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Lesson33 ;1 teach sb to do sth 教某人做某事 2 sometime 在某时 3 some time 几次 4 sometimes有时 lesson34 ;1 knock at\on 撞击 2 hang up 悬挂 3 offer sth to do 奉献 4 offer one’s hand 伸出手 5 offer sb sth=offer sth to sb 提供某物 6 provide sb with sth=provide sth for sb 提供 7supply sb with sth=supply sth to sb 定期供应 8 help oneself to...随便吃 9 help sb (to)do sth=help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事 10 turn on 打开 11 turn off关上 12 turn down关小 13 turn up 开大 lesson35:1enjoy oneself=have a good time玩的愉快 2 forget to do sth 忘记要去做某事 3 forget doing sth忘记做过某事 4 hand in 交上 5 share sth with sn与某人合用 6 alive活着的 7 lively 生动的 8 living 活着的 lesson36:1 be different from 与,,,不同 2 take care of=look after照顾 3 take care 小心4 take good care of=look...after well好好照顾 5 present...to...吧。。。介绍给lesson37;1arrive=reach=get to 到达 2 try one’s best=do one’s best尽某人最大的努力 3 enough to do sth足够做某事 4 regard...as...把。。。当做 5 make a promise许下诺言 6 keep one’s promise保守诺言 7 break one’s promise 违背诺言 lesson38:1 be home to 是...的所在地 2 more than=over 超过 3 half of 一半 lesson39:1 be interested to do sth 有兴趣做某事 2 be interested in sth/ doing sth 对某事感兴趣3 feel like 想要 4 be proud of=take pride in 以....为骄傲

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