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七年级英语牛津版7Aunit6 food and lifestyle单元试题



1、 eat noodles for supper.

You should eat some other food.

2、at about 12:00 at noon.

It is time for food.

3、After a day's work, my father gets very t__________ .

4、People should wash their hands they have meals.

5、It's i________________to keep healthy.


1、 (the way you live).

2、(power(力量) to do things).

3、(do sports activities).

4、 (a kind of yellow fruit)taste sour, but mooncakes taste sweet.

5、Do you have a healthy (the food you usually eat)?


1、How long he read)English every night?

2、I have some (knife).I can lend one to you.

3、My brother often goes to school without (eat)breakfast.

4、Before, Kitty seldom (have)fruit and vegetables.

5、Would you like (buy)fish?

6、I play computer games (two)a week.

7、My teacher says it is very important (sleep)well before an exam(考试).

8、Those need a lot of time every day.(dance)

9、The fish is too (salt).I don't want to eat it.

10、Daniel usually (have)meat and vegetables for dinner now.


( )1、It takes me half hour to do my homework every day.

A、a B、an C、the D、/

( )2、I often get up 8:00 Sundays.

A、in, on B、at, in C、at, on D、in, in

( )3、— does your mother go for a walk?

—Every afternoon.

A、How long B、How much C、How often D、How many ( )4、 is good for our health. It's my favourite sport.

A、Swim B、Swiming C、Swimming D、Swims ( )5、My mother never has noodles breakfast.

A、at B、on C、in D、for

( )6、It takes Mr Wang 20 minutes lunch every day.

A、cook B、to cook C、cooking D、cooks

( )7、I have three sisters. They are all .

A、woman teacher B、woman teachers

C、women teacher D、women teachers

( )8、I can't mend the car your help.

A、of B、with C、without D、for

( )9、You look than before.

A、health B、healthy C、healthiest D、healthier

( )10、Is watching TV too bad your health?

A、much, to B、much, for C、many, to D、many, for


1、you like 2、Thanks for your help. Thank you me.

3、Mr Wang doesn't work in this school any longer.

Mr Wang works in this school.

4、Lucy likes Chinese. Lily likes Chinese, too.

______ Lucy _________ Lily like Chinese.

5、That girl always goes home on foot after school.

That girl always after school.

Ⅴ、完形填空 sports. big glass of or soda, too. For dinner, he likes beef and salad. 1、A、many B、much C、some D、any

2、A、breakfast B、lunch C、dinner D、supper

3、A、much B、many C、lots D、lot

4、A、a B、an C、some D、any

5、A、For B、On C、For D、Of

6、A、for B、and C、of D、but

7、A、often B、never C、seldom D、not

8、A、and B、but C、too D、also

9、A、bad B、good C、important D、hungry

10、A、healthy B、fit C、thin D、fat


A man goes to a fast food restaurant for lunch. "Hi," a worker says, "May I help you?"

"I'd like a hamburger, large fries and a medium Coke." the man says.

"Anything else?" the worker asks.

"No." the man answers, "That's it."

"Is that for here or to go?" the worker asks.

"To go." the man says.

The man pays for his lunch. The worker puts the man's lunch in a bag. The man takes the bag.


1、A man goes _______ . a、in the park

2、He says, _________ . b、a lot of money

3、A worker puts________ . c、the man's lunch in a bag

4、The man takes the bag d、"I'd like a hamburger, large

and takes a walk _____ . fries and a medium Coke."

5、He opens the bag and _____ e、to a fast—food restaurant for

finds . lunch



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