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Module 10 Unit 1 外研版七年级英语上册第十模块第一单元

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Module 10 Spring Festival
Unit 1 Are you getting ready for Spring Festival?

Chinese public holidays
National Day Children’s Day Dragon Boat Festival

New Year’s Day


Teachers’ Day International Women’s Day

The Chinese festivals

Spring Festival

Teachers’ Day

Mid-Autumn Festival

Festivals of foreign countries

Thanksgiving Day Christmas

Fool’s Day

Mother’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Festivals in foreign countries

Valentine’s Day



Carnival 狂欢节 ['kɑ?n?v(?)l]

Match the picture with the expressions.
1. making lanterns 2. learning a dragon dance 3. cleaning the house 4. sweeping the house 5. cooking the meal

b a c c d

Listen and number the picture.





Now choose the correct answer.
1. Are they getting ready for Spring

Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t.

2. Are Daming and Betty making lanterns?
Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t.

3. Is Lingling’s mother sweeping the floor?
Yes, she is. / No, she isn’t.

4. Is Lingling’s aunt cooking the meal?

Yes, she is. / No, she isn’t.
5. Is Lingling’s grandma cooking the meal? Yes, she is. / No, she isn’t. 6. Is Lingling’s father working? Yes, he is. / No, he isn’t.

Answer the questions.
1. What is Lingling doing?
She is making a big red lanterns. 2. Who is working? Lingling’s father is working.

3. What is Lingling’s aunt doing?
She is sweeping the floor. 4. What is Lingling’s grandma doing? She is cooking the meal in the kitchen. 5. What are Daming and Betty doing? They are learning a dragon dance.

Tony: Hi, Lingling. This is Tony speaking . What’s happening?

Are you getting ready for Spring
Festival? Lingling: Yes, we are. We’re

quite busy now.
Tony: What are you doing at the moment ?

Lingling: I’m making big red

Tony: I like them. They are very
beautiful. Is your father helping you?

Lingling: No, he isn’t. He’s still at work.(=He’s still working .)

Tony: What’s your mother doing?
Lingling: She’s cleaning the house and putting things away. Tony: She’s working so hard! Lingling: Yes. My aunt is

sweeping the floor, and my grandma is cooking the meal

in the kitchen.
Tony: What are Daming and Betty doing?

Lingling: They are learning a dragon dance with my grandpa.
Tony: Can I join them? Lingling: Of course. Hurry up!

Complete the passage
dragon happen hard hurry join lantern put (things) away quite ready happening What’s (1) __________ at Lingling’s home? They’re getting (2) _____ for Spring Festival. ready Her mother and her aunt are working very (3) ______, cleaning and (4) _________________. hard putting things away Lingling is also (5) quite busy. She’s making _____ red (6) ________. Daming and Betty are lanterns learning a (7) _______ dance, so Tony (8) dragon is hurrying __________ to Lingling’s home and (9) _________ them. is joining

1.我是…(电话用语) This is Tony speaking .

2.什么正在发生? What’s happening?
准备好做某事 be / get ready to do sth

3.为…做好准备be/get ready for sth


Spring Festival at the moment 5.现在 6.在工作 be at work =be working 7.收拾,整理 put …away 8.努力工作

work hard
cook the meal

9.打扫地板 sweep the floor 10.做饭

in the kitchen 11.在厨房 12.学舞龙 learn a dragon dance 13.快点 hurry up

Listen and repeat.
lantern learn Linging

what work
ready very

yes you your

Ask and answer about what people in
the pictures are doing.

—Is the girl making lanterns?
—Yes, she is. / No, she isn’t.

完成句子: 1. 他在为聚会作准备吗? Is getting ready for ____ he _______________ the party? 2. — Tom在做灯笼吗? — 是的。 Is making lanterns — _____ Tom ______________? is — Yes, he _____. 3. — 你们会舞龙吗? — 不会。 — _____ you ___________________? Can play a dragon dance — No, we ______. can’t 4. 孩子们在干什么? ________ the children _______? What are doing

Remember the important phrases and new words .

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