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Section A

1. 你是怎样学习英语的?我通过听磁带而学习英语的。

2. 你曾经和小组一起学习过吗?

3. 大声朗读训练发音怎样?

4. 学生词的最好方式是通过看英语杂志。

5. 我发现看英语电影令人沮丧。

6. 你为什么不加入英语俱乐部练习说英语呢?

7. 和朋友进行对话根本没有帮助。

8. 我们为某事而感到兴奋然后以讲汉语而结束。

9. 我可以问你几个问题吗?

10. 卫明有不同的感受。

Section B

11. 我在语法上犯错误。

12. 我不能发音正确

13. 没关系。

14. 我没有训练英语的伙伴。

15. 我害怕在课堂上发言。

16. 我决定在每节课上做许多的语法笔记。

17. 我这学期得到一个A.

18. 随后,我认识到听不懂每个词并没有关系。

19. 她很难造出完整的句子。


20. 假如你不知道怎么拼写生词,在字典里查询它们

21. 我们怎样处理我们的问题?

22. 时间流逝。

23. 如果我们不处理我们的问题,我们很容易会变得生气。

24. 在老师的帮助下,尽力处理在我们教育中遇到的每个挑战是我们的职责

25. 士兵必须尽职



Section A

1. How do you learn English?I learn English by listening to tapes.

2. Have you ever studied with a group?

3. What about reading aloud to practice pronunciation?

4. The best way to learn new words is by reading English magazines

5. I find watching movies frustrating.

6. Why don’t you join an English club to practice speaking English?

7. Having conversations with friends is not helpful at all.

8. We get excited about something and then end up speaking in Chinese.

9. Can/May I ask you some questions?

10. Wei Ming feels differently.

Section B

11. I make mistakes in grammar.

12. I can’t get the pronunciation right.

13. I t doesn’t matter

14. I don’t have a partner to practice English with.

15. I am afraid to speak in class

16. I decided to take lots of grammar notes in every class.

17. I got an A this term

18. Later on, I realized that it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand every word.

19. She had trouble making complete sentences.


20. If you don’t know how to spell new words, look them up in a dictionary.

21. How do we deal with our problem?

22. Time goes by

23. Unless we deal with our problems, we can easily become angry.

24. With the help of our teachers, it’s our duty to try our best to deal with every challenge in our education.

25. A solider must do his duty

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