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Cliff Burial

Geographic distribution
Cultural connotations


Cliff Burial is a funeral style which the deaths were buried on cliff, distributed widely southern China and Southeastern Asian. It largely distributed on the sides of Yangtze River .By doing research on both kinds of cliff burials,we consider that Hanging-coffin burials and cave burials were from two kinds of funeral traditions And it were result both peculiar religions of ethnic minority groups and unique geographic environment.

Geographic distribution
Chinese coffin, distributed in the southeast coast, the Yangtze River Basin and south of the vast region, also distributed in the Southeast Asia, even Pacific islands in foreign countries.

Hanging coffins and South China Sea is the boat coffin burials Mongoloid race in southern coastal China's original burial custom features, the relationship between the coffin and the boat coffin burials have extremely close.
Research on the origin and spread of the burial customs, China Southern tribal migration, national fusion and culture, are of great practical significance to promote the unity of our various nationalities

中国悬棺葬 分布图


The difference between the nature of cliff coffin and other forms of coffin burial is choice has the certain regularity. Most coffin burial place must be selected over the sea ,precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs. The coffin from the surface of the water is generally more than ten meters to dozens of meters, is not rare hundred meters high and two hundred or three hundred meters

? Sichuan Nandu Bo people who practiced burial is mainly to protect their ancestors of the body, and avoid disaster ? 四川南都的僰人他们实行悬棺葬主要是保护 他们祖先的遗体,以及避灾、求福。
? The higher the burial, next generations more filial(Tang Dynasty)

? 弥高者以为至孝


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