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Marine Accident Investigation Bureau Location, position United States Coast Guard 美国海岸警卫队 A.B=able body A.S.D=Able Seafarer (of) Deck O.S=Ordinary Seaman Semen Ratings, officers, senior officers, Top 4

? Shipmaster, Chief Engineer, Chief Officer, Second Engineer ? Management level ? Mate, Second, Third, ? Chief, ? Second officer, Third Officer ? Third Engineer, Fourth Engineer ? Operational level,

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Shipowner’s representative Pilot Temporary employee MOPA=Master Orders and Pilot Advises Pilot: Full ahead. Captain: No, full astern. Third. Third: Yes, sir. Full astern. Captain: Good. Third: Now, the engine is full astern, sir.

Independent piloting Pilot: Full Ahead. Third: Yes, sir. Full ahead. Now, the engine is full ahead. Mr. Pilot. Second Engineer, First Engineer First assistant Chief Engineer Second Engineer Third Engineer Foreman, Head oiler, No.1 oiler, head motorman, No.1 motorman, carpenter, A.B, O.S, Cassab, storeman, wiper, fitter, pumpman, oiler, motorman, greaser,

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Past----- now------future The ship was… I teach at DMU. I am teaching here now. I will teach you tomorrow afternoon. I have finished my first period class in the morning. I will have finished my class by tomorrow afternoon. I thought you were right. It was nice talking with you. MAIB Port Fuel Oil Tank Human centred policy


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The United Kingdom for the Great Britain and North Ireland My goodness My god. www=world wide web, .=dot @=at Republic of Korea DPRK=Democratic People’s Republic of Korea P.R. China =The People’s Republic of China Point of access to the ship Green peace LOA-Length Overall

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LOA=Length Overall CPP=Controllable Pitch Propeller FPP=Fixed Pitch Propeller LBP, LPP=Length between perpendiculars ARPA=Automatic Radar Plotting Aids RADAR=Radio Detection and Ranging AIS=Automatic Identification System VDR=Voyage Data Recorder ECDIS=Electronic Chart Display Information System CCTV=Closed Circuit Television System GRT=Gross Registered Tonnage TGT=Tons Gross Tonnage GT=Gross Tonnage DWTC=Deadweight Tons of Capacities

? Draught, ship’s height, stopping distance, UKC=Under Keel Clearance ? Engine power, kW=kilowatt Hp=Horse power Year of built, Keel laying PP=probable position AP=Accurate position

Freeboard, deep draught, draught forward, draught aft, middle draught Cargo condition, IMO cargo, list, trim, hog, sag, a list to port of 1 degree, Turning circle, diameter of turning circle, Transfer, advance of the turning circle, Crash stop, The international convention on the law of the sea Baseline, EEZ=Exclusive economic zone ITF=International Transportation Worker’s Federation COLREG72=The International Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea, 1972 SOLAS=The International Conv

ention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974 STCW=The International Convention on Standard of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers MLC06=The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

? MARPOL 73/78=The protocol of 1978 to the international convention for preventing pollution from ships, 1973. ? LL66=The loadline convention, 1966 ? ISM code=The International Safety Management Code, ? SMS=Safety Management System ? SMM=Safety Management Manual

? Fire ? Combustible material, Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D ? Detect fire ? Heat, ignition point, flash point Flammable material, inflammable material Oxygen, Starving, cooling, smothering

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Initial stage Developing stage Fully developing stage Extinguish it. Contain the fire. -----sound the fire alarm or general emergency alarm. -----Shipmaster comes up on the bridge. ------All teams mustered. -------Fire party, support party, bridge team, engine room team, first aid team. ------detect the fire. Fire main, CO2 station Contain the fire. Close skylight windows, watertight doors, entrance to the engine room. Escape route, -----Fire under control, extinguish it. Watch on spot. Review and investigate -----Not under control, abandon ship

? ? ? ? ? ?

Public Address DOP=Drop off pilot. POB=Pilot on board. ETA=Estimate Time of Arrival ETD=Estimate Time of Departure GMDSS=Global Maritime Distress and Safety System ? VHF=Very High Frequency ? HF=High Frequency ? MF=Medium Frequency

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Inmarsat=International Maritime Satellite EPIRB=Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon SART=Search and Rescue Radar Transponder FPT=Fore Peak Tank APT=Aft Peak Tank Drag anchor Dredge anchor BA=British Admiralty GPS=Global Positioning System DGPS=Differential GPS PPI=Plan Position Indicator OOW=Officer of the Watch, Officer on watch EOW=Engineer Officer on Watch

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LT, GMT, UTC, 1000LT, 当地时间10点 1031LT,当地时间1031, Chief Officer

1. 时态/ 2. They was, I were, six ship I decided that ship is straight vessel.

---shipowner, P&I club, lawyers, ITF, ---SMM, medical care, ---eyewitness, ---neutral state Could you tell me what you saw on the spot? I am sorry to hear that. ---conclusion Work aloft Permit to work Safety harness, safety belt, helmet, overall Blind Outfit, shield, goggles, gloves, leather gloves, Fatigue, MLC06,

---Shipmaster, Chief Engineer ---Shipmaster, political commissonar ---Chief Engineer, Second Engineer

---muster list, ---fire control plan ---log for every fire drill ---fire alarm ---locations of fire fighting equipment ---fire knowledge ---Class A, B, C, D Water spray, foam, Class A, debris,

---collision, allision, Collision=cooperate, ---slacken speed, stand-on vessel, give-way vessel, restricted visibility, power driven vessel, nonpower driven vessel, vessel restricted in h

er ability to manoeuvre, vessel not under command, NUC vessel, TSS, traffic separation scheme, side light, stern light, masthead light, shape, cylinder, cane, diamond, ball, vertical, horizontal Colreg72, contact,

---Colreg72 ---SMM, bridge standing order, rules for watch duties, ---chart, BA chart, ---VDR Solar-sailor Emergency full astern

Stranding, grounding
? Squatting, ---course deviation ---false chart ---negligence in position fixing ---GPS or other equipment was not in good condition ---Use false targets. ---Use false parallel indexes. ---damage, follow up measures,

--What was the last position obtained onto the chart? ---On what means (How) did you fix it? ---Who fixed the position? ---Damage, leaking, flooding, sinking,

Foundering, sinking, ---logbooks, Causes ---collision, ---flooding ---fire, flooding ---explosion,

? Find----measures----muster------abandon the ship…. ? Your ship is your best lifeboat. Do not leave her until she leaves you. ? V-ship

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Bible Marpol 73/78 Antipollution equipment Certificates IOPP, EIAPP, SOPEP, drills Anti-pollution equipment Sawdust, drip trays, gasket, synthetic scoops, oil defender, oil boom, oil dispersant, sponge, ? ---checklist, ? Emergency shutdown,

How often did you organize a SOPEP drill? Who organized on spot? When did you report to the local pollution control authority?

Man overboard
---Throw a lifebuoy. ---Gaze at the person in water. ---Shout out man overboard. ---Telephone the bridge. ----Hard a port or hard a starboard. ----Flag Oscar. ----Sound three long blasts. ----Williamson turn. ----MOB(Man overboard) button ----Report to the local competent authority. ----Panpan to all ships. ----Rescue boat. TPA(Thermal protective aid), hypothermia, warm water in the bathtub. ----Missing, shipowner, P&I club,


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