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七年级英语上册 Module 3 试题

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时间:40分钟 分值:100分

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( )1. There are ___ flowers in the room, but there aren’t ___desks.

A. any; some B. some; any C. any; any D. some; some

( )2. There ___ a lot of _____.

A. is; furniture B. are; furnitures C. has; furniture D. have; furnitures

( )3. – Li Ning is next to ___.

A. I B. me C. my D. min

( )4.---____________

--- There are many books in it.

A. Where’s the library? B. How’s the library?

C. What’s in the library? D. How many libraries are there?

( )5. Is the playground _____ the offices ______classrooms?

A. between; to B. between; of C. between; for D. between; and

( )6. ---Where ____the students?

---_______in the classroom.

A. is; They’re B. are; They’re C. are; It’s D. is; We’re

( )7. We have a classroom ____ many computers in it.

A. for B. of C. on D. with

( )8. There ____ a teacher and ____students in the classroom.

A. is; fourty B. are; forty

are; fourty

( )9. There are many trees ____the building.

A. in the front of B. in C. on D. in front of

( )10. ____ office building is _____ the left of the classroom building.

A. An ; in B. A; on C. A; at D. An; on


Lucy, look 11 the picture. It’s a 12 of our classroom. In the picture you can see some desks 13 chairs. On the blackboard, you can see two black and white cats. A map is 14 the wall. It’s a 1 C. is; forty D.

map 15 Beijing. Under the 16 desk is a ball, but you can’t see it. The 17 in blue is my good friend Jim. He is a new student. He is 18 American boy. He looks 19 Mike. But they are not 20 .

( )11. A. on B. to C. at D. in

( )12. A. room B. picture C. door D. map

( )13. A. or B. but C. and D. for

( )14. A. behind B. to C. in D. on

( )15. A. in B. on C. of D. at

( )16. A. teacher B. of teacher C. teacher’s D. teachers

( )17. A. girl B. woman C. teacher D. boy

( )18. A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )19. A. at B. like C. after D. the same

( )20. A. girls B. boys C. twins (双胞胎) D. students



Li Ping and I are in the same school. He is a Young Pioneer (少先队员). We are good friends.

This is Li Ping’s room. It’s not big but new. There is a black desk in the room. On the desk there are some English books. Li Ping’s schoolbag is on it, too. The schoolbag is yellow but old.

What’s this under the red chair? There is a white cat under it. It’s a Chinese cat. Its name is Mimi.

Li Ping’s father is near the desk. He’s about fifty. He is a policeman. Where is his mother? She is near the desk, too. She is 40. She is a teacher of No. 16 Middle School.

21. Ling Ping and I are______

A. Young Pioneers B. in the same school C. girls D. boys

22. Ling Ping is ______.

A. a teacher B. a policeman C. a student D. a friend

23. Li Ping’s schoolbag is _____

A. old B. new C. in the desk D. under the chair

24. The desk in the room is _____

A. black B. white C. blue D. yellow


25. Which of the following is right?

A. Ling Ping’s room is very big. B. A cat is under the red chair.

C. Li Ping’s parents are teachers. D. Li Ping’s mother is fifty years old.


My name is Tony. I’m in No. 1 Middle School. Our school is very nice. We have twenty classrooms, a lab, a big library, a dining hall and a gym. The offices are all in the school building. In front of the dining hall there is a gym. Every Friday afternoon I read in the library. I’m very happy in my school. I like all my teachers. And my classmates are good to me. In the morning, my father takes me to school in his car. He is a doctor in a hospital near my school. What does my mother do? She is an office worker. I have a very big family. My grandparents are now at home. I have two brothers and a sister. We eight are in a happy family.

26. How many classrooms are there in Tony’s school?

A. Twelve. B. Twenty. C. Twenty-four. D. Eight.

27. Where is the dining hall ?

A. In the school building. B. Next to the gym.

C. Behind the gym. D. Near the library.

28. Where can you find Tony on Friday afternoon?

A. In the school building. B. In the library.

C. In the gym. D. In the classroom.

29. What does Tony’s mother do ?

A. A nurse. B. An office worker. C. A farm worker. D. A manager.

30. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Tony lives with his four grandparents.

B. Tony’s father is an office worker.

C. There are eight people in Tony’s family.

D. Tony has two sisters.

四.阅读理解 第二节(每小题2分,共10分)

There are 22 classes in Mary’s school. There are thirty-five students in each class, but there are thirty-four students in her 3

class. There are twenty boys and fourteen girls. Her classroom is on the third floor(楼层). There’s a computer and a television in her classroom. The computer is on the teacher’s desk. There aren’t any pictures in the classroom. The classroom is big and clean. 根据短文内容,回答下列问题。

31. How many classes are there in Mary’s school?

32. What’s in Mary’s classroom?

33. Where is Mary’s classroom?

34. Are there any pictures in the classroom?

35. What’s the classroom like?

五. 选择方框中单词的适当形式补全短文,每词限用一次。 (共10分,每题1分。)

nice and I 38 it very much. There are twenty boys and sixteen girls in my 39. There 40 thirty-seven desks in the classroom. Thirty-seven desks? Yes, thirty-six yellow 41 and one green desk. The green desk is for our teachers. The yellow desks are 42 us. The 43 of the classroom are white. On the walls, there are 44 beautiful pictures. There are two big blackboards 45 the classroom.


A: Hello! Nice to meet you.

B: Hello! 46 .

A: I’m a new student here. Can you help me?

B: Of course.

A: 47 ?

B: There are thirty classes in our school.

A: 48 ?

B: Yes, there is a sports hall.

A: 49 ?

B: It’s near the library. Let me show(指)the sports hall to you. A: Thanks! 50 ?

B: My favourite sport is table tennis.

A: Really? I like table tennis too.

B: Great! We can play it together.

A: Good idea.

七.根据汉语完成句子。(一空一词)( 共10分,每题2分)

51. 在每个人的桌子上都有电脑吗?

____ there computers on ______ desk?


52. 玲玲在他的后面。

Lingling is ______ ______.

53. 有一张世界地图。

There is a ____ of the _____.

54. 在科学楼里有两个图书馆。

There are two______ in the ____ building.

55. 位于学校中央的是一个大操场。

_____ the ____ of the school is a big playground.






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