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九年级英语I’ve broken my arm教案1

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Unit11-2 I’ve broken my arm. Section B 教案

The Second Period

教学目标: 充分认识身体的各位,让学生谈论事故和健康问题。




allergy (pl.)allergies , in order to ,weigh (n.)weight, ongoing, be proud of, keep up ,call for , ambulance, fainted, in the head, temperature , clean up,

an X—ray, clinic

Teaching steps:

Step 1: Step 1 Making a dialogue

P: patient D: doctor

Step 2:Revision

break(过去分词) ___________bite(过去分词从---掉下来___________ 摔倒呼吸困难_____________ 摔断胳膊过敏反应_________________

Step 3: Reading

that they didn’t know.

Check the answers.

Step 4: Presentation

Go through the six three pictures in 1. Then ask the Ss to put ask the Ss to check the accidents they hear and correct the Step6Pairwork

Go through 2c and ask the Ss to try to describe his personal accident.

Step7.: Practice (composition)

一次我在上学的路上从自行车上掉下来.摔断了胳膊.警察叫来了救护车,把我送到医院,医生给我做了X光照片.之后,医生告诉我卧病休息,并给了我些药。 Let the ss to write down the composition,then ask several to read 。


Unit11-2 I’ve broken my arm. 达标训练

教师助手 学生帮手 家长朋友


1. I cleaned it up.

clean up有二个意思

1). 赚钱获利, gain, make

2). 打扫, 清理 这句话中是清理的意思.

2. get stuck in 阻住,塞住

stuck: [ st?k ] stick 的过去式(分词) a. 不能动的,被卡住的

3. fall down,fall off和fall over都表示“摔倒、跌倒”的意思,但它们各自的含义不同。

fall over强调的是“向前摔倒、跌倒”。 She fell over and broke her leg. 她跌倒并把腿摔断了。

fall down强调的是“滑倒、倒下”,后接宾语时应加上介词from

The boy hit the tree to hard that he fell down.


fall off强调的是“跌落、从??掉下来”The girl is falling off the bike. (



二. 首字母填空:

2.She (窒息

4.Please answer my question )



after ,first, next, bandage, around ,rest, medicine, badly

Lily fell over and hurt her knee yesterday the cut was ,the doctor gave her some and put a on it . that she was told to and not to walk too much.


教师助手 学生帮手 家长朋友

教师助手 学生帮手 家长朋友

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