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Unit 9 My Favourite Subject is Science测试题

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Unit 9 My Favourite Subject is Science.


1.Work makes me ____________(tire).

2.Music is very ____________(interest).

3.My father is ____________(real)busy today.

4.____________(Steven)favourite day is Friday.

5.I'm sure you like some ____________(subject).I like math and English.

6.Every day I watch TV for two ____________(hour).

(funny), so I like it.

8.I like art (因为)it is relaxing.


1.Ken and Linda's favourite subject ____________ P.E.

A.are B.is C.am

2.They sometimes ____________ work very late.

A.go B.goes to C.go to

3.What ____________ you do after supper?

A.does B.do C.is

4.I like my music teacher.He's ____________.

A.funny B.relaxing C.boring

5.He usually has a shower ____________ he goes to bed.

A.before B.after C.when

6.We have math ____________ Monday.

A.in B.on C.at

7.He likes science ____________it's very interesting.

A.and B.so C.because

8.Every day I can play computer games ____________ one hour.

A.on B.for C.at

9.All my classes finish ____________ 4:00 p.m.

A.in B.on C.at

10.What's ____________ favourite subject?

A.Ken B.Ken is C.Ken's

11.That’s sure.

A.on B.for C.about

三.句型转换。 对划线部分提问)



4.Our teacher is very strict.(改否定句)


6.He likes some subjects.(改一般疑问句)





I like ____________.It's ____________,but it's ____________.


____________ lunch,I ____________ music.


All our ____________ finish ____________ 4:30.


I like to ____________ ____________ my dog Nike.


I ____________ ____________ any subject.I only like ____________.

6. 你每天和你妹妹玩电脑游戏吗?

Do you _________ computer games _________ your sister every day?

7. 王先生没有问我问题。

Mr Wang doesn’t _________ me _________ questions.

8. 谁是你最喜爱的老师?

_________ is your _________ teacher?

9. 今天你妈妈很忙吗?

_________ your mother very _________ today?

五. 根据括号内的要求完成句子,每空一词(含缩写)。

41. He likes biology best. (改为同义句)

_________ favorite _________ is biology.

42. After lunch he has math. (改为否定句)

After lunch he _________ _________ math.

43. I like Mr Miller because he is fun. (对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ you like Mr Miller?

44. I don’t think art is interesting. (改为同义句)

I _________ art is _________.

45. Scott has music on Monday. (对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ Scott have music?


Dear Jenny,

I am very busy Friday. 8:00 I math. It is not . The teacher it is useful, but I think it is diffucult. Then at 9:00 I have science. It is difficult but interesting. After that, I have P.E. at 11:00. Lunce is 12:00 1:00. My finish at 1:50, but after that I have art lesson two hours. It is relaxing.

1.A.at B.on C.for 2.A.At B.from C.In

3.A.like B.want C.have 4.A.funny B.fun C.busy

5.A.say B.saying C.says 6.A.from B.to C.for

7.A.at B.to C.on 8.A.classed B.class C.classes

9.A.the B.an C.a 10.A.for B.on C.at

11.A.real B.realy C.really


Miss Li is my English teacher. She is from Shanghai. She has one English class every day. Oh, no! She has two English classes on Tuesday.

Miss Li has two daughters. One is Sally. She is in our class, Class Two. Sally likes sports. She plays soccer every day. Her favorite soccer player is Ronaldo from Brazil (巴西). Sally’s twin (双胞胎的) sister Susan is in Class One. She doesn’t like any subjects. She doesn’t like to do her homework. She only likes playing with her friend Jeff. Jeff is a white cat.

( )21. Miss Li has _____.

A. two English classes on Monday B. two daughters C. a soccer ball

( )22. We can know Ronaldo is a(n) _____ from the passage.

A. English teacher B. student C. soccer player

( )23. Miss Li is from _____.

A. England B. Brazil C. America D. China D. actor D. a white dog

( )24. 下面哪项陈述是正确的?

A. Susan is Sally’s sister. B. Susan likes sports.

C. Sally doesn’t often do her homework. D. Sally likes playing with Jeff.

( )25. 下面哪项陈述是错误的?

A. Sally plays soccer every day. B. Susan doesn’t like any subjects.

C. Susan and Sally are in different(不同的) classes. D. Jeff is a dog.

八.写作 (10分)

请根据下面的提示,以My favorite day为题,写一篇60词左右的短文,可适当发挥。


1. 你叫Mike,星期天是你最喜爱的一天,因为那天你不用上学;

2. 你可以去游泳俱乐部游泳,还可以和你的好朋友Nick玩;

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