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一、一般现在时 1. We won’t go unless you_______ soon.

A. coming B. came C. will come D. come

2. Japan ________ to the east of China.

A lie B lies C. lying D. lied 3. The plane to Shanghai _________ at 8:30.

A. leaves B. leaving C. will leave D. leave

二. 一般过去时

4. It ______ Yang Liwei about 21hours _____ the earth 14times in his spaceship.

A. spent; circling B. took; traveling. C. spent; to travel. D. took; to circle.

5. —Your phone number again? I _____ quite catch it.

— it’s 69568442.

A didn’t B. couldn’t C. don’t. D. can’t.

6. He said he______ me a present unless I ________ in doing the experiment.

A. had not given; had not succeeded B. would not give; succeed.

C. will not give; succeed D. would not give; will succeed.

7. There _____ no bus stop here year.

A. is B. was. C. are D. were

8. She said that they_____ a good time.

A .had B. has C. have D. will have

9. Mike _____ until his father came back.

A. went to bed. B. doesn’t go to bed. C. didn’t go to bed D. wouldn’t go to bed.

10. My sister________ and _____ herself when she was riding her bike yesterday.

A. falls… hurt. B. falls…hurts. C. has fallen… hurt. D. fell…hurt.

11. He __________ with us yesterday morning.

A. doesn’t go swimming. B. goes swimming.

C. didn’t go swimming. D. went to swimming

12. _____ your parents in Shanghai last year?

A. Is B. Are C. Was D. Were

13. Tom ______ (match) TV at home last night. He _____ (go ) nowhere.

14. When I ______ (be) young, I often ______ (play) football.

15. He _______ (be) not with me at that time.

16. She ______(give) Mary a present last Christmas.

17. It ______ (happen) an hour ago.

18. They ________ (go ) to the par last Sunday.

19. I __________ (have) a good time last holiday.

20. Mrs. Li _______ (live) here many years ago.

21. ____ he ____ (do) his homework yesterday? No, he _____(not finish) it.

22. Father_______ (get) a letter from my sister last week.

23. Who ________ (break) the window just now?

24. It was very cold, so he ________ on his coat (put).

25. The bed wasn’t good, I_____ very well. (sleep).

26. Bob was very wasn’t interesting. They____ in very much. (enjoy)

27. I went to Lily’s flat, but she ________ there (be).

28. He was in a hurry, so she __________time to cook for you (have).

三. 一般将来时.

28. When we get our tickets, be marked “first class” ______.

A. it is to. B. it will. C. they were to. D. they will.

29. Look! The woman with curl hair over there _____ us a talk about DNA.

A. is about to give. B. would give. C. was going to give. D. had given.

30. She ______ me _______ at the airport this evening.

A. is seeing; out. B. is seeing; off. C. sees; off. D. will see; out.

31. She _____ to the cinema with her classmates tomorrow evening.

A. went. B. would go. C. has gone. D. will go.

32. There______ a basketball match in our school the day after tomorrow.

A. will have. B. will be. C. is going to have. D. would be.

33. They______ a new bridge over the river next year.

A. have built. B. are going to build. C. are building. D. were going to build.

34. We ______ to the Great Wall f it_____ tomorrow.

A. don’t go; rains. B. won’t go; rains. C. are building. D. go; doesn’t rain.

35. Either you or he_____ there tomorrow. A. go. B. goes. C. are going. D. is going.

36. A present ______ to me by Mother next week.

A. will give. B. is given. C. will be give. D. will be given.

37. I won’t______ (be) free tomorrow.

38. The students_____ (have) a meeting this weekend.

39. Lily ______( stay) with me tonight.

40. It’s going to _____(rain) this evening.

41. We are going to ______ (visit) the Summer Palace next Monday.

42. She is going to ______( help) Tim again on Sunday.

43. Jim ______(see) a film tomorrow.

44. We ______(visit) our teacher next Sunday.

45. _______ you _______(need) me to help you?

46. They ______(not go ) there if it snows tomorrow.

47. There _______ (be) a meeting tomorrow morning.

48. She_____ (come) here soon.


49. They _______ the game when rain.

A. were about to start. B. were about start.

C. were to starting. D. was about to starting.

50. He was 8. In two years he _____10.

A. will go B. would go C. has gone D. goes

51. The teacher said that she ______ us to the park the next day.

A. will take. B. has taken. C. would take. D. is taking.

52. Mr. Brown asked who ____ the message to Mr. Evans.

A. was going to talk B. has taken C. could give D. will tell

53. — What did the scientist say?

— He said he wondered if_____ into space by spaceship one day.

A. he had to fly. B. he could fly. C. can he fly. D. could he fly.

54. He said there_____ another new school near the soon.

A was. B. had been. C. would be. D. was having.

55. He told us that he_____(go) to London next month.

56. She said there ______(be) a new play that evening.

57. Mrs. Lee hoped that her son_____(come) to see her very soon.

58. We asked them what_____(happen) next.

59. That woman bodyguard told when she ______( let) us in if we could show her the passes.

60. Tony wanted to know when she ______( visit) the exhibition again.


61. Dictionary __________ I have looked for it everywhere but still _________it.

A. has lost; don’t find. B. is missing’ don’t find.

C. has lost; haven’t found. D. is missing; haven’t found.

62. My wife __________.

A. has forever criticized me. B. forever criticizes me.

C. does forever criticize me. D. is forever criticizing me.

63. Look! Li Lei ______ Jim with his Chinese.

A. is helping. B. has helped C. is going to help. D. would help.

64. Stay here boy Don’t go out It ______ now.

A. will rain. B. is going to rain. C. has rained. D. is raining.

65. The students of Class 3______ a football game now Let’s go and watch it.

A. are having. B. will have. C. is having. D. will be had.

66. Miss Gao _____ she’s working.

A. isn’t sleeping. B. doesn’t sleep C. is sleeping D. sleeps.

67. The child ____ on the same clothes?

A. put on. B. putting on C. went. D. wearing.

68. Are all the twins ______the same clothes?

A. put on. B. putting on. C. wear. D. talls.

69. The students____(read) English in the classroom now.

70. ―What are you doing here?‖ ―I _____(wait) for Tom.‖

71. Those students ______ (work) in a factory these days.

72. More and more American people______(give) up smoking.

73. Ms Lee ____(come) to see us tomorrow And she ______ (leave) for Beijing the day after tomorrow.

74. The Whites ______(go ) to the concert this coming Saturday. 75. Look. A boy ______(write) on the wall.

76. Listen The baby_______(cry). 77. ______they _____ (do) their homework now?

78. ——What ______he _______(play) now? —— He_______ (play) basketball.

79. Jenny ________(not watch) TV now. 80. Don’t make any noise My father ______(sleep).


81. ——I didn’t see you at the meeting yesterday, why? ——I ____for a long distance call then from my from my daughter in Canada.

82. Mary _____a dress when she cut her finger.

A. made. B. is making. C. was making. D. makes.

83. As she _____ the newspaper Granny ____ asleep.

A. read; was falling. B. was reading; fell.

C. was reading; was falling. D. read; fell.

84. James has just arrived but I didn’t know he______ until yesterday.

A. will come. B. was coming. C. had been coming. D, comes.

85. When the teacher came in the students______

A talk B are talking C were talking D will talk

86. ——Were you writing a letter at 9 last night? ——No, I ______.

A. were. B. was. C. wasn’t D. weren’t.

87. Wang Lin and Hong ________ for us when we got to the school gate.

A. is waiting. B. were waiting. C. are waiting. D. was waiting

88. My mother ______ breakfast while I ______ face this morning.

A. cooked; was washing. B. was cooking; was washing.

C. was cooking; washed. D. would cook; was washing.

89. Joan ______ Tom with his lessons at this time yesterday.

A. was going to help. B. was helping. C. would help. D. has helped.

90. When I went to Linda’s She____ in bed reading.

A. is lying. B. has lain. C. is going to lie. D. was lying.

91. He ______(do) his homework at two o’clock yesterday afternoon.

92. They_____(have) a meeting from 8 to 10 last night.

93. Mary_____(watch) TV when we came in.

94. I ______( wash) my clothes this time yesterday.

95. At that time the boy______(play) football.

96. While we______ (talk) with Mr. Wang in English, a foreigner came up.

七 现在完成时.

96. —What a nice bike! How long ____ you _____ it? — Just two weeks.

A. will; buy. B. did; buy. C. are; having. D. have; had.

97. —Do you know our town at all? —No this is the first time I________ here.

A. was. B. have been. C. came. D. am coming.

98. ——Have you ______ been to our town before?

—— No, it’s the first time I _____ here.

A. even; come. B. even; come. C. ever; come. D. ever; have come.

99. ——May I go to play tennis with you, Dad?

——_____ you _____ your composition yet?

A. Are; finishing. B. Did; finish. C. Will; finish. D. Have; finished.

100. You don’t need to describe her I ________ her several times.

A. had met. B. have met. C. met. D. meet.

101. —— I’m sorry to keep you waiting.

—— Oh, not at all. I _____ here only a few minutes.

A. have been. B. had been. C. was. D. will be.

102. Mr. Li isn’t here. He ____ to England.

A. has been. B. have been . C. has gone. D. have gone.

103. Mike ______ several places since he came to Beijing.

A. will visit. B. has visited. C. is visiting. D. visited.

104. ——_____your brother_____ a new watch? —— Not yet.

A. Have; was. B. Did; buy. C. Has; bought. D. Will, buy.

105. He _____ here in 1980. He _____ a teacher for over twenty years.

A. came; was. B. came; has been. C. has come; is. D. has come; has been. 106. Lucy _____ many friends since she went to Paris.

A . made. B. is going to make C. has made. D. makes.

107. She _____ the dictionary to Alice yet.

A. has retuned. B. hasn’t retuned. C. would return D. returned.

108. She said, ―I’m sorry to hear that he_____ ill for two weeks.‖

A. has been. B. had been. C. was. D. will be.

109. —— Mum? May I go out and play basketball?

——______ you _____ your homework yet?

A. Do; do. B. Are; doing. C. Did; do. D. Have; done.

120. He ______(go) to see Ms Lee and he’ll be back in two hours.

121. Great changes ______ (take) place in my hometown since 1996.

122. Ms Black ______(teach) maths for 21years.

123. He ______(be) to Paris five times.

124. He joined the army then he was 18. He _____(be0 an army man many years. 125. I don’t want to see the film because I ______(see) it I saw it last Monday.

126. He______(live) in Beijing since he was born.

127. We_______ (not hear) from them for a long time.

128. The Greens______ (be) to Shanghai twice.

129. Where is your father? He _____(go) to England.

130. How long____ you____ (learn) English?

131. They _____(not see)for years.

八. 过去完成时.

132. The students____ busily when Miss Brown went to get a book she _____ in the office. A. had written; left. B. writing; has left.

C. had written; had left. D. were writing; had left.

133. I had hoped _____ my letter.

A. her to answer. B. that she answer. C. that she would answer. D. her answering. 134. By the time school _____ over, the rain_____, so I didn’t use my raincoat.

A. has been. B. had been. C. be. D. would be.

135. The film _____ on for ten minutes when Jack got to the cinema.

A. has been. B. had been. C. be. D. would be.

135.——Did you _____ the concert last night?

—— Very much I _____ to a concert for a long time.

A. enjoy; haven’t gone. B. enjoy; haven’t been.

C. enjoy; hadn’t gone. D. enjoyed; didn’t go.

136. It_____ nice to see John yesterday I ____ him for a long time.

A. was; haven’t seen. B. had been; haven’t seen.

C. was; hadn’t seen. D. had been; hadn’t seen.

137. Last right I ____ studying at 9:30 Bill came at 9‖50 By the time came I _____ my homework.

A. finished; finished. B. would finish; finished.

C. had finished; had finished. D. finished; had finished.

138. He told me he ____ (meet) her before.

139. She thanked me for what I ____( do) for her son.

140. I ____(learn) 300 English words by the end of last month.

141. He____ (leave) his office when I arrived there.

142.She ____ (visit) the city three times before she died in 1997.

143. They knew she _____ (borrow) a lot of money for her daughter.

144. We _____(give) some flowers for our teachers last Teacher’s Day.

145. What ______you_____(do)`tomorrow?

146. I ______(drink) a bottle of orange yesterday.

147. He______ (go) to the zoo last Sunday.

148. Look Tom______(draw) a picture.

149.Kate______(write) a letter now.

150. Listen who _____(sing) an English song?

151. She_____(catch) the first bus every morning.

152. They often _____(fly) kites in spring.

153. He_____(be) an American boy He _____(come) from New York.

154. He is in Beijing now He often_____(write)letters to his in English.

155. Don’t make any noise Your father_____(work).

156. We_____(know) each other since ten years ago.

157. I heard that Jim ______(go) to England the next year.

158. They_____(take) that old man to the hospital last Monday.

159. It______(rain0 hard when I went home the day before yesterday.

160. When we got to the cinema, the film____ already ___(begin).

161. Who ____(teach) us English next term?

162. 1 _____(not tell) him anything.

163. ______ you ______(like) something to drink Mary?

164 He_____(can come) earlier tomorrow morning.

165. There ____(be) sure he______(find) a good job when he _____(return) to his home. 166. I_____(be)sure he_____(find)a good job when he_____(return) to his home-town. 167. ——How many times _____ your sister _____(be) to the Summer Palace? ——Twice She ____(go) there in 2003 and 2006

168.I _____(be) sorry______(hear) that you ______(be) ill for two days,. If you ____(not feel) well tomorrow you _____(not go) to work..

169. Look that boy_____ (make) faces. 170. Tom draws best in his class _____he?

171.One day a farmer______ (walk) in a mountain near his home when he_____(see) a ba-by bird.

172. My mother said she ______(do) some waking if it ______( not rain) the next day. 173.Tom ____(go) to Shanghai already I think he_____-(write) to me as soon as he______(reach)there.

174. I don’t know your friend Jack I _____never_____(meet)him. 175. After he had read this book he _____(return)it to the library.

176 .She always______(get0 on well with her classmates.

177. Don’t worry He______(catch) up with the other soon.

178. The glass is broken It _______(break) by my brother.

179. Students_____(have)ten minutes’ rest between classes.

180. What_____ you______(do) when I called you yesterday evening?

181. Look! The train ______ just_____(arrive).

182. She_____ ______ (pick) apples in her garden when we went to see her yesterday. 183. Please be quick or you _____ (be) late for the meeting.

184. I _____ (read) the book already How long____ you______(read) it?

185. Could you tell me what time he____(come) tomorrow? Please let me know as b soon as he ____ (come) here tomorrow.

186. There ____(be) great changes I our city since 1978.

187. My son studies in CanadA I ______-(not hear) from him for a long time.

188. Thanks a lot It’s rainy again It_______(rain0 for a long time.

189. Look! They ____(dig) potatoes in the fields.

190.We_____(have) a good time in Kunming on May Day this year.

191. In much of China winter_____(last) from November to January. 192.——Shall we go on a picnic this weekend? —— Good idea unless it _____. A. rains. B. will rain. C. doesn’t rain. D. won’t rain. 193. ——Hi Kate You look tired What’s the matter? ——I _____ well last night. A .didn’t sleep B. don’t sleep C. haven’t slept D. won’t rain. 194. ——Have you read this book? ——Yes, I ____it two weeks ago. A. is reading. B. have read. C. will read. D. read. 195. ——Is this your coat, sir? ——No, Mine____ over there near the window. A. hangs. B. is hanging C. will read. D. read. 197. Frank _____ a film he’s free next Saturday. A. see. B. saw. C. has seen. D. will see. 198. Could you please tell me

how soon______? A. is your brother back from Britain B. your brother is back from Britain. C. will your brother be back form Britain. D. your brother will be back from. Britain 199. Bad luck! We______ Mount Emei when it rained heavily. A. climbed. B. were climbing. C. are climbing D. have climbed. 200. ——Is that Jack speaking? —— Sorry, he______ London But he’ll be back in two days. A. has been to. B. has changed. C. has been in. D. went to. 201. —— Do you know where the twins are? —— Yes They _____ Fuzhou. A. have gone to. B. have been to C. have borrowed. D. went to. 202. ——When did you borrow the English story –book? ——I borrowed it last week I _____ in for a week.

A. have been to B. has gone to C. has been in D. had. 203. —— May I speak to Mr Green? —— Sorry, he _____London But he’ll be back in two days. A. has been to B. has gone to. C. has been in D. went to. 204. Since 2000 Nanchang has become a new city Everything ______. A. is changed. B. was changed C. has changed D. had changed. 205. Mr Read knows Taizhou very well He____ here many times. A. is. B. will come. C. came. D. has been. 206. Henry ____ a birthday card for Sam yesterday. A. has bought. B. buys. C. bought. D. will buy. 207. It’s winter now but it _____ in my hometown. A. snows. B. isn’t snowing C. snowed D. doesn’t snow. 208. Tom ______ his homework after breakfast. A. don’t. B. doesn’t. C. don’t do. D. doesn’t do. 209. Jenny_____ a letter to her mother three days ago. A. wrote . B. writes. C .write. D. has written. 210. He____ with us yesterday morning. A. doesn’t go swimming. B. goes swimming. C. didn’t go swimming. D. went to swimming. 211.Mr friend _____ the army in 1989. A. joins. B. join. C. joined. D. has joined. 212. There _____a basketball match in our school the day after tomorrow. A. will have. B. will be C. is going to have D. would be. 213._______ you _____ us a talk this afternoon? A .Are; going B. Are; given C. Will; give D. Were; going to give 214. Don’t make any noise Grandma_____. A. has slept B. is slept C. will sleep D. is sleeping. 215. Mike______ several places since he came to Beijing. A will visit B has visited C is visiting D. visited 216 ——Where’s your father? ——He______ to Paris A go B goes C went D has gone 217 —— ____your brother _____a new watch? —— Not yet A. Have; bought. B. Did; buy. C. Has; bought D. will; buy. 218. Great changes ______ in our city since 1980. A. have taken place B. has taken place. C. took place D. will take place. 219. He______ here in 1980 He_____ a teacher for over ten years. A. came; was. B. came; has been C. has come; is. D. has come; has been. 220. She _____ the dictionary to Alice yet. A. has returned. B. hasn’t retuned. C. would return. D. returned. 221. She said: ‖I’m sorry to hear that he_____ ill for two weeks.’ A. has been. B. had been. C. was. D. will be. 222. Bill was listening to the radio while Ann _____TV. A. watched. B. has watched C. was watching. 223.As soon as I get there I ____you. A. telephone. B. telephoned. C. have telephoned. D. will telephone. 224. I ____ ill last week. A. am. B. will be. C. was. D. were. 225. He said that he____ the book to the library. A. returns. B. returned. C. has returned. D. will return. 226. The teacher said the earth____ around the sun. A. move. B. moved. C. moving. D. moves. 227. I’ll come to see you as I ______ back. A .will be. B. am being. C. was. D. am. 228.I’m very glad because I have______ my lost key. A. founded. B. found. C. find. D. finded. 229.It was said that the Second World War_____ out in 1939. A. break. B. found. C. broken. D. was broken. 230. When I ____ along the street I happened to meet an old friend. A. will come. B. is coming. C. are watching D. watching. 231. I’ll tell Mrs Green about it as soon as she_______ back. A. will come. B. is coming. C. are watching. D. watches. 232. They usually_____ TV in the evening.

A. watch. B. will watch. C. are watching. D. watches. 243. ——He came early this morning didn’t he? ——Yes, he diD He often ____to school early. A. come. B. comes. C. came. D. has come. 244. This is Miss Gao She___ your new teacher. A. be. B. does. C. isn’t. D. doesn’t. 245. —— Hi Kate. —— Hi Mary I____ you arte here. A. don’t know B. don’t think. C. think. D. didn’t know. 246. Mother said that cooking ______much time every day. A. paid. B. spent. C. made. D. took. 247. He_____ wait until the rain_______. A. won’t; will stop. B. won’t stop. C. will; stops. D. will; will stop. 248.

If it _____ tomorrow I’ll go by car. A. rain B. will rain. C. rains. D. would rain. 249. There_______ a table with three legs in Jenny’s room. A. is B. are. C. has D. have. 250. Mike had nothing for breakfast_______? A. does he B. did he. C. didn’t he D. had he. 251. I don’t know if she ______me when she_______. A. tells; arrives B. tells; will arrive. C. will tell; will arrive D. will tell; arrives. 252. If she_____ get up early enough she will not be able to catch the early bus. A. doesn’t. B. didn’t. C. won’t. D. don’t. 253. What did you did last night she will not be able to catch the early bus. A. doesn’t. B. didn’t. C. won’t. D. don’t. 254. The Whites _____ many places of interest since they came to China. A. have visited B. will visit. C. visited. D. visit. 255. They _____ home two hours ago. A .go. B. went. C. going. D. goes. 256.Never trouble me while I ______ in my room! A. will sleep. B. asleep. C. am sleeping. D. slept. 257. ——Where’s Li Lei? —— He_____ his sports shoes in the room He____ football with his friends. A. is putting on; is playing. B. puts on; will play. C. is putting on; will play. D. put on; played. 258. He has____ for two years Two years____ a long time. A. left home; are. B. left home; is. C. been away from home; is. D. been away from home’ are. 259 How long _____the film_______? A .did; begin. B. has; begun. C. has; been on.

D. has; been. 260. ——How do you like Beijing Mr Black? —— Oh, I ____________ Such a beautiful city. A. don’t visit. B. didn’t visit. C. haven’t visited. D. hadn’t visited. 261. —— I have bought an English – Chinese dictionary. —— When and where ____you _____it? A. do; buy. B. did; buy. C. have; bought. D. will; buy. 262.When_____ the accident______ ? A. was; happened. B. has; happened. C. did; happen. D. was; happening. 263.It’s seven o’clock Jim _____ lunch now. A. is having. B. are having. C. have. D. has. 264. _____ he_____ the doctor the day before yesterday? A. Have; seen. B. Has; seen. C. Did; see. D. Does; see. 265.They won’t go to the Great Wall if it____ tomorrow. A. rain. B. raining. C. rains. D. will rain. 266.Mr. Black _____China for many years. A. has been to. B. has gone to. C. has been in. D. has come to. 267. That building _____ two years ago but it looks quite old now. A. built. B. was built. C. is built. D. builts 268. How long____ you______ the bicycle? About two weeks. A. have; had. B. have; bought. C. did; buy. D. have; get. 269.The old woman____ for ten years.

A. has died. B. was dying C. died D. has been dead. 270. I ___ you for a long time Where______ you_______? A. didn’t see; did; go. B. didn’t see; have; gone. C. haven’t seen; have. D. haven’t seen; have; gone been. 271. —— Where were you I July last year? —— This time last year my family and I _____my grand parents in New York A. was visiting B visited. C. had visited. D. were visiting. 272. There ____ a parents meeting tomorrow afternoon. A .are. B. will have C. is going to be. 273. He asked me______ during the winter holidays. A. where I had gone. B. where I had been. C. where had I gone. D. where had I been. 274. I don’t think if he_______ here next week. A. comes. B. came. C. will come. 275. He______ to your office tomorrow afternoon please wait for him. A. coming B. will. C. will come. D. come. 276. Li Hua ______ in the factory since she left school ten years ago. A. works. B. worked. C. has worked D. had worked. 277.She says that she ______ to Beijing next week. A. has gone. B. will go. C. goes.

278.My uncle _____ to see me He’ll be here soon. A. is coming. B. comes. C .has come . D. came. 279. Tudy ______ the Great Wall twice and now she still _____ to go there. A. went to; wanted. B. goes to; wants. C. has gone to; wants. D. has been to; wants. 280.We______TV when the telephone_____. A watched was ringing. B. were watching; rang. C watch; rings. D are watching; rang. 281. ——When ____ Mr. Harris _____the town for Sydney? —— I think it_____ last December. A. did; leave; was. B. did; leave; is. C. has; left; was. D. does; leave; is. 282. Listen! Someone_______ in the next room. A. cry B. is crying. C. are crying. D. crying. 283. Look! The bird_____ in the next room. A. cry. B. is crying. C. are crying. D. crying. 284. It’s seven o’clock Tim______ breakfast now. A. is having B. are having. C. have. D. has. 285. ——You’ re smoking No one______ me but you. ——Only at home No one_____ me but you. A. is seeing. B. had seen. C. sees. D. saw. 286. The class______ before Tom _______into the

classroom. A. began; was talking. B. had begun; walked. C. begins; walks. D. was beginning; walked. 287. Mr Li is out But he____ here ten minutes ago. A.went. B. has gone. C. has been. D. would go. 288. Miss Gao isn’t here She______ to the station to meet Mr Brown. A. went. B. has gone. C. has been. D. would go. 289. I ____ a letter from him since he left. A. didn’t have B. haven’t got. C. didn’t have. D.

haven’t heard. 290. If my parents_____ free tomorrow we_____ for a picnic. A. are; go.

B. are; will go. C. will be; will go. D. will be; go. 二 被动语态. 291. Your bike

needs_______. A. to repair. B. to be repaired. C. repaired. D. repairing. 292 Girls ______. A. are wanted. B. wanted. C. wanting. D. are wanting. 293. Enough_____ here of this issue. A. has been said B. have been said. C. has said. D. was said. 294. China _______ in 1949. A. liberated B. is liberated C. was liberated D. liberated. 295.Children ______ in China. A. is taken good care. B. have taken good care. C. are taken good care of. D. must take care of. 296. The bridge______ by the peasants themselves in 1980.

A. was built. B. will be built. C. has been built D. built. 297. When ______ the People’s Republic of China________. A. was; found. B. was; founded C. did; found D. does; found. 298. Your exercise books______ after class. A. will hand in. B. must hand in. C. handed in. D. must be handed in. 299 .The light in the room_____ before you leave. A .must turn off B. will hand in. C. are turned off D. must be turned off. 300. English is a useful language It_____ widely in the world. A. is spoken. B. was spoken C. can speak D. will speak. 301. This key ______for locking the door.(use) 302. The students clean the room every day. ________________________________________ 303. She gave me a present. _______________________________________ 304. The pupils asked the teacher to tell a story. _______________________________________ 305. They will open a new school in the village soon. _______________________________________ 306. Have you posted the letters yet? ________________________________________. 307. You can’t see the stars in the daytime. ________________________________________. 308. Children often sing this song. ________________________________________. 309. People all over the world know the Great Wall. ________________________________________. 310. John broke the window. _________________________________________. 311. Tom broke the window. _________________________________________. 312. He told me to wait here for him. _________________________________________. 313. Mary is taking care of the children. __________________________________________. 314. We built a new bridge over the river last year. __________________________________________. 315. People call him Little Old Man. __________________________________________. 316. They do not make this kind of watches in Beijing. __________________________________________. 317. People speak English in almost all the countries in the world. ___________________________________________. 318. Tea grows in China. ____________________________________________. 319. We can finish the work the day after tomorrow. _____________________________________________. 320. Must I do all the exercises? _____________________________________________. 321. You must not take the books out of the library. ______________________________________________. 322. Many young people speak English.. English ______ ______ by many young people 323. You must clean your bedroom every day. Your bedroom must ______ _____ every day. 324. Two years ago we used that machine to make shoes for children. Two years ago that machine ______ ______ shoes for children. 325. The rain made them give up the picnic. _____ _____ ____ _______ give up the picnic. 326. Nobody can carry this box.. This box ______ ______ _______ by _______. 327. They produce silk in Suzhou. Silk _____ _____ in Suzhou. 328. People play basketball all over the world. _______ _______ ______ all over the world.

329. We take good care of our textbooks. _____ ______ _____ _______ good care of. 330. Someone took away the boxes this morning. The boxes____ _____ away by someone this morning. 331. The foreigners can’t understand this word. This word can’t _____ _____ by

the foreigners. 332. We should water these flowers every day. These flowers ____ ______ _____ every day. 333. People used metal for making machines. Metal_____ _____ for making machines. 334. Anyone mustn’t forget the history. The history mustn’t______ ______ by anyones. 335. The doctor looked over Peter carefully after he______ to the hospital. A. takes. B. is taken. C. took. D. was taken. 336. China’s badminton team won the Sudirman Cup for the fifth time; they deserved. A. to reward. B. rewarding. C. to be rewarded D. being rewarded. 337. Dad, the phone is ringing I guess either you or Mum____ on the phone. A. is wanted. B. are wanted. C. wants. D. want. 338. —— Susan why are you still here/They are all ready to start. —— I’m sorry but I _____ when to meet. A. don’t tell B. didn’t tell. C. haven’t told. D. wasn’t told. 339. On May 30th 2005 one bowl in the Ming dynasty(明朝)_____ at the price of 30.36 mil-lion Hong Kong dollars. A sell B sold C is sold D was sold 340. ——My watch______. —— Don’t worry Let’s go to the Lost & Found. A. is lost. B. is broken. C. has found. D. has stopped. 341. This painting _____ to a museum in New York in 1977. A. sells. B. sold. C. was sold. D. is sold. 342. Oh the milk _______ strange do you think it’s OK to drink? A. was tasted B. tasted. C. is tasting. D. tastes. 343. ——Did you go to Jack’s birthday party? —— No I ________. A. am not invited. B. wasn’t invited C. haven’t invited D. didn’t invite. 344. —— Will you come to the dinner party? —— I won’t come unless Jenny_______ . A. will be invited. B. can be invited. C. invited. D. is invited. 345. —— Your city looks beautiful! —— Yes Lots of trees and grass ______ last year. A. are planted. B. have planted. C. were planting. D. were planted. 346. _______ the _____ trees _______ in the park next Saturday? A. Will…be planted. B. Will be… planted C. Will plant. D. Will planted. 347. _____ the work ______ by Lily or by Tom? Tell me the truth please. A. Has’ finished. B. Has; being finished C. Is; finish. D. Has; been finished. 348. This watch ______ next Monday. A. can mended. B. can be mended C. can be mend. D. can be mending. 349. This science book______ good care of. A. must be take. B. must take. C .must be takenD. must to be taken. 350. Must older people ______ to politely? A. speak. B. spoken. C. be spoke D. be spoken. 351. The new film______ in this cinema now Why don’t you go in and see it? A. is showing. B. is being shown C. is shown D. shows. 352 The stars_____ in the daytime A. can’t see. B. can’t see. C. can’t be seen D. see. 353. Trees_______ in spring A plant B were planted C. should be planted D. should plant. 354. Can you tell me_____? A. when did it happen B. were planted. C should be planted D should plant 355. Don’t you know sweaters can’t ______ that way? A. be washed. B. when it happened. C. when was it happened. D. when it was happened. 356. The broken cup______ away by the boy already. A. has been thrown. B. is thrown. C. is being thrown D. threw. 357. It’s known that the paper for books and magazines ______ from wood.

A. are made. B. is made . C. has been made. D. is being made. 358. That white building____ two years ago but it looks quite old now. A. built. B. was built. C. is built. 359. The floor of our classroom ____ every day. A. is cleaned B. planted C. is planted. D. are written. 360. Thousands of young trees ____ every year in China. A. plant. B. planted. C. is writing. D. are written. 361. This work _____ next Monday. A. may finish. B. finish C. finishes. D. may be finished. 362.The medicine_____ in a dry and cool place. A. must kept. B. must keep C. must be kept D. may be finished. 363. My house____ in 1995 We have lived there for nearly five years. A. was built. B. has built. C. is built. D. were built. 364. The medicine______ cool clean and dry. A .must keep B. must be kept C. must be carried. D. must be in. 365. No one knows how the huge rocks_____ and _____ without our modern machine eight hundred years ago. A. are cut; moved. B. were cut; move.

C. are cut; moving. D .were cut; moved. 三.祈使句.感叹句.倒装句 366.“Tom_____ afraid of speaking in public You are no longer a small boy.” said Mum. A. not be. B. not to be. C. be not. D. don’t be. 367. _____ film it is ! A. How moving. B. What moving.

C. How a moving. D. What a moving. 368. Not only ____ know English but also French. A he B does he C he does D they 367 Let’s go to school ______? A. shall we. B. will you.

C. won’t you. D. do you. 368. ―______ fine weather!‖ she said. A. How. B. How a. C. What. D. What a. 369. Go and______ the TV quickly The volleyball match will begin right away. A . turn off. B. turn down. C. turn up. D. turn on. 370. Mother said to him ―Don’t ______ on football. A. spend too much time. B. to spend too much time. C. spend too many time. D. to spend too many time. 371. My sister doesn’t like skating______. A. so do I. B. so I don’t. C. neither I don’t D. neither do I. 372. ---A: I want to do some shopping this afternoon. ---B: _______. A .So I do. B. I do so. C. I don’ t so D. So do I. 373 _____ to meet me at the station I’ll be waiting there A. Not to forget B. Not forget. C. Forget not D. Don’t forget. 374. _____ a lovely day! A. What. B. How. C. Which. D. When. 375. ______ interesting! A. What. B. How. C. Which. D. When. 376. ―_____ late for class again.‖ Said the teacher. A .Not to be. B .Not be. C. Don’t be. D. Won’t be. 377. ______ sunny day! Let’s go out for a walk. A. How a . B. How. C .What a. D .What. 378. ——It’s a secret between us Don’t tell anybody. ——_______. A. I do. B. I don’t . C .I will. D. I won’t. 379. —— Mum ____ is my watch? —— Look It’s on your bed. A .what. B. where. C. how. D. those. 380. —— Why not go camping this weekend? ——______. A. You are right. B. Good idea. C. That’s right. D. Never mind. 381. —— Shall I turn down the radio Jane ? It’s a little loud. —— _____. A. No you won’t B. Don’t do that C. No please don’t D. Yes please don’t 382. ——You lent me some money a few months ago. —— _____? I don’t remember lending you any money. A. Did I. B. Did you. C. Do I. D. Do you . 383. —— Excuse me, is this seat taken? —— _____. That man got his books and left a few minutes ago. A. I’m afraid so. B. I don’t think so. C. I don’t know D. I hope not.

384. —— Congratulations to you on passing the maths exam. ——______. A .You’re come. B. Never mind. C. Don’t mention it D. Thank a lot. 385. —— Could you get to the park before 3 o’ clock? —— _________. I’m still at the meeting then. A .I think so. B. Yes, I could C. I’m afraid not D. I’m afraid so . 386. —— ______ day it is! —— Let’ go out and enjoy the sunshine! A. What a lovely. B. How windy C. What a rainy. D. How wet. 387. —— Bob, it’s getting cold. _______ take a jacket with you? —— All right, Daddy. A. why not. B. What about C. Would you like D. You’d better. 388. —— You haven’t been Beijing, have you? ——______ How I wish to go there! A. Yes, I have. B. No, I have C. No, I haven’t. D. Yes, I haven’t. 389.―Tom,___________ afraid of speaking in public. You are no longer a small boy,‖ said Mum. A .not be B. not to be C. be not D. don’t be 390.—— David has made great progress recently. —— _____, and ______. A. So he has; so you have. B. So he has; so have you. C. So has he; so have you. D. So has he; so you have. 391. Lucy, you clean the blackboard today,_______? A. do you. B. did you. C. will you. D. can you. 392. ——Zhou Jielun is so cool, I’m his fan. ——______. A .So do I B. So I do C. So am I D. So I am 393. If Bruce goes scuba diving tomorrow,_______. A. So will I B. So do I C. So I will D. So I do 394. —— Jacky, look at scuba diving tomorrow,_____. —— Wow.______! A. How a fat man. B. What a fat man. C. How fat man. D. What fat man. 395. ______ it is today! Let’s go to fly a kite in the park, shall we? A. What a fine weather. B. How fine weather. C .How fine a weather. D. What fine weather. 396. _____ wonderful picture! I like it very much. A .What. B. What a. C. How. D. How a. 397 _____ exciting film it is! A. What an B. What a. C. How an D .How 二. 句型转换 1. He is a very strong

man._____________________________. 2. They got terrible news._______________________________. 3. The buildings are big and good-looking.__________________. 4. Mary works very hard.________________________________. 5. They are so bury._____________________________________. 6. It is a very interesting film._____________________________. 7. The girl dances very beautifully._________________________. 8 . The boy had lucks last

night.____________________________. 三.改成祈使句 (每空一词) 1. I want John to give me a cup of tea.______ a cup of tea,_______. 2. You should not forget to turn off the lights.______ to turn off the lights. 3. You’d better not go out at night._______ out at night. 4. We should go now._____ now.

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