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1. Introduce Myself(自我介绍)

Hello, everyone!My name is Bob Hand. My first name is Bob. Hand is my last name. And I am thirteen years old. My birthday is ….. I’m a Chinese boy. I come from Hunan. My family has three people. They are my father, mother and I. I’m in Hubu Middle School. I’m in Class 2, Grade Seven. I am a student. So I have many classes. I like Chinese and Math. Because I think Chinese is interesting. And I really like my Chinese teacher. I think Math is easy. I have a good friend. Her name is Wei Hua. She is a good girl. I like sports very much. I often play ping-pong everyday with my friends. I like strawberries, apples, oranges and vegetables. My favorite color is green. I like watching movies. I like comedies and action movies. I think comedies are funny. And action movies are exciting. Do you want to make friend with me?

2、Bring a family photo to class and write about it. Then tell a classmate about your family.

Hi. I’m _____. Here is a photo of my family. This is a big family .These are my grandparents.Those are my parents.Those are my aunt and uncle. This is my brother Bob. That is my cousin Dale. We are all very happy in our family.I love

my family.



I lost a set of keys. I must found them. My name is Jim. Please call me at 347-2580.

Found: A school ID card.

Is this your school ID card. I found it in the school library. Call Jim at 347-2580. Or e-mail me at im327@sina.com.

4、Write about where the things are in your room. Use the word and if you can. My tape player and tapes are in the bookcase.

My clock is on the desk and my model plane is on the table.

My pens and erasers are in the schoolbag.

My keys are on the sofa and my baseball is under the sofa.

The pictures are on the wall.

There are two windows in the wall.

My basketball is on the floor.(期中考试作文)

5、Look at the information in 3a. Write about yourself and your partner with but.

1. I have a soccer ball, but I don’t have a volleyball.

2. I have a ping-pong bat, but I don’t have a baseball bat.

3. Li Lei has a basketball, but he doesn’t have a soccer ball.

4. Li Lei has a volleyball, but he doesn’t have a ping-pong ball.


, but I don’t like ,


Sale at Come to our store now.


Dear Jane,

Do you like English? Do you have a tape player? Please come to the English party next week. On November 16th, we have an English party in our school library. See you there!



Dear Linda,

I’m really busy on Friday. At 8:00, I have Chinese. It’s my favorite subject. It’s very interesting. I have math at 9:00. I don’t like math because it’s too difficult. At 10:00, I have history. My history teacher is great fun. After that, I have P.E. It’s really relaxing! Lunch time is from 12:00 to 2:00. Then at 2:00, I have geography. At 3:00, I have an art lesson. It’s great, easy and interesting! Classes finish at 3:50, after that I have sports for an hour. I think it’s cool!

Please tell me about your school life.


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