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1.—Are the keys over there _____? —No. Go and ask Anna. They may belong to her.

A.you B.your C.yours D.yourself

2.Xiao Shenyang says that ______ job is to make people happy.

A.his B.he C.him D.himself

3.—Excuse me, are these books _____? —No, they are _____ classmate’s.

A.his; he B.hers; hers C.your; mine D.yours; my

4.—Do you have anything important to say for yourself? —______ except sorry.

A.Something B.Nothing C.Anything D.Everything

5.—I’m leaving for the exam. Bye-bye, Mum. —Well, make sure you’ve got _____ ready.

A.something B.anything C.everything D.nothing

6.The doctor advised Elsa strongly that she should take a good rest, but ____ didn’t help.

A.she B.it C.which D.he

7.—The shoes don’t fit me. Would you please show me _____? —Sure. Here you are.

A.the other one B.the others C.another pair D.another one

8.My daughter wants a rabbit for long, but I have no time to buy _____ for her.

A.it B.one C.the one D.that

9.—Which of the two T-shirts will you take?

—I’ll take _____, one for my brother, the other for myself.

A.either B.neither C.all D.both

10.—I am not sure which tie to wear for the party. —God! I have no idea, _____.

A.too B.neither C.either D.also

11.—What do you usually do in your spare time, playing the violin or the piano?

—I do ____ of them. I practice singing with some volunteers.

A.either B.both C.all D.neither

12.—Dose ____ know the answer to the question? —Me.

A.everybody B.anybody C.somebody D.nobody

13.—Sally, could you go and help your father wash the car?

—Why _____? I’m busy now. Amy is lying on the grass doing nothing.

A.me B.I C.him D.her


14.—_____ is her daughter? —The girl on the right wearing blue jeans.

A.Who B.What C.Which D.Where

15.—How many students like this song? —_____ of us likes it. It sounds terrible.

A.None B.Nobody C.Every one D.All

16.Come on, children! Help _____ to some _____.

A.yourself; meat B.yourselves; chicken C.yourselves; beefs

17.Several years ago, _____ people knew Sean. But now he is famous in Jinan.

A.few B.any C.many D.most

18.—Who’s knocking at the door? —______ me, Jim.

A.I’m B.This is C.That is D.It’s

19.We think _____ necessary for you to wash your own clothes.

A.it B.that C.that is D.we are

20.—How long can I keep the books? —One month. You must _____ to the library on time.

A.give back it B.give it back C.give back them D.give them back

21.—Could I speak to Jane? —_____ speaking.

A.This is B.That is C.I am D.She is


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