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unit 7 period 3

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Unit 7

Period 3

Let’s retell 3a
specialty (特点) sights Paris capital Paris is the________ of France It’s one of the _____ cities in Europe. liveliest fantastic It has some ________ sights.

taxi a lot of transporTravelling by____ cost _ ___ __ money. underground -tation(交通) It’s best to take the __________ train. expensive price(价格) France is quite an _________ place. speak English Many people don’t like to _____ _______. language So it’s best to travel with someone who translate things can _______ ______ for you.

A: Beijing is supposed to be beautiful ,isn’t it? B: Yes, it is. It’s also exciting.

Interesting /crowded/great/relaxing/wonderful…

If you go for a trip, what things will you think about?

1 Brainstorm a list of things that are important to you when you go on vacation. not too hot Near the ocean

2a Jeff has a summer job at a travel agency. Listen to the conversations and number the pictures. Ace Travel




2b Listen to the conversations again and complete the

Customer 1 Customer 2 to go somewhere warm to go on a nature tour to go some-where that’s fun for kids

Doesn’t want
to fly to go anywhere cold

Customer 3

to go to a big city

Pair work
wants Doesn’t want fly The place they offer Hawaii

Customer 1 Somewher e warm

Customer 2 Fun for kids Big cities

Los Angeles

Suppose I am the travel agent, I give vacation suggestions, then you give the reasons that you don’t want to go there

I don’t want to go somewhere …….

I don’t like places where…………….
I don’t want to ………..

Pair work: A: where would you like to visit?
B: I’d love to go somewhere ….. A: what about……..

B: well, I don’t ……….
A: Then, how about…… B: well ,I’ll think about it.

3a read then answer these two questions.

?Where are the Zhangs going for vacation ?

Somewhere in eastern China. ? Why did he send this e-mail ? He wanted to get some information from the Ace Travel.

northern China

western China

eastern China

southern China

Read the e-mail again and answer the following questions:
1. What kind of place do they want to visit? They want to travel to an exciting place and a place where they can do lots of outdoor activities. 2.What kind of place do they want to live in? We also need to stay in an inexpensive hotel or apartment.

3. How long are they going on vacation?
They are going to be away for about three weeks.

1. 对地点的要求
I would like to travel to an exciting place. I has to be a place (where we can do lots of outdoor activities.)

2. 对住宿地点的要求
I would like to stay at a place with a big pool or somewhere near the ocean.

3. 对住房条件的要求

We also need to stay in an inexpensive hotel or apartment. It would be nice if could get a room with a kitchen. The room needs to be big enough for 3 people. We’d like to be away for about 3 weeks.



3a Write “T”(for true), or “F”(for false), or “DK”(for don’t know). F 1. The person has a lot of money to spend on the vacation. F
The family wants an inexpensive hotel and wants to save money by cooking. 2. The person wants to relax and do nothing on vacation.

The family enjoys hiking and swimming. DK 3.The person is a man.

DK 4. The person has children. T 5. The person likes to swim. F 6. The person wants to go to another country.
The person wants to go to the east of China.

hope pack




provide you _________ me with information about student

exchange programs? cook 2. My mother is going to ______ Beijing Duck tonight. Would you

like to come for dinner?
saving 3. I’m _________ my money so I can buy a new bicycle. pack 4. Shanghai is cold this time of year. You need to ______warm clothes if you go there. hope 5. We’re going to Africa on vacation. We ______ to see some



1. 你的笔友Tom下周将要来厦门住五天,请你写一封email给他,介绍一下厦门的情况,并说明你对这5天的游览、 饮食、居住、交通所做的安排。 2.Finish the exercises on your exercises book

It is important to dream, hold on to your dreams,

one day they may just come true!

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