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( )1.A.apple B.ant C.glass ( ) 2. A.school B.catch C.beach ( )3.A. but B.cute C. us ( )4. A.food B.cook C.foot ( )5. A.baby B.yes C.only ( )6. A.three B.these C.thank ( )7.A. grow B.down C.know ( )8. A.year B.bear C.hear 二.请把下列单词标注上正确的发音。

Skate【 】sport【 】scarf【 】start【 】spring【 】 三.下列哪些单词画线部分的读音与给出音标一致(可多选) ( )[s] beds princess rose ( )[z] watches vase signet ( )[f] telephone forest of ( )[p] photo peach pretty 四.下列哪些单词有与画线部分的发音是一致的(可多选) ( ) 1. sheep A. she B. Chinese C. deer ( ) 2. man A. tractor B. eastern C. panda ( ) 3. short A. shot B. football C. normal ( ) 4. cool A. wool B. food C. wood 五.根据音标写单词。

′priti ′lesn ′h?pi ′f?mili ′f?ni ′f?ks ′gra:s ′ str?? t?′gee? ′meni ′plei ′taig?


1.________(我) am a teacher.

2.My father is talking with _______(我).

3._______(他) often plays basketball after school. 4._______(他的) teacher is good.

5._______(我们) buy a pair of shoes for _______(他). 6.Please pass_____(我们) the ball.

7._______(他们) are listening to the radio.

8.This is _______(我的) book. That is__________(他的)

9._______(他的) chair is blue. _____________( 我们的) are yellow. 10._______(我们的) classroom is big.__________( 你们的) is small. 11._______(他) often plays basketball after school.

12._______(他的) teacher is good. _____(她的)is good too. 13.My book is blue. _________(you) is red.

14.Our chair is better than _________ ( they). 15.I will give the presents to________(they).

16.These books are________(I), and those are____(you). 17.My ruler is long. ________ ( you ) is short. 18.My bike is broken. May I borrow______ ( she)? 19.Can you show _______(I) your book? 20.It’s time for ______(they) to go home.

21.Mr. Green often tells _______(we) some stories. 22.These are not your desks. They are _____(our). 23.This is not my shirt. It’s _______(he)

24.I saw ________(she) in the shop yesterday. 25._____ is my friend. 他是我的朋友。 26.My dog likes _____. 我的狗喜欢她。

27.Who is there? It’s _____. 是谁啊?是我。 28.Come with _____. 跟我来。

29.______ classroom is bigger than _____. 你们的教室比我们的要大。 30.______ are Chinese. 我们是中国人。

31.I want to buy some balloons for ______. 我想买些气球送给他。 32.These are ______ photos. 这些是我们的照片。 33._____ like ______ very much. 他们非常喜欢它。 34.Let _____ give _____ a book. 让我给你一本书。 35.This is _____ father. 这是我的爸爸。

36.Is that bike ______? Yes, it’s ______. 那辆自行车是你的吗?是,它是我的。

37._____ like ______ car. 我喜欢他们的小汽车。

38.Our school is here, and _______ is there. 我们的学校在这儿,他们的在那儿。

39.Whose bike is this? It’s ______ (= _____ ______). 这是谁的自行车?是她的。

40.Is that car ______? Yes, it’s ______. 那辆车是你的吗?是的,它是我的。 用适当的代词填空。

1.Is that car yours? Yes, it is ______. 2.How is Mr Li? _______is fine, thanks.

3.Put on______ hat! I am going to put it on. 4.Who is that over here? It is_______. 5.The old man lives by ______.

6.I am sure I can do it all by _______.

7.Look,is this room beautiful? I painted _____. 8.I’d like to go for a walk. ______ too. 9.What are ______jobs? They are students. 10.We think to _________. 11.Mary is old enough to take care of ____. 12.It is perfume, I made ____. 13.Look at ____. She is very well.

14.Can you carry this box upstairs by _______.

15.You and she did very well in the test. The teacher said that he would praise(表扬)_____ and______.

16.The story ______was very good, but you are did not tell it well. 17.Give Jane this watch.. Give______ this one too. 18.Sara is not pleased with ______in this English test. 19.Did you enjoy _______at the party yesterday? 20.She wants to buy a car of _____own.


一: 名词单数变复数填空

1: 二:代词/ be动词单数变复数

this _______ that _________ I _______ you ________ she _______ he ________ it ________ am _________ is __________


key boy family case backpack dictionary watch computer game notebook bag math alarm video tape

hat pear egg apple carrot vegetable star sock shirt shoe

skirt sweater clerk store shop____ 四:句子单数变复数

1:This is a book. . __________________________ 2: That is an eraser. ___________________________ 3: It is a red apple. ____________________________ 4: I am a boy. ______________________________ 5: He / She is a teacher. __________________________ 6: What’s this? _________________________________ 五:名词复数变单数练习

1:Those are my friends._________________________ 2: They are English boys. __________________________ 3: They are some erasers. ________________________ 4: These are dictionaries. __________________________ 5: we are students. ___________________________ 6: what color are your books ? ____________________ 六:根据句意及所给单词填空。

1:________(this) are my English books. 2: The two boys are my _________(cousin)

3: ---- _________those your parents? ----Yes, they _________.

4: ---Who are the man and the woman in the picture? ----They are my __________.

5: My aunt Jane and my mother are ___________. 6: They are my __________(姨)。

7: I have two ___________(watch). They are on the desk. 8: I have some __________(photo) of my family. 9: Do you like these ____________(dictionary)? 10: Are those your _________(bus)? 七:汉译英;

1:这些是我的帽子。 2:那些不是课桌。 3:他们不是男孩。

4:这个棒球在沙发上吗?不,它在椅子下面。 5:这些字典是红色的吗?不,它们是蓝色的。

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