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7a 牛津 U8 Reading I

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The lady is reading.

gentleman 先生;君子 (复数: gentlemen)

The gentleman is working on the computer.

Do you like the style of this sitting-room? style 风格,样式

You should wear trainers when you play basketball.

trainers 运动鞋

This place is comfortable for them.

comfortable adj. 舒适的,使人舒服的

Is he popular among young people? popular adj. 受喜爱的, 受欢迎的

There is a green apple among the

red ones.
among prep. 在(三者或以上)中


What colour is the sky?

What colour is it?
grey 灰色 (的)

He is a smart man. smart adj.

聪明的; 精干的

Is she cool? cool adj.


What’s this? cotton n.


scarf n. 围巾
(pl. scarves)

She is wearing a green scarf.

Both of them are young.
both 两者(都)

jeans n. (只用复数)

Do you like wearing jeans?



(蚕) 丝;丝绸


This scarf is made of silk. That one is made of wool. be made of … 由……制成

There are three pairs of boots.

boot 靴子

Read aloud these new words
lady 女士,夫人 gentleman (pl. gentlemen) 先生; 君子 style 风格,样式 trainer 运动鞋 comfortable 舒适的,使人舒服的 popular 受喜爱的,受欢迎的 among 在(三者或以上)中

purple 紫色 (的) grey 灰色 (的) smart 衣着讲究的;聪明的;精干的 cool 酷的,绝妙的 cotton 棉;棉织物 scarf (pl. scarves) 围巾 both 两者(都) jeans (复)牛仔裤

silk (蚕)丝;丝绸 wool 羊毛,羊绒 boot 靴子 both… and … …和… 都; 不仅…而且… be made of … 由… 制成

What are they doing? Are you interested in it?

Do you want to join them?

1. Where do they hold the fashion show?

In the school hall.
2. How many students are there in this

show? Five.

Fashion Show
Name Millie Simon
Amy Daniel Sandy

Clothes and colour Sports clothes and a pair of trainers a purple shirt, a pair of grey trousers and a red and grey tie a yellow cotton blouse, a blue scarf and blue jeans a blue T-shirt and blue jeans a red silk blouse, a black wool skirt and a pair of red boots

Kitty is thinking about her classmates and their clothes and shoes. Look at the pictures and help her circle the correct things for each students.

Read aloud the article
and put T or F in the blanks.

1. Young people like trainers.


2. Simon’s tie is red and yellow.

F 3. Both Amy and Daniel wear blue jeans. T

4. Jeans are popular among young people. T
5. Sandy looks modern and beautiful. T

Kitty wants to put some photos on the school website. She is adding captions to the photos. Help her finish them.

1. ________ are light and Trainers comfortable. 2. Simon’s red and grey _______ matches his clothes. tie

3. Amy is wearing a blue scarf _______. 4. Daniel is wearing a blue ________. T-shirt 5. Young people like _______. jeans 6. Sandy

’s red ________ is blouse made of silk.

Complete the conversation using the information on page 94.

Kitty: What a great show, Sandy! I really like your long red boots. Sandy: Thank you. I think they match my red (1)_________ blouse. silk Kitty: I also like your shirt. Is it silk too? Sandy: No, it’s (2)_________. wool

Kitty: You look (3)________ and modern beautiful today, Sandy. And you, Simon, do you like your clothes? Simon: Yes, I like them very much. Do I look (4)_______, Kitty? smart

Kitty: Yes. You look great in your purple (5)________ shirt, (6)__________ trousers and red grey and grey tie. Simon: Thanks. I also like to wear jeans. Kitty: Most young people like jeans. Amy and Daniel look (7)________ in blue jeans. cool

1. Read aloud the article and

underline the difficult parts.
2. Remember the new words in

this lesson.

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