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初 二 英 语


一、听下面四段对话,选择与对话内容相符的图片。(共4分,每小题1分) 1.








C 初二英语试卷第1页(共12页)

二、听下面对话或独白,从各题A、B、C三个选项中, 选出能回答问题的最佳答案。(共12分,每小题1分)


5. How?s Bob feeling now?

A. Sad.

A. Math . B. Happy. B. English. C. Tired. 6. What exam does Bob have today? C. History.


7. What?s Tom doing over there?

A. Buying a box.

8. What?s in the box?

A. Apples and oranges. B. Books and pictures.


9. What?s wrong with the woman?

A. She?s got a fever. B. She?s got a toothache. C. She?s got a cold.

10. How long has she been like this?

A. For about two days. B. For about two weeks. C. For about a week. 请听一段对话,完成第11至第13小题。

11. Who is the gift for?

A. The man?s mother. B. The man?s father.

12. Why doesn?t the man take the sweater?

A. Because it is too big.

B. Because it is too expensive.

C. Because it is too dark.

13. What?s the price of the tie today?

A. $40. B. $30. C. $20.


14. What does the man want to do?

A. To buy a house.

15. Where is the house?

A. Near the centre. B. In the centre. C. Far from the centre.

16. When will the man go to see the house?

A. Next Sunday. B. Tomorrow. C. This afternoon.


B. Carrying a box. C. Drawing a box. C. Books and magazines. C. The man?s brother. B. To sell a car. C. To change a TV.





22. Pass ________ the knife, please. My pencil is broken.

A. I B. me C. my D. mine

23.— What time did you get up this morning?

— ________seven.

A. In B. On C. At D. From

24. — is she going to swim?

— In the lake.

A. Which B. Where C. When D. How

25. — you turn off your radio, please?

— Yes, I can.

A. May B. Need C. Must D. Can

26. Pets are good for children they?re good listener.

A. because


B. so C. and D. or

27. — I'm thirsty, Mum. I want to drink.

— What about some orange juice?

A. everything B. anything C. something D. nothing

28.—Which is , New York or Toronto?


A. small B. smaller C. smallest D. the smallest

29. Mozart could the violin when he was six.

A. playing B. play C. played

30.—How was your summer vacation?

—I myself a lot.

A. enjoy B. enjoyed C. am enjoying D. will enjoy D. plays

31. — What were you doing this time yesterday?

— I ______ on the grass and drawing a picture.

A. sit B. sat C. am sitting D. was sitting

32. If I his phone number, I will tell you.

A. find B. found C. will find D. are finding

33. — Why do you want this club? — Because I like playing the guitar.

A. join B. joins C. to join D. joining

34. Mr. Smith a talk on country music next Monday.

A. give B. gave C. has given D. will give




Smiling is the best way of making friends.

When I was thirteen years old, my father found a job in the city. So family moved there. I also came to a new near where we live. At first, I did not know anyone in my class. I was because I was afraid to make friends with my classmates. I couldn?t talk to anyone about my problem, and I didn?t want my parents to me.

Then one day, something happened. I was sitting at my desk unhappily as usual while my classmates were talking with each other. At that moment, a boy came into the classroom. I didn?t know who he was. He me and then turned back. He looked at me and, a word, smiled. Suddenly, I felt happy, lively and my life. I started to talk with the other classmates and made friends. Day by day, I became closer to everyone in my class.

Thanks to the smile, I have to a new life. Now, I believe that the world is what you think it is. If you think you?re lonely, you may be alone. So smile at the world and it will smile back. 35. A. my

B. his

C. her

D. your D. bank D. tired D. laugh at D. bad D. happily D. met

36. A. station 37. A. happy

B. school B. stupid B. shout at B. good B. picked B. from B. warm B. broke B. ever

C. hospital C. lonely C. usual C. passed

38. A. worry about 39. A. strange 40. A. bravely 41. A. saw 42. A. for

C. deal with C. quickly

B. seriously

C. with C. kind

C. returned

D. without D. proud

D. found D. moved on D. always

43. A. funny 44. A. changed 46. A. never

45. A. come over B. looked forward C. turned on

C. sometimes

阅读理解 (共44分)





47. Alice Green?s Apple computer is _______. A. 3 weeks old C. 6 months old

B. 5 weeks old D. 8 months old

48. If you want a book, you can call _______. A. 342-7686

B. 342-9261

C. 342-7452

D. 342-7631

49. Betty Brown?s Sony MP3 is _______. A. $ 1,949

B. $ 941

C. $ 299

D. $ 74



If a snake bites(咬)you, take a photo with your mobile

phone! It may save your life.

One day Henry Jackson was working in a restaurant

kitchen. He picked up a dish from the table, and suddenly a

snake appeared… and bit him on the hand.

A few days earlier, the snake came to the restaurant from

Asia in a box of bananas. It climbed out of the box and hit

under the dish.

“I went to try to pick it up, and it bit me again. I threw it across the kitchen, and it fell in the fridge. I closed the fridge door so that I was safe,” Mr Jackson said.

Anyway, Mr Jackson stayed cool and he took a photo of the snake with his mobile phone. Soon his hand began to hurt and he went to hospital. Then his chest began to hurt, too. Doctors couldn?t say what was wrong because they didn?t know what kind of snake it was.

Then Mr Jackson remembered his mobile phone photo. The doctors sent it to London Zoo. When they knew the kind of snake, they could give Mr Jackson the right medicine, and he left the hospital the next day.

“So my advice is this: If a snake bites you, pick up your phone. Take its photo first and then show the photo to the doctors,” suggests Mr Jackson.”

50. Henry Jackson worked _______.

A. in a restaurant B. in a hospital C. at a bank D. in a shop

51. Henry Jackson closed the fridge door so that _______.

A. he could catch the snake C. he was safe from snake B. the snake became cool D. he could go to the hospital

52. The doctors gave Mr Jackson the right medicine when _______.

A. Mr Jackson left the hospital the next day B. Mr Jackson sent the photo to the hospital C. they knew the kind of the snake D. the snake climbed to the London Zoo 初二英语试卷第7页(共12页)


Do you think you will have your own robot?

In some movies, people in the future have their own robots. They help people with the housework and do the tired jobs.

Some scientists believe that there will be such robots in the future. Scientists are

now trying to make robots look like people and do the

same things as us. Japanese have already made robots

walk and dance. This kind of robot will also be fun to

watch. Some scientists even think that robots will talk to

people in 25 to 50 years.

Robot scientists are not just trying to make robots

look like people. For example, there are already robots

working in factories. These robots look more like big arms. They do some easy jobs over and over again. People would not like to do such jobs and would get bored. But robots will never get bored.

In the future, there will be more robots everywhere, and people will have less work to do. New robots will have many different shapes. Some will look like people, and others might look like snakes. After an earthquake(地震), a snake robot could help look for people under buildings. That may not seem possible now, but computers, space

rockets and even electric toothbrushes seemed impossible a hundred years ago. We never know what will happen in the future!

53. _______ has made robots walk and dance.

A. China

A. 25years. B. Japan C. America D. Germany D. 25 to 50 years. 54. According to some scientists, robots will talk to people in _______. B. 40 years.

C. 50 years.

55. What kind of jobs can the robots do in the factories? A. Interesting but easy jobs. C. Easy but boring jobs. B. Important but funny jobs. D. Easy but dangerous jobs. B. It can help people do housework. 56. What can a snake robot probably do after an earthquake? A. It can help people build houses.

C. It can help look for people under buildings.

D. It can give people life.



One day, a teacher was speaking to a group of students about how to best use the time. He gave such an interesting experiment that his students would never forget.

He put a bottle on the table. Then he took out some rocks and carefully placed them into the bottle, one rock at a time. When no more rocks would fit inside, he asked, “Is this bottle full?”

Everyone in class shouted, “Yes.” “Really?” The teacher pulled out a bag of small stones. He put some small stones in and shook (摇动)the bottle. The small stones went down into the spaces between the big rocks. He then asked the group once again, “Is this bottle full?”

“Probably not,” one of them answered. “Good!” the teacher answered. He brought out a box of sand and put some sand on the bottle and it went between the rocks and small stones. Again he asked the same question, “Is this bottle full? ”

“No,” the class shouted. Once more the teacher said, “Good.” He poured a cup of water into the bottle till it was full. Then he asked, “What is the point here?” One student put up his hand and said, “The point is that if you try really hard, you can always put more things in.”

“No,” the teacher answered, “that?s not the point. What I want to tell you is that if you don?t put the big rocks in first, are the ?big rocks? in your life? Time with your friends, your education or your dreams? Remember to put the big rocks in first, or you?ll never get others in at all.”

57. Why did the teacher do the experiment?

A. Because the students were having a science class.

B. Because the teacher tried to tell the students how to best use the time

C. Because the students were interested in the rocks experiment.

D. Because the teacher wanted to tell how important the experiment was.

58. The underlined sentence “You will never get others in at all” means _______.

A. You can never do more things in your life.

B. You?ll never get the big rocks out of the bottle.

C. You?ll never put all big rocks into the bottle.

D. You?ll never finish the most important things in your life.

59. What?s the best title for the passage?

A. Is this bottle full? B. First things first

D. Put rocks into the bottle C. Make yourself busier




Jane is a bright young girl and she comes from a rich family. She goes to a good .

music. So it always took them hours to talk happily on QQ. Of course, they wanted to know more about each other. David sent a picture to her. He is a tall, good-looking . His eyes are blue.

One day Jane?s father was going on a business trip to Beijing. Jane asked him to take her because she wanted to give David a surprise for his birthday. she found that her special friend was a twelve-year-old boy named Jim!


Super Bus Saves the Day

This must be the highest bus you have ever seen. It is

40 meters long and 6 meters wide. It can carry 1,200 to

1,400 people.

It is China?s new Super Bus. It is going for a test run

in Beijing. Some other cities are also interested in running the Super Bus. They hope it can solve(解决) traffic problems.


The Super Bus runs sits on top of two 2.2-meter-tall legs. The legs have wheels(轮子) at one end. Small cars can drive under the bus, so the Super Bus does not take up road space.

The bus runs on electricity. It can travel up to 60 kilometres every hour. Song Youzhou, who built the Super Bus, says it could cut a lot of traffic jams.

The Super Bus could do the work of 40 buses. In that way, it could save 860 tons of fuel(燃料) every year, according to Song.

To build a Super Bus and its track costs less than building subways. Subways are nearly ten times more expensive to build, Song said.

Some people worry that the Super Bus may not be safe. However, Song says there?s no need to worry about that. The Super Bus has laser scanners (激光扫描仪) between its legs. The scanners make sure the cars keep a safe distance.

64. How many people can the Super Bus carry?

65. Where is the Super Bus going for a test run?

66. Does the Super Bus take up road space?

67. What does the Super Bus run on?

68. Why does Song Youzhou build the Super Bus?



69. 天气冷了,为什么不穿件外衣呢?

It's getting cold.________ put on a coat?

70. 今天没课,咱们去看电影吧。

We have no classes today. ________ to the movies.

71. 我爸爸太忙了,顾不上和我们在一起。

My father is ___________ spend time with us.



Beijing ________ its many places of interest in the world.


Ma Lin ___________ English, so he likes ___________ English Club.


74. 根据中文大意和英文提示词语,写出意思连贯、符合逻辑、不少于50词的短文。所给英文提示词语供选用。


同学们,我们的第一期英文校刊即将出版!你准备好了吗? 本期主题:Spring Festival in My Eye

征文内容:就本期主题,向大家介绍我国传统节日—春节的文化及习俗。征文应包括春节期间人们的主要活动(节前、除夕、节日期间)。 参考词汇: Spring Festival, important holiday, clean the house,

buy new clothes, get together, visit friends



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