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12.6 U8 LP2

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1. She eats less healthily than before. 2. You can’t understand it and neither can I. 3. None of them are women drivers. None of them is a woman driver. 4. The two countries are at war.

5. It will cost him at least 500 yuan. It won’t cost him less than 500 yuan. 6. He used to smoke a lot, didn’t he? 7. He didn’t use to / used not to / usedn’t to smoke a lot. 8. He is used to smoking, isn’t he? 9. Cotton is used to make clothes. Cotton is used for making clothes.

10. She doesn’t live here any longer. She no longer lives here. 11. The doctor advised us to take more exercise (un.) 12. You should do more grammar exercises(cn.) 13. Swimming exercises (v.) the whole body.

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