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9.26 U2 phrases

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1. Are people always kind to animals? (be kind to …) 2. unkind kindness 3. special dog food for puppies 4. clinics for sick animals (ill animals X)

5. give him/her hard dog biscuits to chew 6. give him/her a basket to sleep in 7. give him/her a blanket to keep him/her warm 8. hold him/her carefully with both hands. hold-held-held 给他一支钢笔来写 give him a pen to write with 给她一张纸来写 give her a piece of paper to write on

9. SPCA officers save animals from danger and take them to the SPCA. (save sb. from sth./ rescue sb. from sth.) 10. They must promise to take care of their new pet. 11. They must promise not to be cruel to their new pet. 12. Feed a three-month-old puppy 3-4 times every day (feed-fed-fed)

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