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Module 4 New technology

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Module 4 New technology
Unit 2 If a snake bites you, take a photo.

顾官屯镇中学 刘善忠


What can you use a mobile phone to do?

Think and guess

A:What can you use a mobile phone to do ? B:I can use it to do....

We can use them to do ...
play music

call people


take photos

send massages 发信息

tell the time

a mobile phone


wake you up 定闹钟

send emails 发电子邮件

If a dog bites(咬) you , I suggest (建议、提出)you doing ...

wash the wound 冲洗伤口

call for help 打电话求助

see the doctor 看医生

take medicine 服药物

Stay cool(冷静的、凉爽的).The doctors can save your life. save one's life (挽救某人的生命)

The snake hides(隐藏) under the dish(盘子、一 道菜) A:What's wrong(失常的、错 误的)with your chest (胸膛)? B:My chest hurt(伤害、刺痛 ).

Give you some advice:
1 If a snake bites you, take a photo. 一般现在时 祈使句 2、If the snake doesn’t smile , don’t worry.

If …, … do …
If you’re happy and you know it Clap your hands If you’re happy and you know it Never be afraid to show it If you’re happy and you know it Stomp your feet If you’re happy and you know it Never be afraid to show it If you’re happy and you know it Wink your ok If you’re happy and you know it Never be afraid to show it

Look at the picture
What's he doing now?

He's taking a photo of the snake.

Listen and choose
1. What happened toHenry Jackson one day? ( A) A、A snake bit him.B、His chest hurt C、He went to the zoo. 2. Did the photo save his life? ( A) A、Yes, it did. B、No,it didn't. C、I don't know.

listen to and Watch the video :

? ? ? ?

Fast reading Read the passage fast and choose
1、The main idea(中心思想)( ) C A、British cook worked in a restaurant. B、A snake bit British cook. C、The surprising advice of British cook. 2、Mr. Jackson threw the snake across the room probably because (A ) A 、He was surprised. B、 His chest began to hurt. C 、He wanted to get a better photo. D、The fridge door was open.

3、 Mr. Jackson closed the fridge door so that(目的)(D )
? ? A、 He could take a photo. B、the snake became cool. C、The snake couldn’t go back to the zoo.

D、He was safe from the snake.

Careful reading
Read paragraph(段)1 and answer
What should you do if a snake bites you ?

I should take a photo of it.

Read paragraphs(段) 2-- 4 and choose the best answer.
? ? 1、 When the snake bit Mr. Jackson, it was( C ) A. hiding in a box of bananas B. climbing out of a box of bananas

? ? ? ? ?

C. lying under a dish
D. climbing into the fridge 2、.Mr. Jackson threw the snake across the kitchen and it ( A、ran away B、landed in the fridge C 、On the floor )


Read paragraph(段)7and answer What was Henry’s advice?
If a snake bites you, pick up your phone. Take it

s photo first and then show the photo to the doctors.

How do you tell and write a story? 你怎样讲和写故事? what(什 when 么事) Who(谁) (何时)

why (为什 么)

where (地点) how (怎样)

Complete the passage with the correct form (正确形式)of the words(用所给单词的 适当形式完成文章)

Mr Jackson is a cook One day when he was _____. working in a restaurant kitchen , a snake hid ______ under a dish and ______ him on the hand. He threw bit it across the kitchen, and it landed in the fridge. But he stayed _______ and took a photo of the snake with cool his mobile phone. He went to hospital because his hurt chest _____. But the doctors could do nothing because they didn’t know what kind of snake it was. Then Mr Jackson showed them his mobile phone photo and medicine the doctors gave him the right _______. So the photo saved his life.

Write a short story about how a mobile

phone saved someone’s life.
If you’re walking alone in the city, late at
night, hold on to your mobile phone. One

day Tom was walking…

If you meet somethingdangerous,

you should stay cool and learn to protect yourself.(如果你遇到危险情况, 你应该保持镇静,学会保护自己。)

1 、Talk about the questions in No5 in the English book. 2、Keep on writing the passage in the exercise book.

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