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A,由that 引导的陈述句性的宾语从句,在很多动词如say, think, wish , hope, see, believe, agree, expect, hear , feel等动词后。连词that只起连接作用,在从句中不做句子的成分,也无词汇意义,在口语中常被省略,但在大多数情况下还是以不省为好,特别是在笔语中。 例:I told him that he was right.

l在think,believe, suppose等动词引起的宾语从句中,有时谓语尽管是否定意义,却不用否定形式,而将think 等动词变为否定形式。

例:I don’t think you are right. (我认为你做的不对)


例:We think it wrong that he told a lie to everyone (我认为他向每一个人撒谎是错误的) B,由连词if、 whether 引导的表示“是否…”的宾语从句。Whether,if 在从句中不做句子的成分,一般情况下,whether和if 可以替换。

例:I don’t know if/whether he will come tomorrow.

The teacher asked if/whether we had finished the experiment.


例:Everything depends on whether we have enough money。

l宾语从句中有or not时不用if引导.

例:I don’t know whether the movie star will come or not.


例:Whether to go there or not hasn’t been decided.

C,由wh-引导的宾语从句。连接代词who,whom,whose, what, which,和连接副词when, where, why, how 等连接的宾语从句,它们在句中即有连接从句的作用,又在句中充当句子的成分。

例:Do you know which film they are talking about? (which做定语)

I don’t know where he lives. (where 做地点状语)



例:I believe that they will come soon.

He asked me whether I was a teacher.

They wanted to know what they can do for us.





例1)She says that she is a student.

She said that she was a student.

2)She says that she will fly to Japan in a week.

She said that she would fly to Japan in a week.

3)She says that she has finished her homework already.

She said that she had finished her homework already.

如果宾语从句说的是客观真理、自然现象或事实时,这时宾语从句要用一般现在时态。 例:The teacher said that the earth goes round the sun.

He told me that Japan is an island country.

Could you tell me…是用来征询对方的意见,语气委婉,并不表示过去。

例:Could you tell me when we will visit the Histury Museum?



例:She said: “I have been to England before.”

She said that she had been to England before.

She asked me: “Do you like maths?”

She asked me if I liked maths.



例:I don’t know what I should do next.

I con’t know what to do next.

He didn’t know where he would live.

He didn’t know where to live.


1.Can you see________?

A. what he’s reading B. what is he reading

C. what does he read D. he reads what

2.Does Jack come from Japan? Do you know?(合并成一个句子) Do you know_____Jack _____from Japan?

3._What did your son say in the letter?

_He told me that he___ the Disney would the next day

A.will visit B. has visited

C. is going to visit D. would visit

4.He didn’t know__________

A.what’s the matter B.what the matter is

C. what was the matter D. what the matter was

5.Somebody called you just now,but I didn’t know____

A.who were they B. who they were

C. who was it D. who it was

6.I want to know_____

A.what is his name B. what’s his name

C. that his name is D. what his name is

7.---Could you tell me ___she is looking for?

---Her cousin,susan.

A.that B.whose C .who D.which

8.---What are you searching the Internet for?

---I’m trying to find out____.

A.What is the difference between SARS and BIRDFLU

B.How many persons have died in Iraq

C.How to protect our environment

D.Why is our Chinese team be able to beat Korea

9.Do you know___________?(谁正在唱歌)

10.Do you know___________?(她正在和谁谈话) The keys: 1 A.2 if ,comes.3D. 4 C. 5 D. 6 D. 7 C. 8 B 9 who is singing

10 who she is talking with

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