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unit3 Computers周周清

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Unit3 Computers


1. PC is a great invitation of the last century.

2. Do you know in what ways are computers used today?

3. He was invented to Tom’s birthday Party.

4. I developed very slowly and it cost nearly two hundred years before I was built as an

analytical machine.

5. My father wrote a book about how could I be made to work as a “universal machine”.

6. Over time my memory has developed so many that, like an elephant, I never forget anything I

have been told.

7. I was able to share my knowledge with others over World Wide Web.

8. Because on the football team I’m a striker, so I have to be able to run very fast.

9. On a way our programmer is like our coach.

1. It is _________ known that Lu Xun is a great writer.

2.With the _____________of technology, more and more practical machines have been invented.

3.P___________ speaking, I'm not in favour of the plan.

4. Don't lose heart. _________________, you can try.

5.Credit cards is a ______________advance in modern society.

6.He's very clever and of high i_______________.

7. He has learnt how to __________ complicated problems in life.

8. People rely on (依赖) _________ products, like computers.

9. The sick woman isn't _______yet; she still has to stay in bed.

10. His company break down because of _______ problem.

Ⅱ .单项选择

1.While there are quite a few differences in the education systems in many countries, education is


A.usual B.regular

C.normal D.universal

2.Our school is very large. ______, the number of the students ______ 3 500.

A.Together; is B.Altogether; are

C.In all; are D.In total; is

3.I am not sure whether I will have anything else to do tomorrow. ______, I will try every possible means to come to the party.

A.Even though B.Anyhow

C.If so D.Instead

4.—I think he is taking an active part in social work.

—I agree with you ______.

A.in a way B.on the way

C.by the way D.in the way

5.You may not agree, but ______ I think she is a very good girl.

A.generally B.truly

C.personally D.commonly

6.—What a beautiful day!

—Yes, it's ______ that I'd like to take a walk.

A.such nice weather

B.so a nice weather

C.such a nice weather

D.so nice weather

7.The terrible war lasted eight years.______, wives lost their husbands, parents lost their sons, and children lost their fathers.

A.As a result B.As a result of

C.Instead D.However

8.Last summer I took a course on ______ poisonous gases.

A.how to deal with B.what to deal with

C.how to be dealt with D.what to be dealt with

9.______ the help of the teacher, the student who wasn’t good at math ______ the difficult problem quickly.

A.Under; worked out B.With; worked on

C.Under; solved D.With; solved

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