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11.21 test u6

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1. A is different from B 2. difference(s) between A and B 3. Do you usually/often/always see birds make their nests in the tree? 4. You need some help, don’t you? 5. You needn’t finish your homework, need you? = You don’t need to finish your homework, do you?

6. Would you please show me some pictures? 7. What interested you so much made me interested. 8. Will you stay with your parents sometime next week? 9. Will you stay with your parents for some time next week?

10. We can see many fallen leaves on the ground. 11. Look! How beautiful the falling leaves are! 12. He has lived in Shanghai lately/recently. 13. He has lived in Shanghai in the past few years.

14. These are the traffic problems in the big cities, aren’t they? 15. There is less fresh air in the city center, isn’t there? 16. Are you pleased with the birthday celebration? 17. His watch is either too fast or too slow.

18. You didn’t look well when you bought it. You didn’t look well when buying it. 19. You must have worn the uniform for some/many days. 20. We won’t have a barbecue if it rains tomorrow.

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