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初一英语 单选题

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( )1—.Is he boy friend? —Yes,is.

A. he,he B.her,he C.your,you D.you,she

( )2—.Excuse me.Are you Jim? — Yes,I.My name Jim.

A.is ,is B.am ,am C.is, am D.am,is

( )3—.Is this her book? —.

ANo,it’s my book B.No,it’s a book. C.Yes,it’s my book. D.Yes,it isn’t

( )4.—How your brother?—is fine,thanks.

A.is,His B.are,They C.is,He D.are,He

( )5.—Thank you. —

A.You are welcome B.Don’t thank me C.Fine,thank you

D.I am here

( )6.—Nice to meet you.—.

A.Hello B.I’m fine C.Oh,yes D.Nice to meet you,too.

( )7. —I like these shoes. Can I ____?


A. try them on B. try on them C. try it on

D. try on it

( )8. —I’m sorry I can’t help you.


A. Not at all. B. I’m not happy.

C. Thank you all the same. D. You can’t come back.

( )9. —Do you like the dress, madam?

—Yes. It is very nice and I’ll ____ it.

A. think B. take C. want D. need

( )10. —____ do you the red skirt?

—It’s too short.

A. What; like B. How; think of C. What; think

D. How;like

( )11. I like this green dress but Lucy likes that red .

A. it B. one C. pants D. shoes

( )12. —Thanks for helping me.


A. You’re right. B. Thank you all the same.

C. No problem. D. Not at all.

( )13. —____ milk do we need?

—Four bottles.

A. How much B. How many C.How old D. How heavy

( )14. —The shirt is three hundred yuan.

—Three hundred yuan! ____ you ____?

A. Do; kidding B. Do; kid C. Is; kidding D. Are; kidding

( )15. —How ____the apples?

—They are five yuan a kilo.

A. many are B. much is C. many is D. much are

( )16.—How about with me?

—I’d like that.

A.play B. playing C. to play D. plays

( )17.—Do you have any time this afternoon?

—Yes. ____

A.What are you? B.What’s going? C.What’s up? D.What’s matter?

( )18.Why not have a picnic ____ this Sunday?

A.in B.for C.at D./

( )19.—Hello, Mike! ____ Wang Wei.

—Hello, Wang Wei.

A.I’m B.That’s C.This is


( )20. —Can you go for a picnic with us tomorrow?

—I’m sorry I can’t. I do my homework.

A.have B.have to C.has D.has to

( )21.—What about having dinner with me?

—Sorry, ____

A.I’m free. B.I have time. C.I have no time.

D.I have some time.

( )22. —Please ask Jane ____.


A.call me B.give me a call C.to call me back D. to call back me

( )23. My uncle is free Sundays. He often goes fishing.

A. on B. in C. at D. from

( )24.____ I see a black and white cat. It’s very cute.

A. In way to home B.On way to home C. In the way home D. On the way home

( )25.—Would you like to sing songs with me?

—Yes, I’d love to.

A. some B. any C. much D. a lot

( )26.—What are your favorite animals?


A. Coke. B. Tigers. C. Hamburgers. D. Blue.

( )27.—____ is it?

—It’s six o’clock.

A.What B. What color C. What time D. How

( )28.“12: 45”reads ____.

A.a quarter past twelve B. a quarter to twelve

C. twelve forty-five D. three quarters past twelve

( )29.Mike often gets up ____ 6:40 ____ the morning.

A.in; in B. on; on C. at; at D. at; in

( )30.____ eat meat but don’t.

A. Tigers; pandas B. Lions; dogs C. Rabbits; lions D. Elephants; monkeys

( )31. —Excuse me, is Han Lei’s home?

—It’s there.

A. what B. where C. how D. whose

( )32.It’s very kind ____ him to cook for us.

A.for B. to C. of D. with

( )33. —It’s seven o’clock and it’s time ____.

—OK. Let’s go.

A.goes home B. go home C. to go home D. going home

( )34.—What time do we meet, Jim?

—Let’s at 8:30 tomorrow morning.

A. meet B. to meet C. meets D. meeting

( )35.—Let’s go for a picnic this Sunday.

A. Thank you. B. Not at all. C. See you later. D. OK.

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