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Unit 2 Topic 2重点

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Unit 2 重点

1. as a result 结果

2. something useful 一些有用的东西

3. None of us/them +V-s

4. here and there 到处

5. protect the environment 保护环境

6. wild animals 野生动物

7. walk on grass 走在草地上

8. even worse 更加糟糕的是

9. in the beginning 在开始的时候

10. in danger of 处在…危险中

11. die v. 死 dead adj. 死亡的 dying adj. 垂死的

12. die out 灭亡 绝种

13. plenty of 许多 大量 +不可数名词

14. come to realize/understand/know 逐渐意识到/明白/知道

15. do one’s best=try one’s best

16. in the past 在过去

17. cut down 砍倒

18. change into desert 变成沙漠

19. a strong wind 一阵强风 It blows strongly 吹着大风

The wind outside is blowing strongly.

a heavy rain 一阵大雨

It rains heavily.天下着大雨。

20. stop sb./sth.from doing sth.

21. prevent sb./sth. from doing

22. wash sth.away 把…冲走

23. be harmful to=do harm to

24. remember to do 忘记要去做某事 remember doing sth. 忘记做了某事

25. take away 带走

26. sorts of=kinds of 多种多样

27. refer to 指…

28. how to…deal with

what to…do with 如何处理

29. take up 占据

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