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2012 江南中学第一学期期中考


1. We are allowed _________ because we have practised ________ for a long time.

A.to have a rest, to run B.having a rest, running

C.having a rest, to run D.to have a rest, running

2. Debbie always holds her head up, _________ Simon often looks down.

A.while B.however C.and D.though

3. --- She works very hard and she does well in every project.

--- _________________

A. So she does. B. So does she. C. Yes, she does. D. She is very good.

4. She _______ me when I left, and I found tears __________ down her cheek.

A.looked up, rolling B.looked up, roll C.looked up at, rolling D.looked up at, roll

5. Staring at other is considered _________ and should _________.

A.rude, avoid B.rudely, be avoided C.rude, be avoided D.rudely, to avoid

6. ________ information you gave to me!

A. How useful B. What useful C. What a useful D. How a useful

7. He said he had my clothes _________. I got ___________.

A.washing, confusing B.washed, confusing C.washed, confused D.washing, confused

8. Eating _________ as well as doing exercise ___________ our health.

A.vegetables and fruit, is good for B.vegetable and fruits, are good at

C.vegetable and fruit, is good at D.vegetables and fruits, are good at

9. The key to ___________ is __________.

A.success,confidence B.succeed, confident C.succeed, confidence D.success, confident

10. They should be _________ your hair.

A.enough soft not to damage B.soft enough not damaging

C.enough soft not damaging D.soft enough not to damage


During the past ten years, tens of thousands of South Korean men have married women from ___1___ countries. There is a problem that now their children have difficulty ___2___ into Korean society. So earlier this year, the government opened up high school just for them. Classes ___3___ earlier this month at the Seoul Dasom High School. Dason has 48 students and it is kept ___4___ to multi - cultural (多元化的) children who have one Korean parent and have grown up abroad. Liang Manni moved with her korean mother and Chinese father to Seoul from China in 2009. She said she likes the school a lot and has made friends with students from Japan, HongKong and Vietnam. Dasom, which is an old Korean word for love, is built ___5___ these students the Korean language and also give them training for jobs. Kim teaches English at Dasom. She said the high school gives an introduction to life in Korean for many of the students here. “Our goal ___6___ help them adjust(调整) themselves to life in Korean society. They have a lot of difficulties here based on different cultures. Also, we help them become more independent ___7___ their parents.” Kim said . Children of these multi - cultural families have the experience of being ___8___. Their scores are very low. Many children of mixed marriages say their Korean classmates bully (欺负)them. Dasom High School might provide these kids with a different world and a chance to learn Korean and catch up with their peers ___9___. The government believes things will change ___10___they make every effort.

1. A.other B.another C.the other D.others

2. A.fit B.to fit C.fits D.fitting

3. A.began B.has begun C.begin D.are beginning

4. A.opening B.open C.opened D.to open

5. A.teaching B.teach C.taught D.to teach

6. A.is B.is to C./ D.does

7. A.on B.in C.of D.from

8. A.lonely B.alone C.along D.alive

9. A.easier B.more easier C.easilier D.more easily

10. A.if B.as long as C.as soon as D.because


Are there really certain foods that can help you lose weight? Experts say fruits and vegetables can be ___1___ as “super foods”, because they can make you ___2___ without adding calorie. Protein is also important. It?s becoming more accepted by scientists that protein may help to control appetite.

“If you want to control appetite; it is a good ___3___ to eat protein - rich foods of ___4___ calories, ___5___ when you are trying to lose weight,” says barbara Rolls, a doctor at Penn State University. She ___6___ the book The Volumetric Eating Plan.

Protein can be helpful, but eating more calories than your ___7___ needs -- even in the form of protein, will make you ___8___ weight.

Before we make a ___9___ of super food, let?s make sure we keep things in the right way. At the end of the day, losing weight is still about burning more calories than you ___10___. The advantage of these foods is that they may help you lose weight, if you eat them instead of some higher - calorie food.

1. A.remained B.considered C.confirmed D.claimed

2. a.full B.hungry C.happy D.angry

3. a.form B.chance C.time D.way

4. A.high B.more C.low D.few

5. A.usually B.especially C.mainly D.mostly

6. a.bought B.sold C.wrote D.read

7. A.head B.heart C.brain D.body

8. A.lose B.gain C.make D.take

9. A.list B.name C.record D.number

10. A.take down B.take off C.take on D.take in



Do you carry your mobile phone around? don't do it again. leave it a place where you can hear it ringing. In this way you make sure that you at least get up and walk towards it. This might sound silly but I rally mean it. You need a reason to keep yourself going.

Life today has become so easy. All we have to do is to push a button here and push a button there. The only things that get any exercise at all are our fingers. According to \Darwin, when we often use a part of the body, it develops a lot, but if a part is not used at all, it will become smaller and smaller and finally disappear.

One example is the long neck of the giraffe. When the giraffe reached higher and higher for the leaves on the top of the tree, its neck appeared to become longer and longer. And the other example is the tails in human beings.

They disappeared at last because they were not used for a long time.

Now if Darwin?s idea is true, man in the future is likely to have just a huge head, a few fingers and maybe some other parts of the body that are also put to use. That is why I say that you have to make yourself move about.A mobile phone may be convenient, but the same thing can turn out to simplify life just a little bit too much.

What I would suggest is that at home or school or in your office, leave the mobile phone lying about so that you can hear it ring, but can?t just reach into your pocket and answer it. See to it that you have to stand up and walk a few steps before you can pick it up.

1. Where does the writer suggest to put your mobile phone?

A. In your hand. B. A place where it?s difficult to reach

C. In your pocket D. A place where you can hear it ringing.

2. According to the writer, what are the only parts of man?s body that can get exercise in modern life ?

A. The ears. B. The legs. C. The fingers. D. The arms.

3. Which of the following supports Darwin?s idea ?

A. The tail of the dog. B. The neck of the giraffe.

C. The leaves on the top of a tree. D. The fingers in human beings.

4. What will man be like in the future, according to the writer, if Darwin?s idea is true ?

A. He will have a huge body and a big head.

B. He will mainly have a huge head and a few fingers.

C. He will be strong and very clever.

D. He will be too weak to push a button.

5. What?s the main idea of the passage ?

A. Man should try to do any possible exercise in modern life.

B. Man should make good use of modern technologies to live a comfortable life.

C. It will take many years to prove Darwin?s idea to be true.

D. Modern technologies are making people busier and busier.


How old is “old” ? The answer has been changing over the years.Two hundred years ago, you were old at 35. At the beginning of the 20th century, the average life span (平均寿命) was 45. In 1950, 70 years old was really old. Today, a healthy 70 - year - old person is still thought young. So how old is “old”? The answer is the one you have heard many times, from all kinds of people. “ You are as old(young) as you feel.” Your age simply tells you how many years you have lived. Your body tells you how well you have lived.

“Nobody grows old by living a number of years,” wrote a writer. “People grow old when they don?t have their ideals (理想)”. People shouldn?t have the wrong ideas about aging. Sometimes, oder minds can be as bright as young minds. Alice Brophy once said, “It makes me unhappy when people say, ?You look young for your age?. What does that mean ? You know you can die old at 30 and live young at 80.”

1. About 100 years ago, the average life span was ____________.

A.35 B.45 C.70 D.80

2. The meaning of the word “aging” is ___________.

A.growing old B.staying young C.keeping healthy D.feeling unhappy

3. According to the passage, which of the following is true ?

A. Older people are not as bright as young people.

B. All older people are healthy and strong.

C. Aging doesn?t mean you become unhealthy.

D. Most older people are unhealthy and poor.

4. Which question is NOT answered in the passage ?

A. Can older people be as bright as young people ?

B. What tells you how well you have lived ?

C. How old is “old” ?

D. What is the average life span today ?

5. The passage is about ______________.

A.the average life span B.aging C.the 20th century D.older people and young people


Salesman: $73.7, please.

Robert: What? Show me the receipt (收据).

Salesman: Here it is.

Robert: Look.the price on this jacket is $ 20.50.

But this receipt says $ 32.50.

Salesman: You are right. The receipt is wrong.

Robert: What is the $5.57 for ?

Salesman: That?s for tax (税).

1. What is the relationship between the two speaker ?

A. Doctor and patient B. Friends C. Colleagues D. Shopkeeper and customer.

2. When did Robert do the shopping ?

A. At noon. B. At night. C. On June 22nd. D. In the morning.

3. How much is the jacket ?

A. $12 B.$30.50 C.31.50 D.$20.50

4. Robert bought all these things in ______________.

A. School Store B. Cheap House C. Hualian Store D. Dear House

5. In fact, how much should Robert pay at last ?

A. $53.07 B. $62.07 C. $73.07 D. $82.07


If you go to Brisbane, Australia, you can easily get a small book called “Discover Brisbane” free. The book tells you almost everything in Brisbane: the restaurant, the shops the cinemas, the streets, the buses, the trains, etc. Here is something about banks on page 49:

ANC Banking Group

Cnr. Greek & Queen Sts ................................................................ 228 3228

Bank of New Zealand

410 Queen Street ........................................................................... 221 0411

Bank of Queensland

229 Elizabeth Street ..................................................................... 229 3122

Commonwealth Banking Group

240 Queen Street ................................................................ 237 3111

National Australia Bank Ltd

225 Adelaide Street ................................................................ 221 6422

260 Queen Street ................................................................ ... 227 2666

Banking Hours are Mon - Thurs 9 :30 am to 4 pm; Fri 9:30 am to 5pm. All banks close on Sat. Sun. & Public Holidays.

1. Which of the following is NOT true ?

A. You can easily get a “Discover Brisbane” in Brisbane.

B. You can?t easily get a “Discover Brisbane” in Brisbane without pay.

C. You can almost find everything about Brisbane in “Discover Brisbane”.

D. You can find some information about banks on page 49 of “Discover Brisbane”.

2. Where can Bank of New Zealand be found ?

A. In Queen Street B. In Elizabeth Street

C. At the corner of Greek Street and Queen Street.

D. At the corner of Greek Street and Elizabeth Street.

3. Which street seems to be the most important street in Brisbane ?

A. Greek Street. B. Elizabeth Street. C. Queen Street. D. Adelaide Street

4. On Saturday, you can go to _______ to put your money in or take your money out from it.

A. ANC Banking Group B. Bank of Queensland C. National Australia Bank Ltd D. None of the banks

5. In Australia, the banks have their longest service hours on _________.

A. Public Holidays B. Fridays C. Saturdays D. Sundays


1. Don?t h________________ to contact me if you need any more information.

2. Would you m________________ turning on the fans ? It?s very hot

3. It doesn?t s________________ you to wear clothes in grey. It is too dark.

4. Too much perming and coloring can be h__________ to your hair.

5. Chinese is a p_____________ people and they hate war.


1. 这能够显示一个人是自豪还是羞耻。

It can show __________ a ____________ is ___________ or ______________.

2. 在课室不要懒洋洋坐着。

Don?t sit ___________ ____________ ____________ ____________ in the classroom.

3. 毕业后,他出国了。

_____________ ____________ ______________, he went abroad.

4. 树有助于阻止环境污染。

Trees ______________ _______________ the environment _____________ ___________ _____________.

5. 一座两千米长的桥明年将被修建。

_____________ ___________________ ___________________ will be built next year.


在“世界无烟日( Non- smoking Day)”那天,某中学对该校学生吸烟情况进行了一次调查,结果如图所示。请就此话题用英语写一篇短文。

要求:1. 对调查结果进行描述。

2. 表明自己的看法并提出建议。

3. 所写内容需符合“世界无烟日”主题。

4. 字数80个左右。

提示词语: do a survey about ... (做一个有关。。。的调查)

3% of the students (百分之三的学生)

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