Choosing birthday presents
What do you like for your birthday?

a silk dress a T-shirt

a scarf

a football

a CD a magazine a box of chocolates

a cinema ticket

a concert ticket

Have you got good eyes?

a piano some fruit a cake a football a concert ticket a box of chocolates a silk dress some flowers

What …often do at wendends?

get some exercise go shopping

go to the cinema

go to concerts

Watch football matches on television



T-shirts a box of chocolates

to stay healthy Daming’s grandparents wearing T-shirt Daming’s mother Betty’s cousin Tony’s sister Lingling’s aunt and ancle

chocolate going shopping

a silk scarf ,shoes, dress…. reading ,film…. books,magazines a cinema ticket music, going …. a concert ticket/a CD football a football

Make a survey.Go and ask your friends or teachers. Fill in the form.(你可以离开座位去问你想问的人)
-What do you like? name Lily

-I like… . -- What do you usually do? I usually do… .
likes always /often does goes to concerts


Report (汇报)

My friend’s name is ….

It is more important(更重要) to show your love for your parents. So we should learn to thank. Write about the things you like or don’t like and the things your best friend likes or doesn’t like and choose presents for them

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