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八年级英语上册lesson6 教学设计

职田中学 王存辉

I.The teaching goals

1.kownledge goals

1>. master some important words and phrases

a fair competition score four to three lost ---lost win---won a pair of jeans have the pleasure of doing invite sb to do sth go to the movies = go to watch the movies stay with 2>.master the present past tense

2.skill goals

1>.read words. phrases and passage

2>.practice listening

3>.practice writing

3.Emotion goal

Educate the students to get on well with each other

II.The teaching important points

1. To review the present past tense

2. To use some language points well

III. The teaching difficult points

To practise the students’ writing

IV. The teaching methods

1. To use the task teaching method

2. To use the writing teaching method

V. The teaching procedures

Step1.Creating learning scene

Step2.New lesson learning

1.Listening test problem




? 1.what day was it that day? 2.what was the weather like that day? 3.who was the new friend? 4.when did Jenny’s mother buy a pair of jeans for her?

? 5.where was Mary from ?

? 6.where was Brian from?

2.Cooperation exploration

<1> the present past tense

1>.sign words

_______昨天 _______过去 _______以前

2>. 写出下列单词的过去式

are _______ am/is __________

lose _______ buy __________

wear ________ have _________

<2>. important or difficult language points

1>. lose( ) ----- 反义词 win( )

2>.Brain is arriving from the U.K

译文: _____________________________________


3.Practice problems (3minutes)

? 1.I want to _____ myself___(向…介绍) the class.

? 2.Li Ming and I are__ the same _______(在…队).

? 3.This basketball game will be ________(一场公平比赛).

? 4.The ______(得分)was_________( 4 to 3 ).

? 5.My mother bought _________(一条牛仔裤) for me

? 6.Jenny had the __________ to (很高兴对…说话)Mary.

? 7.She ______ me ___________(邀请…去看电影)yesterday.

? 8.I’m a _________(本地) famer.

? 9.I will stay with her _______(5天)

4.Opening up and Remembering problem

Today, Li Ming______(介绍) me a new friend, _____(他的) name is Brain, He was______(同一班) as me, He______(来自) America, I had__________ (高兴和他说话) him, He is__________(友好的), He often_________ (激励…学习) me ________English .Yesterday , he _______(邀请) me______(去打篮球) , It was __________(一场公平的比赛). Then, We want to have dinner _____________(在一个当地餐馆). We are getting well with each other , We have become

best friends.

Step3.Learning tasks


Step5.Teaching feedback

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