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首 字 母 填 空 专项训 练

一. Getting around in London

By underground

The underground is fast and convenient. There is a station every few blocks. Underground trains run from 5:30 a.m. to 12:00 .

By bus

Travelling by bus is a good way to see the city, especially from the top of a double-decker bus. There is always a bus stop nearby. There are special tickets for c under the age of 12.

By train

Take a train to visit places outside London, like Hampton Court and Windsor Castle. You can use a Travelcard on the underground, buses your journey, get a map from the railway stations, take some time to think about the places you want to visit.

By taxi

. Many visitors to London know they are good and comfortable. They Will cost you a few pounds, though. Take a taxi once, for the experience.

The "river bus" leaves from Westminster Pier and stops at different places between Westminster and Greenwich Pier. A good way to see the city from the River Thames.

By car

congestion charge (拥堵费) to drive your car into the city centre.

By bike


二.Doctors often tell some people to go on diets. The doctors hope the diets will make the people feel b______________. They hope the diets will make the people healthy.

Frank ate chocolate, she had to eat an apple. Alana was on the diet for two months. Her doctor was pleased with her. "You have been very good, "he said." You can eat some of the foods you like best. But only a little. Don't eat too many sweets. Don't eat too much ice cream. eat chicken or eggs. Frank, "said the doctor." These foods will make you in trouble. "

"How long will I have to be on the diet?" asked Frank.

"But I really like chicken," said Frank. "You said it is one of the best meats to eat"

"It is a very good food for most people," said the doctor. "But when you eat it, it makes you sick. It is not a good food for you. " "You're right," said Frank "Well, I'll eat more cake i . "

三.Bedtime stories are one of the delights(喜悦) of early childhood. But a__________ to Dr. Julie Spreadbury from Queensland, parents s____________ not speed up reading to their children after they entered primary school. She says listening to, reading and d_____________ the stories help children's relaxation.

My theory(理论) is that when children can read t____________, most parents stop reading to them, Dr. Spreadbury says. That may be at the end of the Year 1, which is far too informal (非正式).

Dr. Spreadbury says bedtime reading n___________ only gives children a good b___________ at school, but also brings parents and 1

their children closer. This makes it funnier for them to open up and talk to parents about things that are worrying them, o__________ things they are reading in their everyday life.

四.Christopher and Jeff had known each other since childhood. One day, Jeff told his friend that he had fallen in love and planned to get married the n________ months. He asked Christopher to lend him $ 1,000 for the wedding party, and promised to pay him back a month later when he started his new job. Christopher knew that Jeff was not very good with money, but he s__________ agreed. As they were old friends, they didn’t put anything in writing.

A month later, Christopher hadn’t heard from Jeff or received any money, s________ he phoned him. Jeff was very apologetic and said he would surely pay him back within a month. Six weeks later, Christopher tried to phone Jeff and f_________ he had moved and left no link address. B__________ this time, he was angry.

Then one month later, to his surprise, Christopher received a cheque for $100 from Jeff and a letter giving his address. He explained that He’d been having the money p__________, and wouldn’t be able to pay back the remaining $900 for some time. Christopher wrote back telling Jeff to forget the r__________ of the money and never to reach him again by message or telephone.


Reading books is a good hobby for all kinds of reasons.

First, reading book is f__________. You can always keep yourself amused if you like reading. This is especially useful when the weather is bad. It is a relaxing hobby too. You can really become lost in a book.

Next, you can read a book almost a____________: in a car, in a waiting-room, on a plane, in bed —— even in the bath. All you need is a book! Reading is a convenient hobby as it is easy to stop and then start again.

A ____________ good reason for reading books is that it is useful. If you read as a hobby you will get better and better at it. This m_____________ that you will read faster and will become better at understanding what you read. As your reading improves, you will probably find your schoolwork becomes much e_________. Many school subjects depend on good reading and, as you read, you learn more and more.

Some people say that reading is out of date. This is not true. You have to be able to read to use a computer and, the better you read, the better your computer skills will be. Reading is h____________ out of date.

Good readers are most likely to be good writers, too. They are usually good at spelling as well., and have more things to write about. Reading books is a wonderful hobby, one of the best.

W____________ other hobby could be more useful, or more enjoyable!


When the London Underground goes on strike(罢工), my journey to work can be terrible. I remember a strike which happened a few years a_____________ —the station near my house was closed and I had to use another station and take a different train. This a_____________ about an hour to my journey, so I wasn’t very happy.

E____________ went wrong at the station. People were late and they were panicking(惊恐)! By the time I got on the train, I was feeling upset and sorry for myself. Then I saw this man. There was something about him—he had such a familiar f___________. A few minutes later, I realized that he was Jack, a friend from my school days in Scotland. At the same time he a_____________ realized who I was. Then we started talking about school days and the people we both used to k____________. I was even more surprised when the train came into my station and he started to get off too! I asked him w___________ he was going and he said he was going to work. He told me he worked in Fitzroy Street. You see, I work in Fitzroy Street, too. It’s a small w______________! It was such an amazing coincidence!



Some people have problems falling asleep; others have trouble getting up in the morning. The following suggestions may help:

Don't spend longer than thirty minutes trying to fall asleep. If you can't get to sleep after half an hour, get up and do s_____________ quiet, like reading. Only go back to bed when you feel tired.

Drink a glass of warm milk fifteen minutes before you go to bed---it helps you to relax. But don't drink coffee or tea: they have chemicals which will make it d_______________ for you to sleep.

Have a bath---it's a great way to relax. But n______________ stay in there too long. More than twenty minutes and you will lose all your energy. And the bathroom isn't the best place to fall asleep!

Listen to some music. However, if you have to get up and turn off the recorder when the music f___________, it doesn't work!

Set all the clocks in the house ten minutes fast before you go to bed (and try to forget that you d______________ this when you wake up the next morning).

Get a friend to phone you in the morning. And hope that your friend is better at waking up than you are… and is able to have an interesting t_________________ with you on the phone to help you wake up.

Go to bed e_________________ than usual. It may not be easy at first, but they say that an hour of sleep before midnight has the same effect as two hours after midnight.

08 in a city like London. I’m an art student and the busy life in a city does good to my painting. In addition, I can get everything I need so close at hand. Living beside the underground station means that I don’t need a car to get around. me money. Also there are malls, cinemas, libraries and museums everywhere.

Of course, London, like any large city, has there is much less community spirit than in the country, where my parents live. In fact, they don’t understand how I can put up with(忍受)the noise and pollution, and traffic jams. However, I see that as a small price to p_______________ . As a famous saying goes, “He who is tired of London is tired of life.”

Hello! My name is Marianna and I live in Australia, on a huge ranch(牧场). It’s a beautiful area with wonderful scenery. I live there children, Patrick, and Abby, 8. We have lived on this ranch for several years and we to run around and enjoy the peace and quiet. The air is clean and fresh. We produce a lot of our won food which is nice and healthy. There’s lots of hard work to do running ranch, but we don’t mind.

Of course, country life also has weak points. We feel isolated(孤立)sometimes, too, especially since the n_____________ neighbors are almost 100 km away. One more trouble is that we can’t get many things as easily as we do in the city. There are no schools, supermarkets or shops, and if we are ill we have to call the flying doctor. Although life here can be difficult, we wouldn’t change it for the world.


Helping to save our planet!

Week 1 This week, my family tried to save electricity. We never left the lights on when leaving the rooms. We switched off the TV when n______________ was watching it. Mum only used cold water in the washing machine.

Week 2 We started recycling this wee. We tried to write on both sides of our paper, not just on one side. We also divided our rubbish into d_____________ bags for bottles, cans, paper and food. Mum kept the plastic shopping bags from the supermarket to use 3

them a_____________ as rubbish bags. These are great ways to help our environment.

Week 3 We stopped taking long baths and had short showers i_______________. We flushed the toilet with used water. When

Mum and Dad made tea or coffee, they used l____________ water in the kettle. My sister and I didn’t leave the tap running when we

brushed our teeth.

Week 4 Mum used to d_____________ us to school, but now my sister and I have started riding our bikes to school. It’s hard work

but good exercise! This week Dad and a few of the people he works with also started to go to work together in one car and share the cost.

This should help r______________ greenhouse gases!

My friends and I became volunteers at school. We help make our school more earth-friendly.


A survey has been published which shows that British people don’t like their neighbors very much.80% of the people who took part

in the survey feel that their neighbors h________________ pay attention to others’ feelings.25% don’t talk to the people who live next

door and 10% don’t even know their names. In fact, one million people in Britain would like to m__________________ because they

don’t get along well with their neighbors.

According to the survey, the b________________ problem is noise. Many of the complaints about noise came from people who live

in flats and old houses. These places often have thin walks which can’t s__________________ the noise from next door.

The other main problems are disagreements about car parking spaces, and old people complaining about the young. Some

disagreements last a l_______________ time. In one case, people who live in the same building haven’t talked to each other for fifteen

years. Sometimes the disagreements end in violence. In one of the worst cases, a man killed a neighbor because he kept larking in “his


Another survey shows that 90% of the neighbors never share a meal,80% have never had a drink t_________________ and 20%

have never even spoken .However, when neighbors become each other’s f______________, they are often ready to offer help, as we can

see in many parts of the world.

One solution to such problems is to talk about them with a professional organization and, if necessary, to sign a written agreement.

Now people can get this service in more and more towns.


At one time, making a film was an expensive activity only for a small group of people and film companies. Not only were the tools

and machines expensive but the cost of film was also far greater than most people could afford. However, modern technology has all that.

New technology has really opened up the world of film-making for film fans. Now a camera does not cost and most young people are certainly able to pay for it. So all you need is to get one for yourself. With that, you may then start your own


work. Your probably need many other people to help you. For example,

of actors and actresses is very important in your film. Of course, these actors and actresses may be your

schoolmates, friends or family members. You don’t even need to pay them a cent while they are glad to be part of your job.

, you need to make up a story. Can you write your own one? If you have good imagination, you can create an

attractive story . Many world-famous film makers and producers are also good story-writers. If not, perhaps you


Are you going to be a cameraman yourself? When filming, who is going to take care of the lighting? Who is going to make the

furniture, the background and things like that? If you can’t do all these things, you need to think about asking other people to help you.

Remember: Film-making is not a one-man business.



better;allowed; again; can 't/cannot; rest; instead


according, should, discussing, themselves, not, beginning, or


next; still; so; found; By; problem(s); rest


fun; anywhere; Another; means; easier; hardly; What


ago; added; Everything / Everyone; face / figure; also; know; where; world


something; difficult; never; finishes; did; talk; earlier


boring; saves; problems; pay; two; space; nearest


nobody; different; again; instead; less; drive; reduce


hardly; move; biggest; stop; long; together; friends


changed; much; team; performance; Besides; easily; successful


easily; children; plan; famous; boat; expensive; riding


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