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一 单项选择:

1. We will stay at home if my aunt ________ to visit us tomorrow.

A. comes B. come C. will come D. is coming

2. I’ll go swimming with you if I ________ free tomorrow.

A. will be B. shall be C. am D. was

3. It _____ long before we ____ the result of the experiment.

A. will not be; will know B. is; will know C. will not be ; know D. is; know

4. The new secretary is supposed to report to the manager as soon as she_____.

A. will arrive B. arrives C. is going to arrive D. is arriving

5.He will have learned English for eight years by the time he _____ from the university next year.

A. will graduate B. will have graduated C. graduates D. is to graduate

6. Only in that way ________ able to keep healthy.

A wo will be B will we be C will be we D we be will

7. Don’t ________ noisy in the classroom .

A get B turn C become D make

8. — He worked as a volunteer in Beijing last year .

—He said he would never forget some pleasant ________ while working there .

A experiences B friendship C information D sentences

9. Be hurry ! Don’t keep them ________ too long .

A to wait B waiting C wait D waits

10. —I have finished my homework .


A So do I B So I have C So I do D So have I

11. —Have you finished your work ?

—No,not yet . I think it will take ________ two hours .

A other B else C the other D another

12. Food and drink should ________ to be brough into the reading room .

A not to allow B allow C not be allowed D not allow

13. ________ a professional lawyer is the woman’s dream .

A Be B Is C Being D Do

14. I’m sorry I have to ________ for the math test .

A study B studying C learning D studied

15. Our teachers in our school are very strict ________ their work .

A to B in C with


1. They should allow the students to go out on Sundays .(改为被动语态)

The students ________ ________ ________ to go out on Sundays .

2.You shouldn’t cut the trees .(改为被动语态)

The trees ________ ________ ________ by you .

3.Should we clean the room . (改为被动语态)

________ the room ________ ________ now ?


I want to ________ two months ________ .


Eating fruit ________ ________ ________ our health .

6. 我认为我们应该被允许穿我们自己的衣服。

I think we ________ ________ ________ ________ wear our own clothes .

7. 我希望有机会参观一下你们的工厂。

I hope I can ________ ________ ________ ________ visit your factory .


回想三年的英语学习历程,丰富多彩的英语课堂活动一定给你留下了许多难忘的印象。请你以“What should we do in English class ?”为题西一片英语短文,谈谈在应许课堂上学生应该怎样做才能是英语学习更有效。

提示:1.Listen to the teacher

2.Take part in activities

3.Be confident in ourselves




参考词汇:take notes ;work in groups with ; not be afraid of .....

What should we do in English class ?

In English class , We should

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