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Section B-2

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Unit 8 When is your birthday?

Section B Period 2 (2a-3b)

What activities do you have at school?
English Day

soccer game

school trip

School Day

volleyball game

basketball game

Sports Day

art festival


book sale

Dear students, We have some interesting and fun things for you this term. On September 21st, we have a school trip in the afternoon. October is a great month. On the 12th and the 15th, we have two ball games, soccer and volleyball. School Day is on October 22nd. Your parents can come to our school. We have an English party on November 25th. This is a really busy term! Have a good time!

2b Read the school notice and list the activities and the dates.

Dates September 21st October 12th October 15th October 22nd November 3rd November 30th December 3rd

Activities school trip soccer game volleyball game School Day art festival English party book sale

What activities do they have at school this term? When is the school trip/ …? What can the students’ parents do on School Day?

开头句:We have some interesting and fun things for you. 中心内容:

in ① On September 21st,we have a school trip the afternoon.
② On October 12th and 15th ,we

havesoccer and volleybal .

③ On October 22nd , it’s School Day, your parents can


come to our school ④ On November 3rd of next month, we havean art festival an
⑤ On November 30th,

we have an

I love English!

English party
in the school library

And ⑥On December 3rd , we have a book sale

结尾句: This is a really busy term! Have a good time!

请根据下列表格写一篇短文介绍自己学校的 活动 Time
9月21日下午 10月22日 11月12日,15日 12月25日

学校郊游 学校日、校庆 篮球比赛,排球比赛 英语派对

3a Complete the notes with the words in the box.
my school game September like basketball
Dear Alan, like Do you ______ sports? Do you have a __________? Please come to ______________ basketball my school game next week. We have a basketball _________. It is on __________ 28th. See you there! September Guo Peng

写作指导: 这是一则邀请某人参加某项活动的便 条,其内容须包含括号内提出的四个 问题,即:参加人的名字及爱好、活 动名称及该活动举行的地点与时间。 写作过程中可能用到的句型如下: 1. Do you like (have) …? 你喜欢(有)……吗?

2. Please come to … next week/this Friday. 请下周/这周五来……(某地). 3. We have a (an) … It’s on … 我们举行……(活动)。它在……(日期) 。 4. On …, we have a(an) … in … 在……( 日期), 我们在……(某地)举行……(活动) 。 5. See you there!/Have a good time! 再见!/祝你玩得高兴。

One possible version: Dear _______ Jane, ______________________________________ Do you like English? Do you have a ______________________________________ tape player? Please come to the English ______________________________________ party next week

. On November 16th, we ______________________________________ have an English party in our school ______________________________________ library. See you there! _____ Eric

1. Complete the chart with the correct forms of the numbers.
one first six






seven seventh thirteen thirteent


eighth twenty twentieth twenty- twentyninth first one tenth thirty thirtieth





2. Write the dates for these holidays in China.
1. When is Children’s Day(儿童节)? 2. When is National Day(国庆节)? 3. When is Women’s Day(妇女节)? 4. When is New Year’s Day (新年)?

June 1st 1. It’s on ________________________ October 1st 2. It’s on ________________________ 3. It’s on ________________________ Mar. 8th Jan. 1st 4. It’s on ________________________

Li Lei’s family 1. This is________(李雷的家庭). a photo of Bill’s family 2. Is that________________ ( 比尔家的 一幅照片)? the name of Tom’s sister 3. What’s____________(汤姆妹 妹的名字)? Lily and Lucy’s 4. This is_________________(莉莉和 露茜的) room. 5. They are____________(格林 Mrs. Green’s sons 夫人的儿子). 6. It’s my_______(mother) bag. mother’s twins’ 7. Are these the_____(twin) books?

Women’s 8. March 8 is __________ (women) Day. 9. What’s the girl’s name? (同义句) What’s the __ __the girl? name of 10.一幅中国地图 a map of China _____________ a leg of the table 桌子的一条腿 ____________ Sally’s baseball bat Sally的棒球拍 ________________ Bill’s cousin Bill的堂兄 ___________ a friend of my father’s 我父亲的一位朋友 ____________________

Do the other exercises in this part.

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