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江苏省南通市实验中学八年级英语上册 Unit 6测试题

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Unit 6测试题



1. A. black bags B. black pigs C. black balls D. blackboards

2. A. new knife B. nine knives C. her knife D. your knife 3. A. Whose baby B. these babies C. who’s D. whose babies

4. A. small sister’s B. little sister’s

C. little sisters D. little brothers

5. A. our teacher B. his teacher C. their teacher D. your teacher II.选择同义句。

1. A. The teacher is in the classroom.

B. Our teacher’s glass is in the classroom.

C. Our teacher’s glasses are in the classroom. D. Our teacher is a good teacher.

2. A. Tom and his brother go to school every day.

B. Tom and his classmates go to school every day.

C. In the day Tom and his brother study at school. In the evening they do their homework.

D. In the evening Tom and his brother watch TV.

3. A. There are two Chinese books on the desk.

B. There is an English book on the desk.

C. There is a Chinese book on the desk.

D. There are two books on the desk.

4. A. Joan is my sister. B. John is my brother.

C. Joan is John’s classmate. D. John and Joan are brother and sister.

5. A. The pig is in front of the door.

B. There is a pig and a dog in front of the house.

C. There are some trees in front of the dogs.

D. There are some pigs in front of the dogs.


1. A. Yes, they are. B. Yes, there are.

C. No, they aren’t. D. No, they are cows.

2. A. It’s Sunday. B. It’s a quarter

C. It’s fifteen. D. It’s five ten.

3. A. It’s an orange. B. It’s the orange.

C. It’s orange. D. They are oranges.

4. A. He is in the classroom. B. He is a student.

C. He is in Grade One. D. He is very good. 5. A. She is all right. B. She is a teacher.

C. She is good at maths. D. She is thirsty.


1. A. It’s Saturday. B. It’s Monday.

C. It’s Friday. D. It’s Tuesday.


2. A. Tom is. B. Alice is.

C. Our teacher is. D. Our monitor is.

3. A. Betty B. Alice

C. Mary D. Joan

4. A. She is going to clean the door.

B. She is going to clean the desks and chairs.

C. She is going to take down the old pictures.

D. She is going to carry water.

5. A. Our parents are B. Our monitor is

C. Our teacher is D. Our brothers are

二、 首字母(10)

1. A baby panda w_____ about 100 grams at birth.

2. Look! A mother mouse is playing with two baby m_____.

3. Birds can't fly without w______.

4. Put some s_____ at the bottom of the tank.

5. The girl is quite s______. She doesn't speak with strangers.

6. "Ball" r_______ with "small".

7. Cats like to play with some pieces of s______.

8. Some h______ are running after a wolf in the forest.

9. Don’t w_____ about me. I’m sure I can do it by myself. 10. If you get t_____, you can sleep in the armchair.

三、 选择(20)

1. There is ____ time to watch TV.

A. no B. not C. no any D. many

2. He ____ go and play football, he has a lot of homework _____.

A. can; to do B. can; doing

C. can't; to do D. can't; doing

3. -Li Lei, please _____ play with my chalk. -Sorry, I ___ do it again.

A. not; don't B. don't; won't

C. not to; won't D. don't; don't

4. The boy is _____ carry the box.

A. enough old B. old enough

C. enough old to D. old enough to

5. They don't have _____ to tell you. A. anything important B. important anything

C. something important D. important something

6. The old man always ____ thick glasses.

A. puts on B. takes off C. dresses D. wears

7. ____ of the children has got a pencil and some paper.

A. Each B. All C. Every D. Some

8. I will go and visit the museum ______ next week.

A. sometime B. sometimes C. some time D. some times

9. Don't ____ . We still have enough time.

A. worry B. worried C. get worry D. worrying


10. You shouldn't give them ____ ice cream.

A. much too B. too much C. too many D. many too

11. Do you know ____ he did not turn off the light?

A. what B. how C. if D. why

12. They _____ the cat out for a walk.

A. needn't to take B. don't need take

C. don't need to take D. needn't taking

13. It's not good for your eyes to read ______ the sun.

A. under B. with C. below D. in

14. -There is the cat's fur all over my flat. - ___________.

A. Brush your cat every day B. Give it more cat food

C. Take your cat out every day D. Don't feed your cat at the table

15. If she ____ there, call somebody else.

A. isn't B. is C. will be D. won't be

16. A _____needs a hutch. A. goldfish B. rabbit C. parrot D. giraffe

17. Who sings and dances ___ in your class?

A. best B. better C. good D. well

18. The dogs and cats in the picture _______.

A. looks so real B. looks so really

C. look so real D. look so really

19. Thank you for ____ me ____ my broken bike.

A. helping; mending B. to help; mend

C. to help; to mend D. helping; mend 20. Alice writes _______ than her sister.

A. more careful B. most carefully

C. more carefully D. most careful

四、 形式填空(10)

He can swim well now. But he _____ (can not) last year.

Can you tell the _____ (different) between the two words.

Lucy is one of the good ____ (speak) in our China.

If a cat _____(want) to eat, it ______ (miaow).

The goldfish ______(look) beautiful when he _____ (swim).

_____ (be) quiet, the children ______ (have) a lesson.

His dogs like _____ (fight) with each other.

五、 句型转换(10)

1. This is my uncle's computer. This computer _____ ____ my ____. 2. The shop called Sunshine Shop is near my home.

___ ____ is near your home?

3. How interesting the film is! ____ _____ _____ _____ it is!

4. Tom is stronger than Bill. Bill is stronger than Peter.

Tom is ___ _____ ___ the three.

5. Dick takes his dog out twice a week.

_____ _____ _____ Dick ____ his dog out?


6. I spent 2 hours doing my homework last night.

It ___ ____ 2 hours ____ ____ my homework last night.

六、 完型填空(10)

This is a true story. It happened to a friend of __1__ a year ago.

While my friend, George, was reading in bed, two thieves climbed into his another room. It was __2__, so they turned on the light.

Suddenly they __3__ a voice behind them.

"What's up?" "What's up?" someone __4__.

The thieves __5__ the light and __6__ as quickly as they could.

George heard the __7__ and came downstairs quickly. He turned on the light, __8__ he couldn't see anybody.

The __9__ were already gone. But George's parrot, Henry, was still there. "What's up, George?" he called.

"Nothing, __10__," George said with a smile. "Go back to sleep."

( ) 1. A. ours B. mine C. his D. hers

( ) 2. A. black B. dark C. bright D. dirty

( ) 3. A. hear B. heard C. listened D. listened to

( ) 4. A. called B. told C. spoke D. sounded

( ) 5. A. turned down B. turned off C. turned on D. turned up

( ) 6. A. ran B. jumped C. ran away D. cried

( ) 7. A. voice B. sound C. song D. noise

( ) 8. A. but B. and C. when D. or

( ) 9. A. friends B. parrot C. thieves D. enemy

( ) 10. A. Tom B. Parrot C. Henry D. my son

七、 阅读理解(15)


On her birthday, Kate got a letter from her uncle. "Dear Kate," he wrote in his letter. "Happy birthday to you! I'm sending you some chickens. I hope you like them."

The next day Kate rode a bike to the post office to get the present from her uncle. It was a big heavy box. Kate was very pleased. She liked eating eggs. "I can keep them for eggs," she thought.

She put the box at the back of her bike and began to carry them home. When she was getting into the garden, the box fell to the ground and broke. The chickens all ran out. They ran here and there. Kate spent hours trying to find all of them. Some days later, her uncle came to see her. He asked, "Did the chickens arrive safely?" "Yes, but the box dropped and they went everywhere. I spent nearly all morning looking for them," Kate said. "Did you find them all?" asked her uncle. "I hope so," Kate answered. "But I only caught eleven of them." "That's very interesting, you've got three more than I sent you," her uncle said.

( ) 1. Kate’s uncle sent her some chickens because ______.

A. her birthday was coming B. he didn't want to keep them

C. the chickens were not good D. Kate's friends would like them

( ) 2. Kate was so glad that she could ______.


A. have chickens to eat B. let the chickens have eggs

C. sell the chickens for eggs D. give the chickens to her friends

( ) 3. What happened to the box?

A. Someone took it away. B. It was brought home safely.

C. It was broken. D. It wasn't broken.

( ) 4. How long did Kate take to find all the chickens?

A. An hour B. some days C. some hours D. a day

( ) 5. How many chickens did her uncle send her?

A. Eleven B. Eight C. Six D. Three


David Moore taught science at the city school. He needed some expensive books, so he bought them. He left them in his car in a quiet street. Then he bought other things at other shops. At six o'clock he came back to the car. One window was open and the books were not there! David drove home to Fry Road.

The night he wrote a letter to a newspaper. The next day he went to the police. On Friday people read this in the newspaper:

BOOKS: Have you any old books? I buy old and modern books. Open all day on Saturdays. David Moore, 26 Fry Road.

David stayed at home on Saturday. His first visitor came at eight o'clock. David took him to the kitchen. At half past nine another man arrived. He had a bag under his arm.

"Mr. Moore?" the man asked.

" That's right," David said. "Can I help you?"

"I've got some good books. You buy books, don't you?"

"Bring them in. I'll have a look at them."

Soon the books were on the dining-table. "Come in now," David called, "and bring the list."

A policeman came into the dining room. He read the names on the list in his hand. They were the same.

"Come with me, Sir" the policeman said to the man.

( ) 1. What was David? __________.

A. He was a bookseller B. He worked for the police

C. He was a teacher D. He was a policeman

( ) 2. How did the man get the books? ______.

A. He took them from a car B. He bought them from a bookshop

C. He bought from David D. He found them in old cars

( ) 3. How did David get his books back? ______.

A. He didn't get them back

B. The policeman caught the thief and gave them to David

C. A man brought them to David's home

D. David bought them from the visitor

( ) 4. What was on the list? ________.

A. The city Boy's School B. The names of the books

C. David Moore, 26 Fry Road D. Booksellers' names


( ) 5. Where did the policeman wait? ________.

A. Outside the bookshop B. In the dining room

C. In a quiet street D. In the kitchen


No one knows how man learned to make words. Maybe he began by making sounds. As time went by he made more and more sounds and more and more words. This is what we called languages.

People in different countries made different kinds of words. Today there are about fifteen hundred languages in the world. Some animals also have their languages. When a bee has found some food, it goes back to its home. It wants to tell the other bees where the food is. But it can not speak, so it does a little dance in the air. In this way it tells other bees where the food is.

T or F

( ) 1. Everyone of us doesn't knows how man learned to speak.

( ) 2. People in different countries have the same language. ( ) 3. Man made more and more sounds and more words as days passed by.

( ) 4. There are less than one thousand different languages in the world.

( ) 5. A bee can't tell the other bees where the food is because it can't speak.

八、 作文(5)

My pet

My pet, Pedro, is a p_____. When I say 'Hello' to him, he always tries to say 'Hello' b____. He is quite n____ sometimes, especially when he is inside the cage. He likes to f____ around inside the flat, but we have to be sure to c____ the windows before he comes out of the cage....

Listening material

I 1. These are their black pigs.

2. Is her knife new.

3. Who’s this baby in the picture?

4. Her little sister’s name is Rose.

5. The woman over there is our teacher.

II 1. There is a glass in our classroom. The glass is our teacher’s.

2. Tom and his brother go to school at seven in the morning and do their homework in the evening.

3. Peter’s English book is on the desk. Tom’s book is on the desk, too.

4. John is my classmate. Joan is his sister. 5. The pig is in front of the dog. The house is behind the dog.

III 1. Are there any cows behind the house?

2. What time is it?

3. What color is the flower?

4. Where is your brother?


5. How is your mother?

IV We clean our classroom every day. Today is Saturday and we are going to clean the our classroom after class is over. Our monitor is going to clean the window. I am going to clean the door. Tom is going to clean the desks and chairs. Alice is the youngest girl in our class. She is going to carry water. Our teacher is going to help us, too. He is going to take down the old pictures and put up the new ones. All of us love our teacher very much.


What day is today?

Who is going to clean the window?

Who is the youngest girl in the class? What is the youngest girl going to do?

Who is going to help us?


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