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江苏省南通市实验中学八年级英语上册 Unit 6练习

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Unit 6练习

一、 首字母填空(10)

1. Dogs b___ when they see strangers.

2. Goldfish move their f___ to swim. 3. Birds have beautiful f______.

4. I'd like to give her a s____ present to surprise her.

5. He always k____ on the cage door when he is hungry.

6. Can you hear him sing h____? 7. Please c______ to bus number 64.

8. Cats enjoy looking out from the window-l_______.

9. Don't f____ the little baby. He may be ill if you do it.

10. Would you please put the books in the e_____ drawer.

二、 选择(15)

1. I am preparing _____ the coming party.

A. with B. for C. in D. on 2. I heard someone _____ my name behind.

A. calls B. to call C. call D. calling

3. A dog is ______ useful animal.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

4. _____ pull the cat's tail. It'll be angry. A. You don't B. can't C. You should D. Don't

5. The fish are easy ________.

A. to look after them B. for looking after

C. to look after D. for looking after them 6. I don't know _______ the question.

A. what to answer B. how to answer

C. to answer what D. to answer how

7. The water in the tank _____ clean. A. should B. may C. have to be D. must be

8. You should play with our pet for _____ every day.

A. some time B. sometimes C. sometime D. some times 9. Tom likes ______ the fantail goldfish_____ around.

A. watching; swim B. to watch; swim

C. watching; swims D. to watch; swimming

10. What about having a cup of tea? _________.

A. I want it B. Help yourself

C. Good idea D. Me, too

11. It has lots of _______ and sleeps ______.

A. furs; a lot of B. fur; much time

C. fur; a lot D. furs; many times 12. Do you know it ______? It enjoys meat _______.

A. very much; very well B. very much; very much

C. very well; very much D. very well; very well


13. She wants to teach us ______ English.

A. speak B. to speak C. speaks D. speaking

14. Who is ______, Kate or Lily?

A. thin B. thinner C. the thinnest D. thiner

15. -_______ I finish the homework now, Mrs Zhao?

-No, you _____. You may finish it tomorrow.

A. Must; mustn't B. Must; needn't

C. May; may not D. May; needn't

三、 词型填空(10)


buy eat go keep smoke stand throw wash wear stop

1. You __________ silent in the cinema. 2. You __________ in the library.

3. You __________ rubbish in the street.

4. You __________ your hands before you eat.

5. Swimmers _________ into the water if they see a red flag.

6. Today is my mother's birthday. I ___________ her a present.

10. This is a non-smoking area. People ____________ here.

11. Students ___________ writing in an exam when time is up.

12. Passengers ____________ too close to the train doors.

四、 句型转换(15)

1. The result is very amazing. ______ ________ the result is!

2. I walk my dog every afternoon. I _____ my dog ____ ____ every afternoon.

3. Lesson One is easier than Lesson Two. Lesson Two is _____ ______ Lesson One.

4. You must work hard at your lessons. (改为祈使句)

____ _____ _____ ____ _____.

5. The students bought some souvenirs on their way to school.

_____ _______ the students _______ on their way to school.

五、 完成句子(40')

1、 我的宠物狗会玩精彩的把戏。My ___ ___ can do _____ _____.

2、 一头大象大约重1200公斤。The elephant ____ about _____ _______.

3、 夏天你至少每天给狗洗一次澡。 You ____ wash your cat ___ ____ ____ a day in ____.

4、 每天早上读半小时英语很重要。

It is _____ to _____ English for ___ ____ _____ every morning .

5、 务必让学生喝干净的水。____ ____ the students ____ _____ _____.

6、 你知道怎样梳猫的毛吗?Do you know how ____ ____ cats' _____?

7、 假如明天不下雨,我就去溜狗。

If it _____ ____ tomorrow, I will ___ my ___.

8、 小时侯妈妈教我读书、写字。

My mother _____ me ___ ___ and ____ when I ____ young.

9、 她从不担忧因为我把她照顾得和很好。

She ____ ____ because I ____ ___ ____ ___ her.

六、 改错(10')


1. I saw the boys played football when I went by. ________

2. Don't make noise. The baby is sleeping. ________

3. The sign writes, "No smoking". ________

4. The girl spoke to the old man polite. _______

5. Turn on the TV, don't you? _______ 6. They listened carefully and heard unusual something. _______

7. Do you need feed them on time? ________

8. A cat is not easy to look after it. ________

9. Thanks you very much for helping me. ________

10. My cat likes playing a football at home. ________


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