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1. —By the way, have you got ________ e-mail address? —Oh, yes, it is swimonland@hotmail.com.

A. a B.an C.the D./

2. —Do you know Meimei?

—Yes, she is from a university and she is ________ honest girl.

A.a B.an C./ D.the

3. —What would you like for ________ breakfast, Mr. Green?

—Two pieces of bread and ________ cup of tea, please.

A.a; the B./; a C./; the D.the;a

4. There are sixty minutes in ________ hour.

A.a B.an C.The D. /

5. Many people think that 2012 is one of ________ most successful films.

A.a B.an C.the D./

6.If you work hard, you'll get ________ “A” in the exam.

A.a B.an C.the D. /

7. —What's ________ most useful invention in the 20th century?

—________ computer, I think.

A.the; A B.a; A

C.the; The D./; The

8.They often take ________ walk after dinner.

A.a B.∕ C.the D.An

9.—Look! What's that moving high up in ________ sky? —It must be ________ plane.

A.a; the B.the; /

C.the; a D./; a

10.—Look! What's that moving high up in ________ sky?

—It must be ________ plane.

A.a; the B.the; /

C.the; a D./; a

11.—Shall we pay ________ visit to Expo 2010,Shanghai? —No,I'd rather stay at home and play ________ football.

A a; the B.the;a

C./; the D.a; /

12.Jack likes playing ________ soccer, but he doesn't like playing ________ piano.

A./; / B.the; / C.the; the D./; the

13. —Do you play ________ piano in your free time?

—No, I like sports. I often play ________ soccer with my friends.

A./; the B.the; /

C.the; the D.a; a

14.Tom is coming here by ________ plane tomorrow. He is ________ honest boy, I think you will all like him.

A./; a B./; an

C.the; an D.the; a

15. —What ________ exciting news it is! Is ________ news true?

—Of course, I heard it when they made a decision.

A.an; the B.an; a

C./; the D./; a

16. Kunming is ________ capital of Yunnan and it is ________ city with many places of interest.

A.a; a B.a; the

C.the; a D.the; the

17.—You've dropped ________ “f” in the word “off”. —Oh, ________ letter “f” is doubled.

A.an; a B.a; the

C.an; the D.the; the

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