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8年级同步下unit 4单元笔记

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unit 4 what’s the best movie theater?

1. watch other people show their talents

watch sb/sth do sth 观看某人/某物做某事

He likes to watch these girls play games.


解释:三眼look at/see/watch;两耳hear/listen to;一注意notice;三个小使役have/let/make,以及help后面的动词不定式做宾补时,可以省略to 我经常听见一群老年人在公园唱歌。

I often hear the old sing in the park.

2. 比较级 and 比较级: 越来越…

我们的国家正变得越来越强大,越来越美丽了。 our country is becoming stronger and stronger, more and more beautiful.

3. all kinds of 各种类型的,各种各样的

现在,父母总是让孩子参加各种各样的活动。 Now parents always make their children take part in all kinds of activities.

kind of :有点,有几分,修饰adj/adv.


I feel kind of hungery.

be kind to…对…和蔼


She is very kind to children.

4. it’s up to sb to do sth. 做什么事情是某人的职责/由某人决定 帮助你们学习英语是我的职责。

It’s up to me to help you with your English.

be up to 忙于;从事于,后接名词或动名词


I’m up to preparing the Christmas Party.

5. play role in


Fan Bingbing plays the leading role in the film.

6. be made up 被编造

make up编造(故事,谎言)


The story is made up.

7. bring/teach/show/tell/give sth to sb=~~sb sth 双宾语

8. 只能接动名词作宾语的及物动词或短语有

enjoy/keep/practice/have fun/feel like+doing sth

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