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U6 Welcome to the unit

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Welcome to the unit

? To learn to talk about outdoor fun ? To learn to talk about outdoor activities

Words review outdoor adj. 户外的 hurry vi. 急忙,匆忙 hurry up 快点,赶快 complain vi. & vt. 抱怨 that adv. 那么,那样 camping n. 野营 cycling n. 骑自行车运动 riding n. (=horse riding) 骑马 skating n. 溜冰 ride vt. 骑(马、自行车等) outside adv. 在外面

After you listened to Eddie and Hobo’s conversation, answer the questions: 1. What’s Eddie’s feeling about the bag? He is tired. The bag is too heavy. 2. What does Eddie ask Hobo to do for him? He wants Hobo to carry the bag for him. 3. Does Hobo accept his request? Yes.

Outdoor activities

f swimming c jogging a camping

b cycling

e skating

d riding

Listen to Daniel and Amy’s conversation. Daniel: What _______ activity would outdoor _______ you like to try? riding Amy: I want to go ______. Daniel: Why? Amy: I ____ horses and I really want to love ride one. What about you? ____ camping Daniel: I want to go ________. Amy: What do you like about camping? Daniel: I like being outside, near beautiful lakes and hills. ________

Talk about outdoor activities. A: What outdoor activity would you like to try? B: I want to go … A: Why? B: I love … What about you? A: I want to go … B: What do you like about …? A: I like …

Hurry up, Eddie.

快点,埃迪。 If you tell someone to hurry up, you are telling them to do something more quickly than they were doing it. 快点, 赶快 Hurry up, Sam! The kettle's boiling! 快,萨姆。水开了!

You complain too much. The bag isn’t that heavy. 你真会抱怨,这个背包没那么重。 这里的that是副词,相当于so,意思是 “那样,那么”。如: I was that angry. 我是那样的生气。 Not even Gary, he said, was that stupid. 他说,就是加里也没那么笨。

1. What’re the meanings of these words? hurry, that, camping, riding, skating, ride, outside 2. Pay attention to this phrase. hurry up

? To preview Reading on Page 70

? To learn more about outdoor activities ? To preview the new words

Write a conversation between you and one of your friends. You can talk about your favourite outdoor activity.

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