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unit8when is your birthday?练习题,知识点

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Unit 8 When is your birthday?

Section A

考点一 基数词与序数词的转化


1.June ___________ is Children’s Day.

2.What’s the ___________ today.It's October 6th.

3. Teachers’ Day is ___________ ___________.

4.___________ ___________is Tree Planting Day.

5.___________ ___________ is April Fool’s Day.

6.___________ ___________ is Christmas Day.

7.___________ ___________ is New Year's Day.

8. Women’s Day is ___________ ___________.

9. ___________ ___________ is Labors’ Day.

10.___________ ___________ is our National Day.

考点二 序数词的用法 10. What’s the month between July and September? ________. A. June B. August C.October D.November 11. Our school has a sports meeting ________ October 15th. A.at B.on C.in D.for 12. Jim is ______ duty today. A. on B. in C. at D. no 13. When is your birthday party? ________ three this afternoon. A. in B. on C. to D. at 14. What time do you get up? ---I get up ______6 every day. A. at B. in C. for D. by 考点四 特殊疑问词 how 的用法总结 How are you? How much…? How many…? How about…? How old…?

1. ---_______________?---I’m sixteen. 1. January is the _______ month of the year.

A. How many years are you B. What years are you 2. His birthday is on June ___________.(23)

C. How old are you D. How are you 3. My birthday is October ________.(two) 2.________ is your mother? She’s forty. 4. This is the _________ (twelve) apple. A.How old B.How C.How age D.What 5. My number is ________ (nine).

age 6. March is ________ month of the year.

3. The baby is only ________. A. three B. the three C. third D. the third A.ten months old B.ten monthes old C.ten month 7.______ is the eighth month of the year. old D.ten old months A. July B. August C. November D. June

4. ---How many ______ do you want? ---Five 8.________ is very difficult.

B. ice-cream C. salad D. salads A.Lesson fifth B.The lesson fifth C.Fire lesson A. apples

5. --- How much ______ the socks? --- Three dollars. D.The fifth lesson

A.is B.are C.do D. does 9. There are ________ months in a year. The ________ month

6. --- How much are these green bags? is December. --- _______ 50 dollars. A.twelve, twelve B.twelfth, twelfth C.twelve, twelfth

A.Yes.They are B.they are C.They are D. It is D.twelfth, twelve

7. It’s sunny today, how about_______ (go) shopping. 10. What’s the ________ today? It’s October twelfth.

That_______(sound)good. What ________ is it today? It’s Sunday.

------Me too. A.date, day B.day, date C.date, date 8. I’d like a cup of tea? ________ _______you?

9. How old are you?(age改写.)_______________________________ D.day, day

10.I am 15 years old. (用age 改写)___________________________ 11. My birthday is on_______

want的用法 A.March 3th B.June 2st C. July 1th 考点五

1.I want ______ a pen _____ $ 4. D.August 7th

A. buy; for B. to buy; for C. buy; from D. to 考点三 日期的询问与回答。 When, in, on. what time, at

buy; from 1. When is your birthday? ______ July.

2. Do you ______ come______ my birthday party? A. in B. on C. at D. to

A.want , to B.want to, to C. /, to D. to, to 2. New Year's Day is in ____________.

考点六名词所有格 A. December B .October C. January

1. _______(Jack) birthday is in November. 3. Our school trip is ____________May.

2.---When is _____ birthday?---His birthday is s November A. in B. on

1lth. C. at

A.your B.Lucy’s C.Jack’s D.my 4. We have English concert ____________July 5th each year.

3.--- When is _____ birthday party? ---Her birthday is A. in B. on

October fifth. C. at

A. your brother’s B. Jack sister’s C. his sister’s 5.____________is your Art Festival?

D. Lucy’s brother’s A. What B. When C.

4.________ shirt is white. Which

A.My brother B.My brothers C.My brother’s D.My 6. ---_____ is your birthday? brothers’ --- It’s on June 4th.

5.Where’s ________? A.What year B.When

A.Tom’s pants B.Tom’s pen’s C.Tom’s pen D.pen C. Where D. What day

of Tom 7. We have the basketball game____ Nov. 19th.

6.________ Day is on June first and ________ Day is on A. at B. on C. in D. /

September tenth. 8. ---When _____ your birthday? --- _______ on December 2. A.Children’s, Teacher’s B.Children’s, Teachers’ A. is; It’s B. is; It on C. are; They’re D. does; On C.Childrens’, Teacher’ D.Children’, Teachers’ 9. When is your birthday? It’s on ________.

7.Mrs Green is ________ mother. A.February B. second C. February second D. 1990


A.Jim and Kate B.Jim’s and Kate’s C.Jim and Kate’s 4. We have a school t_________ on Tuesday. D.Jim’s and Kate

5.—How o_________ are you? —I'm J3.

8.The computer is___________(Mary)

9.This is ______________________(Anna and Jane) bedroom., c) 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。 they like it very much

1 This is Alice. _____________ (she) birthday is on July 10.

10.These are your _______________(sister) book.

2. The ________________ (three) month of a year is March. Section B

考点一 trip 的搭配

Have a good trip

When is the school ___________?(郊游)

3. There are 31 _________________________ (day) in July. 4. Monday is the ______________ ( two) day of the week. 5. We have two school ______________ (trip) in a term. 6. May is the _________________ (five) month of the year. 7. There are twelve ______________ (month) in a year. D)用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。

1. Can you ____________ (help) me fill in the calendar. 2. Let’s ___________________ (have) an English party.

考点二 have的常见用法总结

有, 吃喝, 玩乐, 举行, 上课, 看一看

考点三 on, in, at, 区别.时间 地点

表时间 in 年月季节早中晚,

on 具体某天早中晚 at 时刻周末和三餐 表地点 in加大地方, at小地方 完成下列介词填空

3. When ___________________ (be) the school trip? ______ May 2nd ________ the morning of May 2nd

_________ Sunday _______ the morning 4. Does he ___________________ (like) playing baseball? _________a cold morning _________8 o’clock 5. Do you want ___________________ (come) to my party? ________noon_______night 二、句型训练场(20分) _____________ the weekend A)根据汉语意思完成句子。 _________2012 ________2012-12-13. 1.你妈妈的生日是什么时候? _____________ March _______ _______ your mother's birthday? _________ summer 2.他弟弟的生日是10月20日。


1. Let’s have a look________ the big tree.

2. We have breakfast _____seven ______ the morning. 3. Tom watches TV__________ Sunday evening. 4. Kate’s birthday is_________ May.

5. What do you like to do__________ Children’s Day? 6. Kate and Tim like eggs_________ lunch. 7. Here is a nice photo _______ my family. 8. Who is the girl ___________red? 考点四 常见节日

New Year's Day Women's Day Tree Planting Day Fool’s Day

Labor Day Children's Day Teachers' Day National Day

Christmas Day Spring Festival

His_______ _______ is on October 20th. 3.那个男孩15岁了。

That boy is 15_______ _______ . 4.三月份我们有篮球比赛。

We have_______ _______ in March. 5.学校郊游是在4月12日。

School trip is on_______ _______ .


A: 6._______ his name? B: His name is Yao Ming. A: 7._______ is his birthday?

B: His birt,hday is on 8._______ 12th. A: 9._______ 10._______ is he? B: He's 32.


( ) 1. _______ is your birthday? 考点五 岁数的询问和表达

A. What B. When C. How old D. Where

How old…? What’s…age?

( ) 2. _______ birthday is on April 11th.

What’s the age of…?

A. My sister B. She C. My sister's D. I

1.你多大了?_______ ________ _________ you? ( )3.—_______ ? —I'm 12.

What’s__________ __________?

A. How much is it B. How old are you

2. 我12岁。I __________ __________ C. How many are you D. How are you

I am _________ _________ __________ ( ) 4. My birthday is on_______ .

考点六 时间的询问和表达 A. May 3rd B. May 2th C. May D.


the third What’s the date? It’s October 23.

When is your birthday? It’s on December 13th, ( ) 5. Annie's date of_______ is August 9th.

A. day B. Birthday C. birth D. school 2012.

( ) 6. _______ is on January 1st. What time do you get up? It’s 6 o’clock.

Unit 8 When is your birthday?单元综合测试题



A. Children’s Day (儿童节) B. Spring Festival(春节) C. National Day (国庆节) D. New Year's Day(元旦 ) ( )7. —When is the English Party?

1.W_________ is your birthday?

2. We have an art f_________ every year. 3.—H_________ birthday! —Thank you.


—_______ on April 19th.

A. It B. It's C. Its D. They're ( )8. —Do you_______ a volleyball game at your school? —Yes, we do.

A. likes B, play C. have

D. do

( ) 9. There are twelve_______ in a year.

A. years B. Days C. week D. months

( ) l0 .—Do they have_______ art festival?

—Yes, they do.

A.an B.a C./ D.the


Good morning, boys and girls. Meg. I'm Twelve ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________years .I have a brother 13 a sister. My brother is nine

and my sister is four. I like hamburgers and salad. ____________________________________________My brother likes and my sister likes ice-cream. We .

a lot of sports things. We all like tennis. Today is my _-__________________________________________ birth-Day. It's January 21st. There's a big cake

the table. How is it? Do you know? It's seven . ____________________________________________Come to my mother's birthday party and have the cake with us.

( )11. A.I’m B.My name C. He's D. She's. . ( )12. A. young B. / C. big D. old

( )13. A. but B. And C. or D. so

( )14. A. No B. yes C. only (仅仅 ) D. about

( )15.A. a tomatoes B. Tomato

C. one tomatoes D. tomatoes

( )16. A. has B. Have C. sound D. are

( )17. A. Mother B. Mothers C. mother's D./

( )18. A. in B. Under C. at D. on

( )19. A. much B. Many C. some D. old

( )20. A. fens B. Yuans C. dollars D./


Today is November 8th. It's Gina's birthday. She is twelve.

Jim, Kate and Bill are her friends. They want to buy some

presents(礼物) for Gina. They go to the store near(在附近)

the school. There are lots of things in the store. They buy a big

cake(蛋糕), two boxes of color pencils, a pencil case and some

nice books. They want to buy two dolls(玩具) for Gina, but the

dolls are too dear(贵).

( )21.—How old is Gina today? — _______.

A. 12 B. 13 C. 14 D. 15

( )22.Gina has _______friends.

A. three B. Four C. two D. only one

( )23. _______is near the school.

A. Their home B. A factory C. The store D. The farm

( )24.They buy _______for Gina.

A. a big cake B. two boxes of color pencils

C. a pencil case and some nice books D. A, B and C

( )25. — When is Gina's birthday? — _______

A.Today B.It's Gina's birthday

C.November 8th D.Sorry,I don't know



I have a friend. His name is Tom.




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