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九年级英语Unit9 第三课时

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Section B 1a---2c

It’s a battery-operated machine. Sometimes it’s really annoying if people want to go on sleeping. It wakes people up every morning.

---What is the alarm clock used for?
---It is used for ________________ . waking people up ---What do you think of it? ---I think it’s ____________________ . annoying if I want to go on sleeping alarm clock helpful or I will get up late

It’s an electric machine that looks like a box. It’s used for cooking food.

It’s also used to heat the cold food in a few minutes.
---What is the microwave oven used for? cooking food ---It is used for ________________ . heating the cold ---What do you think of it? microwave oven ---I think it’s ____________________ . helpful beause it makes my life easier and quicker

They are made of glass. They are used for seeing in the dark.

They give people more time to work or play every day.
---What are the light bulbs used for? seeing in the dark ---they are used for ________________ . ---What do you think of it? light bulbs

helpful because it gives ---I think it’s ____________________ . people more time to work or play every day

Because of some great inventions, our life becomes much easier and more comfortable.

Some of the inventions are really helpful, however, some are kind of annoying.


Make a list of five helpful inventions and five annoying inventions.

Helpful inventions

Annoying inventions Example ____________ alarm clock plastic bags 1.__________________ gun 枪支 2.__________________ missile 导弹 3.__________________ chemical weapons 化学 4.__________________ 武器 atomic bomb 原子弹 5.__________________

telephone Example ____________ plane 1.___________________ computer 2.___________________ light bulb 3.___________________ microwave oven 4.___________________ television 5.___________________

A: What do you think is the most helpful invention? …? B: I think theis …. helpful invention is the light bulb. … most A: Why is that? B: Well, …gives people more time to work and play every it day.


1.I open the door. (主动语态) (被动语态) The door is opened by me. (主动语态) 2.He often helps homeless people. (被动) Homeless people are often helped by him. 3.I handed out some papers just now.
主动语态:主语是动作的执行者。 被动语态:主语是动作的承受者。 (主动语态)

Some papers were handed out by me just now.


A: Look! This looks so interesting! B: Ah, it’s a great invention of China. A: Really? When ______ it _________? was invented B: I think it ______ invented in Han Dynasty. was _________ (汉朝) was A: What ______ it ______ for? used B: Guess! Was used A: ______ it ______ for holding water? B: No. It was_____ for testing earthquakes(地震). ___ used A: Wow, it’s really amazing!

1. People use metal for making machines. Metal is used fo

r making machines.

2. We don`t use recorders in math class . Recorders aren used by us in math class . ’t 3.Do they use it as a table? Is it used as a table by them ? are grown on a farm.

4.She grows flowers on a farm. Flowers

5. Do they teach Japanese in their school ? Is Japanese taught in their school?

It’s an electric machine that looks like a box. It’s used for storing (存放) food.

It’s used for keeping the food fresh .
---What is the fridge used for? storing food ---It is used for ________________ . keeping the food fresh


What food can be put in the fridge?
List the names of the food as many as possible.

The fridge is a helpful invention that keeps the tastes food fresh. If there’s no fridge, the __________ of the food will go bad easily, and the food will taste ________ terrible.

What tastes do you know?
List the different tastes as many as possible. sweet sour salty crispy bitter hot

甜的,甜味的 酸的,酸味的 咸的,含盐的 脆的,易碎的 苦的,苦味的 辣的,辣味的

the tastes of foods
-How does … taste? -It tastes…

the tastes of foods
-How does … taste? -It tastes…

the tastes of foods
-How does … taste? -It tastes…

bitter gourd

the tastes of foods
-How do … taste? -They taste…


How does the …taste? / How do the… taste?
It tastes …. / They taste….

crispy salty

l em on

sour sweet



What food tastes sweet / crispy /salty/ sour? The … tastes sour. The …s taste sweet.
pizza potato chips salted fish salted meat French fries …

apple orange cake honey candy …

French fries biscuit popcorns potato chips …

grape orange yogurt …

Self Check

What’s your favorite food? correct word given. Fill in each blank with the

crispy sweet salty sour 1. I don’t like eating chocolate. The taste is too


2. Mom added salt but it still wasn’t salty


3. I prefer lemons to oranges. I like the sour taste. 4. She likes crispy cookies. They are hard,

dry and easily broken.

cut them up in thin pieces thick

How to make potato chips?
Sprinkle some salt on them salty

cook them for a long time crispy

The History of foods

The History of Biscuits

饼干起源于19世纪30年代的英国。大约在 1831年,一艘英国帆船航行在法国附近,经比斯 开湾(Biscay)时,遇飓风袭击,船员们逃到邻 近的荒岛。风停后,船员回到船上寻找食物,把 The biscuits were invented by accident! 船舱内被海水泡湿了的面粉、砂糖、奶油等带回 了荒岛。为了充饥,船员们将这几样东西混合在 一起,捏成一个个薄薄的小饼,放在石板上烤熟, 居然味道不错。 这些船员遇救回国后,为纪念这次历险,就 用同样方法烤制了许多小饼分给纪念活动的人们 吃。并命名为“比斯开小饼”(Biscuit)。这 便是今天流行于全世界的饼干的来历。

The History of Sandwiches


wich本来是英国东南部一个不出名的小 镇,镇上有一位名叫John Montagu的伯爵,他 整天沉溺于纸牌游戏中,已经到了废寝忘食的 地步。仆人很难侍候他的饮食,便将一些菜肴、 The sandwiches were invented by accident! 鸡蛋和腊肠夹在两片面包之间,让他边玩牌边 吃饭。没想到John见了这种食品大喜,并随口 就把它称作“sandwich”,以后饿了就喊: “拿sandwich来!” 其他赌徒也争相仿效,玩 牌时都吃起sandwich来。不久,sandwich就传 遍了英伦三岛,并传到了欧洲大陆,后来又传 到了美国。sandwich已成为当今西方主要的快 餐食品之一。

The History of Potato chips

Do you know the history of the potato chips?

chef cook
George Crum

2a.Listen and circle “T” (for true) or “F” (for

1.Potato chips were invented by mistake. 2.They were invented in 1863. 3.The customer thought the potatoes weren’t thin enough. 4.The customer said they weren’t salty enough. 5.George wanted to make the customer happy. 6.The customer was happy in the end.






history of chips

Did you know that potato chips were invented
by mistake? Potato chips were invented ____________by a chef called George Crum. They were invented in __________.George Crum cooked them for a 1853 long time until they ____________. And he were crispy sprinkled lots of salt on them so they were really salty __________.


How were potato chips invented?

Boy 1: Hey,did you know that potato chips were invented by mistake? Boy 2: Really? What do you mean? Boy 1: Well, here on the bag it says that they were invented by a chef called George Crum. Boy 2: When was that? Boy 1: Oh, it was back in 1853. Boy 2: So, why was it an accident? Boy1:well, one day a customer in the restaurant where George worked sent back his plate of fried potatoes because he said they were cut too thick. Boy 2: So what happened? Boy 1: Well, George was in a bad mood, so he cut the potatoes really, really thin, and he cooked them for a long time untill they were crispy. And he sprinkled lots of salt on them so they were really salty. He thought the customer would hate them. Boy 2: And? Boy 1: And the customer loved them and asked for more. He told the other customers about them, and soon everyone was ordering thinly-sliced, crispy, salty potato chips. Boy 2 :And we are still eating them today. What a cool story! Boy 1: Yeah.

Have you known the history of potato chips?
A: Did you know potato chips were invented by Who were they invented by? mistake? George Crum B: Wow, I didn’t know Who invented them? When were they invented? that. in 1853 A: … How were they invented? by mistake
a customer-sent back a plate of fried potatoes-they were cut too thick. George Crum-- was in a bad mood-cut the potatoes thin-cooked for a long time-- sprinkled salt on them-to make them really salty-- would hate him a customer-loved them, aske

d for more

The history of potato chips

Junk food isn’t good for our health, although it tastes good. Try to eat less this kind of food, or you will get fatter.

Have a try: if I were a chef Invent a kind of food that is not only delicious but also healthy. I want to invent a kind of food. It is as ______ as sweet sugar. It is as c_______ as potato chips. It is a rispy sour sprinkle little _______ like lemons. But I won’t _______ too much salt on it. I don’t want it to be too salty _____. I think one day I may invent it by istake myself m________.

Language points
The potato chips were invented by mistake. 薯片是无意中被发明的。

1. mistake 做名词, 意为 “弄错, 误解” 你犯了一个很大的错误。 You have made a big mistake. 2. mistake 作动词, 意为 “弄错,误解” 她讲的不清楚, 所以我误解了她的话。 She didn’t speak very clearly so I mistook what she said.

3. by mistake 意为 “错误地,无意地” 他错把盐放进她的茶里。 He put salt in her cup of tea by mistake. 我错拿了他的书包。 I took his backpack by mistake.

by accident 意为 “偶然, 碰巧” 我只是碰巧找到的。 I only found it by accident.
他碰巧遇到了汤姆。 He met Tom by accident.

enough 修饰名词时, 放在名词之前。如: I have enough money to buy it.

enough 修饰形容词时, 放在后面。如: I am old enough to take care of myself .

Go over the history of chips in 2a & 2b and write a short essay about it.

The history of chips How were the potato chips invented by mistake? One day a customer in the restaurant _____ where George worked ____ ____ his plate of fried sent back potatoes because he said they ___ ____ too thick. were cut At that time ,George was in a bad mood, so he ___ cut the potatoes really , really thin, and he long cooked them for a ____ time until they were crispy lots of _____. And he sprinkled ___ ___ salt on them so salty they were really ____. He thought the customer would hate them. But the customer loved them and asked formore Since then, everyone like to ___. thinly-sliced crispy salty chips. order this kind of _____, ____, ____ potato

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