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八年级英语上册 Unit 2 How often do you exercise(第2课时)练习

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Unit 2 How often do you exercise(第2课时)练习 1.--_______ do you clean your room?

--Every day. A.How long B.How many C.How often D.How soon 2.______ students _____ once a week.

A.The most;exercise B.Most;exercises

C.Most of;exercise D.Most;exercise

3.—We can go Yangzhou Railway Station by bus. --Why not ____ there?

A.try walking B.trying to walk

C.to try and walk D.to try walking 4.Eating healthy food can help us _____. A.many B.a lot of C.much D.a lot

5.There is little ____ in the fridge. Let’s go and buy some. A.apples B.eggs C.vegetables D.milk

6.Soccer is ____ from American football. It’s played all over the world.

A.different B.difference C.differences D.differently

7.Exercise and good food help me study _____.

A.good B.well C.nice D.nicer

8.I think eating more _____ food can help you keep ____.

A.health;health B.health;healthy

C.healthy;health D.healthy;healthy

9.—What’s his father’s favorite exercise?

-- He likes to _______.

A.sing English songs B.play basketball C.watch TV D.eat vegetables 10.I like junk food, ____ I try to ____ only a few times a month. A.and;eat it B.and;eat them C.but;eat it D.but;eat them



1.He often goes home.(划线提问)

______ ______ does he go home? 2.Bill always gets up early.( 否定句)

Bill _____ _____ up early. 3.Ann learns to dance on Tuesday and Thursday.(同义句) Ann learns to dance ______ a _______.

4.My brother isn’t good at math.(同义句)

My brother ______ ______ well in math.


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