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1. Wei Fang is only six, but she speaks English ____ her mother.

a. as good as b. as better as c. as well as d. as best as

2. Ann is so careful that she goes over her exercises to ____ there are no mistakes.

a. look for b. make sure c. find out d. think about

3. You’d better ___ the information in the encyclopedia.

a. look up b. look for c. look at d. look into

4. _____ agreed with him. His advice was not accepted in the meeting.

a. Somebody b. Anybody c. Everybody d. Nobody

5. – would you like to have ____ coffee?

-- no, thanks. I don’t want ____ drinks now.

a. any; any b. any; some c. some; some d. some ; any

6. Beethoven is a great _____.

a. inventor b. scientist c. musician d. singer

7. ----who _____ in the football match?

----The blue team. They got one more score than the red team.

a. won b lost c. win d. loses

8. --- Will it be rainy or sunny tomorrow?

----- _____ rainy. There are so many ants.

a. Certainly b. Really c. May be d. Perhaps

9. many kinds of animals ____ in the world every day because of human being’s actions. We must stop them killing animals.

a. die of b. die out c. die from d. die for

10. While we are having our meal, ______ a stranger broke in.

a. quickly b. suddenly c. even d. clearly

11. let’s go for ___ work.

a. a b. an c. the d./

12. they got up early in the morning. ____ they were late for school.

a. And b. But c. However d. So

13. the Chinese textbook ___ some famous interesting stories. I like it very much.

a. lives b. flies c. includes d. uses

14. ____ visitors come to Beijing during National Day holidays every year.

a. Thousands of b. Two thousands c. Thousand of d. Thousand

15. ---Could you help me put up the maps on the wall?


a. No problem b, I hope so c. That’s all right d.That’s a good idea


1 达芬奇是一名意大利的画家,发明家,音乐家,工程师和科学家。

Leonardo da Vinci was an ____ _____, ______, _______, ______ and _____.

2 达芬奇出生在乡村。

Da Vinci ____ ______ in ____ ______.

2. 随着他逐渐的长大,他学习去做许多不同的东西。

As he ______ _______, he learnt _____ _____ many _____ ______.

3. 恐龙生活在地球的每个角落。

Dinosaurs lived _____ _____ _______.

4. 一些恐龙如同鸡一样小,另一些像十头大象那样大。

_____ dinosaurs ______ as _____ ______ chickens. ________ were ____ big _____ ten elephants.

5. 恐龙生活在地球上超过一亿五千万年。

Dinosaurs ______ on _____ for ____ _____ 150 million years.

6. 没有人知道为什么。

Nobody ______ why.

7. 然而,我们能够从他们的化石了解他们。

________, we can _______ _______ the dinosaurs ______ their fossils.

用some和any 填空

1. There are ______ boats in the river.

2. ---- Are there _____ old men over there?

-----Yes, there are ______.

3. There is ____ on the table.

4. ---- How many girls are there in the picture?

----- There aren’t _____

5. -------Can I have _____ apples?

-------Sure, here you are.

6. There are ______ American boys, but there aren’t ______ English boys.

7. May I have ____ bread?

8. I want to buy ____ socks.

9. Do you have ______ brothers?

10. He doesn’t have ______ money.

用somebody, anybody, nobody填空(注:somebody=someone, anybody= anyone, nobody=no one

1. _______ is waiting for you.

2. Does _____ else want to go?

3. You can ask _____ here. They all know the news.

4. After class all students went out. There was _______ in the classroom.

5. I have _____ to do. Please give me _____ to read.

a. something; anything b. nothing; something

c. nothing; everything d. anything; nothing

6. _______ is wrong with the watch. It doesn’t work.

a. Something b. Anything c. Nothing d. Everything

7. ---Is _____ OK?

---- Yes, I’ve got everything ready.

a. something b. anything c. nothing d. everything

8. ---Help yourself to ______.

---- Thanks, Mum. It tastes good.

a. some chickens b. a chicken c. some chicken d. any chicken

9.There are some _____ and ______ on the desk.

a. radios; photos b. radios; photos c. radios; photos d. radios;photos

10. ---- Is there _______ in today’s newspaper?

----- Nothing.

a. anything interesting b. interesting anything c, something interesting d. interesting something

11. It is dark outside. ______ dares to go out.

a. Everybody b. Somebody c.Anybody d. Nobody

12 Would you like _____ more apples?

a. some b. any c. every d. no

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