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最新牛津7A unit 6 grammar 可数名词和不可数名词配套练习

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Use ‘is’ or ‘are’ to finish these sentences:
1. There _____ no books on the desk. are
are 2. There _____ no eggs in the basket.

are 3. There _____ no students over there.
are 4. There _____ no chickens in front of the house.

5. There _____ no cola in the bottle. is
6. There _____ no water in the glass. is

7. Are there any boys playing football on the playground? No, there _____ none. are
is 8. Give me some beef, please. Sorry, there _____ none in the fridge.

Use ‘how many’ or ‘how much’ to complete the sentences:
1.__________ apple juice is there in the cup? How much
2.__________ cartons of milk do you need? How many How much 3.__________ bread do we have in the fridge? How many 4.__________ friends do you have in your class? 5.__________ bottles of water do you have? How many 6.__________ mangoes are there in the box? How many 7.__________ coke is there in our bag? How much

1、There B on the wall .They are very beautiful. A. are photoes B. are photos C. is a photo D. is photos 2. That’s A art book. A. an B. a C. the D are 3. The boys have got C already. A. two bread B. two breads C. two pieces of bread D. two piece of bread

1. The old man wants A . A. six boxes of apples B. six boxes of apple C. six box of apples D. six boxs of apples 2.There B two in the box. A. is watch B. are watches C. are watch D. is watches 3. We should clean D twice a day. A .our tooth B. our tooths C. teeth D. our teeth

B 1.The deer has four ______. A. foot B. feet C. feets D. foots 2.Her two brothers are both ______. C A. policeman B. policemans C. policemen D. policemens 3.Two ______ would come to the village. C A. woman-doctors B. women doctor C. women doctors D. woman doctors 4. Can you see nine _____ in the picture? A A. sheep B. dog C. pig D. horse

C 1.The _____ has two ______. A. boys, watches B. boy, watch C. boy, watches D. boys, watch 2. The Japanese ____ will not leave China A

until she finishes her study. A. woman B. women C. man D. men 3.There are lots of _____ in the basket on C the table. A.tomatos B. tomato C. tomatoes D. tomatoss

用所给名词的适当形式填空。 sheep 1. How many________(sheep) are there on the hill? 2. There is some________(food) in the basket. food 3. The baby has only two________(tooth) now. teeth water 4. There is a lot of________(water) in the bottle. 5. There are five________(people ) in his family. people 6. Let's take________(photo), OK? photos 7. I have lots of________(tomato) here. tomatoes 8. The________(leaf) on the tree turn-yellow. leaves 9. The________(child) are playin

g games . children 10. They are________(woman) doctors. women 11. I would like some apple________(juice). I am juice very thirsty.

A 1. We don’t have _____ water in the pool. A. any B. little C. some 2. --- Would you like _____ rice? --A No,thanks. A. some B. any C. many 3. ---Do you have ____ vegetables? A ---Here they ____. A. any, are B, some , is C. any, be 4. I want ____ apple juice. I feel very thirsty. C A.a B. an C. some 口渴

1.---What do you eat for your breakfast? I eat _____. B A. a egg and some breads B. an egg and some bread C. an egg and some breads 2.. Ben, please go to the shop to buy ____. A A. three bags of salt B. three bags of salts C. three bag of salt 3. –Can I help you? ---Yes , I’d like ____. C A. two kilos of orange B. two kilo of oranges C. two kilos of oranges 4. How many ____ can I take? b A. orange B. oranges C. apple

1.---We don’t have ____vegetables in the fridge. B ---- Let me buy ____. A. any , any B. any, some C. a little, any 2. There is _____ on the table. C A. two bags of salt B. some salts C. some salt 3. --- I want to buy three ____ . A ----How about some milk ? It’s better than water. A. bottles of water B bottles of waters C. bottle of water 4. There are ____ pens in my pencil-box. But C there aren’t_____ pencils in it. A. some, some B. any ,some C, some, any

7.Ben, please go to the shop to buy ____. A A. three bags of salt B. three bags of salts C. three bag of salt 8. –Can I help you? ---Yes , I’d like ____. C A. two kilos of orange B. two kilo of oranges C. two kilos of oranges 句型转换 1. I have some books . 否定句 I ______ _____ ______ books. don’t have any 一般疑问句 Do you ______ _______ books ? ____ have any 肯定回答。______, I ______. Yes do 否定回答。_______, I _________. No don’t

2. There are some knives in the pencil-box. aren’t any 否定句There ________ ______ knives in the …… 一般疑问句______ there any knives in the ……? _____ Are 肯定回答_____, _______ ______. Yes there are 否定回答______, _______ ______. No there aren’t 3. They need three bags of salt. (就划线部分提问) How ________ _______ of salt ______ they do ______ many bags need ? 4. He wants five apples. (就划线部分提问) ______ many apples does he _______? How ______ ______ want

I would like five kilos of beef.

How many kilos of _______ would ______ ______ ______ ______ beef you like?
There are two bottles of milk in the fridge.
_____ ______ _____ ______milk are _____ _____ there How many bottles of in the fridge? There are two bottles of milk in the fridge.( 同上) _____ ______ _____ _____ there in the fridge? How much milk is

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