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仁爱英语Unit1 Topic3 Section A

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Topic3 What class are you in? Section A (1a-2b)

Michael Phelps

Who is he? He is Michael Phelps. Where is he from? He is from the USA.

When you need help, you can call at the numbers.

QQ number

What’s your QQ number?

你 发 现 规 律 了 吗 ?

one two three four + teen = five + teen = six seven + teen = eight nine + teen = ten

eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty

Work out the rules and complete the numbers. Then listen and (Topic 3\Section check.
11 12 13 14 15






six____ seven____ eigh____ teen teen teen

nine____ twenty teen

Listen, look and say. (视频Topic 3\Sectio

I am twelve years old. How old are you?

I’m twelve, too.

Complete Jane’s name card. Then introduce her to the class.

Name: Jane Age: 12 Class: 4 Grade: 7 Form: Canada
You can begin like this: I am Jane. I’m… I’m from… I’m in Class…Grade…

Try to introduce him. Name: Bill Age: 17 Tel: 8259379 Class: 7 Grade: 7 From: England
You can begin like this: This is Bill. He is seventeen…

(1) 学习数字 11—20。 (2) 学习询问他人的年龄、班级和年级。 (3) 重点句型:How old are you? I’m… What class are you in? I am in Class 13, Grade 7.

1. Make a dialog.
Name: Kang Jun Age: 13 Class: Class 2, Grade 8

2.去结交几个新朋友吧! 问问他们在哪个年
级,哪个班。 别忘记给他们你的name card哦!

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