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一、 单项选择(共15小题,计15分)

( ) 1. There is “h” and “u” in the word “huge”.

A. a; an B. an; a C. a; a D. an; an

( ) 2. --- Li Hua’s English is very good.

---Yes, and her French A. is as good as B. isn’t as good as C. is as well as D. is as better as

( ) 3. ---What’s wrong with you, Cheng Li?

---I’m feeling .

A. terrible B. terribly C. badly D. good

( ) 4. --- Mr.Wang went to bed very late last night because he wrote ________ article.

A. an eight—thousands ---word B. a eight ---thousands---words

C. a eight ---thousand ---words D. an eight ----thousand -----word

( ) 5. ---Did you go to Jane’s birthday party?

---No, I A. am not invited B. wasn’t invited C. haven’t been invited D. didn’t invited

( ) 6. ______should I take the medicine?

__There times a day.

A. How soon B. How often C. How long D. How much

( ) 7. -- I wonder if she_____tomorrow , If she ________tomorrow, we’ll be happy.

A. come; comes B. comes; will come

C. will come; comes D. will come; will come

( ) 8. This is _____________that all of us like it very much.

A. such a lovely girl B. so a lovely girl C. so lovely a girl. D. both A and C

( ) 9. ---If you don’t know the words , you’d better ________in a dictionary.

A. look up it B. look it up C. look them up D. to look them up

( ) 10. ---How long have he _____the girl?

---For about three years.

A. got married to B. been married with C. been married to D. married to

( ) 11. It was raining hard yesterday, _____ he went to school on time.

A. so B. but C. or D. because

( ) 12. ---_____ you shirt _____wool?

A. Does, made of B. Is , made of C. Is made from D. Is, made in

( is the price of the book?

---It’s 188 Yuan.

A. How much B. How many C. How D. What

( ) 14. ---Young people prefer ______ to______ at home

A. to go out; stay B. going out; staying C. going out; stay D. go out; staying

( ) 15. I don’t know _________________.

A. when do they finish the work B. when will they finish the work

C. when they will finish the work D when they do finish the work


A boy who was cleaning shoes in the street said to a young man by, “Let me clean ?”The young man said, “No, thank you.” “You may for that, Sir.” said the boy. the young man refused again.

. The young man agreed to this, and soon one of his shoes was shining brightly. The man put shoe on the boy,

but the boy refused to clean it unless he two pounds for his work. The young man refused to pay anything and went away. But one looked dirty that he couldn’t walk away. He had to and gave the boy In a very short time his shoes shone brightly.

( ) 16. A. passed B. passing C. pass D. passes

( ) 17. A. will you B. do you C. don’t you D. can you

( ) 18 .A. spend B. cost C. take D. pay

( ) 19. A. And B. Then C. But D. Or

( ) 20. A. Anything B. Something C. Everything D. Nothing

( ) 21. A. another B. others C. the others D. the other

( ) 22. A. paid B. pays C. was paid D. pay

( ) 23. A. such B. so C. very D. quite

( ) 24. A. return back B. go away C. come back D. leave

( ) 25. A. only one pound B. half a pound C. two pounds D. one and a half pounds



Dream may be more important than sleep. We all need to dream,” some scientists say.

Dream takes up (占据) about one quarter of our sleeping time. People have a few dreams each night. Dreams are like short films. They are usually in color. Some dreams are like old films. They come to us over and over again. That may be because the dreamer is worrying about something. Dreaming may be a way of trying to find an answer.

Some people get new ideas about their work from dreams. They may think about their work all day. These thoughts can carry over into dreams.

Some times we wake up with a good feeling from a dream. But often we can’t remember the dream.

Too much dreaming can be harmful. The more we sleep, the longer we dream. The mind is hard at work when we dream. That is why we may have a long sleep and still wake up tired.

( ) 26. It may be less important to sleep than to_________.

A. think B. dream C. work D. study

( ) 27. Dreams and films are usually ________.

A. very long B. very sad C. about work D. in color

( ) 28. Why do some people often dream about their work?

A. Because they are tired in the daytime.

B. Because they are not interested in their work.

C. Because they may be thinking about their work all day.

D. Because they have too much work to do.

( ) 29. The main idea of the story is ______.

A. what dream is B. people like to sleep

C. dreams are like films D. we always remember dreams

( ) 30. Which of the following is true?

A. Sleeping without dreams takes up about a quarter of our sleeping time.

B. When we dream the mind doesn’t work.

C. Too much dreaming is good for health.

D. We may be still tired after a long sleep.


Once Effendi had a joke with the Prime Minister. He said that the Minister would die the next day. The next day, the Minister fell to the ground from the horse and really died. When the king learned this, he got angry and sent his men to catch Effendi at once.

When Effendi was brought to him, the king shouted angrily,” Effendi, since(既然)you knew when my Minister would die, you must know the date of your own death. Say it out, or you will die today.”

Effendi looked at the king for a while. Then he answered, “But how can I know? I WILL die two days earlier than you. ”The king was afraid that if he killed Effendi, he himself would die after that. He thought he must keep Effendi alive as long as possible, so he let Effendi go.

( ) 31. This story tells us A. how Effendi fooled the king B. when the king would die

C. why the Minister died D. Effendi knew the dates of everyone’s death

( ) 32. The prime Minister died because A. Effendi killed him B. Effendi said he would die

C. he was badly ill D. he fell off the horse

( ) 33. Why did the king ask Effendi to tell him the date of Effendi’s own death?

A. Because the king wanted to know when he himself would die.

B. Because he wanted to find an excuse to kill Effendi.

C. Because he himself had known the date of Effendi’s death

D. Because he wanted to know when Effendi would die

( ) 34. The king let Effendi go because .

A. he hoped to live a long life B. he was afraid of Effendi

C. he didn’t believe Effendi’s words D. he knew he would die two days later

( ) 35. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Effendi played a joke on the Minister.

B. The king was afraid of death

C. Effendi didn’t know when the king would die

D. If the king killed Effendi, he himself would die two days later

( C )

From the world’s heaviest apple, the oldest lady to the world’s smallest dog, these are all part of a group of the world’s strangest people and things. And they are all in the Guinness Book of Records(《吉尼斯记录》).

The book is going to celebrate its birthday this August. It began exactly half a century ago. And it’s always one of the best selling books in the world.

People now can break over 100 records every week! Why do so many people want to break the records? Do they want their names in the book or meet more people around the world? “It gives people a chance to show they’re the best in the world. ”said one of the record keepers Stewart Newport.

The book was started by Hugh Beaver from Britain. In 1951, he went shooting birds and talked with his friends about the fastest bird in Europe. Three years later, they were still talking about it. So Beaver believed that people must have different ideas. So, he decided to start a book to record the world’ s truly greatest people and things in it!

The newest book came out last Tuesday. This book has a lot of interesting records. Here are two:

☆ A British dog, Whitney, is the world’s smallest dog. It’s only 76mm tall.

☆ An American woman Lee Redmond has the longest fingernails(指甲). They grew as long as 600 mm! She made the record in 1971.

( ) 36. We can see everything in the Guinness Book of Records except .

A. the heaviest fruits and vegetables B. the smallest people and animals

C. the strangest people and things D. very ordinary people and things

( .

A.50 years B.76 years C.600 years D.1000 years

( ) 38. Newport thought many people tried to break Guinness records because A. their names be kept in the world records.

B. their names could be seen by the whole world.

C. they could meet more people all over the world.

D. They could be known as the greatest by the world.

( ) 39. Which of the following is right according to the passage?

A. Newport started the Guinness Book of Records in Britain.

B. More than four thousand records are broken each month.

C. The Guinness Book of Records started in the year 1954.

D. The newest book of Guinness comes out every Tuesday.

( ) 40.The writer of this passage wants to

A. tell us the strangest records in the world

B. show us the beginning of the Guinness Book of Records

C. give us an introduction to the Guinness Book of Records

D. let us know the most interesting things in the world


When you are ill, you must be unhappy because your body becomes hot, and there are pains all over. You don’t want to work. You stay in bed, feeling terrible.

What makes you ill? It is germs (细菌). Germs are everywhere. They are very small and you can’t see them with your eyes, but you can find them with a microscope. They are very small and there could be hundreds of them on or in a very small thing.

Germs are always in dirty water. When you look at dirty water under a microscope, you will see them in it. So your parents will not let you drink dirty water.

Germs are found not only in dirty water, they are also found in air and dust. If you cut your finger, and if some of the dust goes into the finger, it will become big and red, and you will have much pain in it. Sometimes they will go into your body and you will have pain everywhere.

( ) 41. The writer thinks that you WILL _____ when you are ill

A. feel hot B. not want to work C. not feel happy D. A, B and C

( ) 42. You can see germs ________.

A. when you are ill B. only when you use a microscope

C. when you cut your finger D. everywhere around you

( ) 43. A microscope is used for ______.

A. making very big things look much smaller

B. making very small things look much bigger

C. helping you see things clearly D .killing germs

( ) 44. Your parents don’t let you drink dirty water because _____.

A. water will make you sick B. there are many germs in it

C. you can see germs in it D. it will make your finger become big and red

( ) 45. In this story, the word “microscope” means ______ in Chinese.

A. 眼镜 B. 放大镜 C. 显微镜 D. 镜子


umbrellas, and then he took them to a big shop in London. They were ___47__ there.

One day Mr. Brown went to London by train. He _48_ to take an umbrella with him that day. Sitting in front of him was a man with an umbrella standing __49_ the seat. When the train arrived in London, Mr. Brown __50__ up the umbrella as he often did during his journey by train. Just as he was getting off, he was ___51___ by the man. He said angrily, “That’s ___52___ !” Mr. Brown’s face turned red and he gave it back to the man at once. When Mr. Brown got to the big shop, the shopkeeper had got his six umbrellas ready. After a good look at __53__ of them, he said, “You’ve mended them very well.”

In the afternoon he got into the train again. The __54__ man was in the same seat. He looked at Mr Brown and his six umbrellas, “You’ve had a ___55__ day,” he said.




(Mike comes to see Dr. White .W: Dr. White; M: Mike)

W: _______56___________?

M: Well, doctor .It’s my eyes. I can’t see clearly.


M: Since last week, I think.

W: Let me have a look. Oh, Mike, I guess you are working too hard these days and taking less care of your eyes.

M: __________58_________?

W: No, nothing serious.

M: What should I do then?

W: Well, when you feel tired, just stop working and come out to enjoy a short rest. Remember , never go to bed too late and don’t read in bed.

M: ________59_______.Thank you very much.

W: ______60________.


在一次英语班会上,老师请同学们以“Proud of My School”为主题发言。请根据下面的提示写一篇发言稿。字数要求在80词左右。

提示:1.What does your school look like?

2. What fun do you have at school?

3. Why do you like your school ?

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