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Norman Bethune 诺尔曼. 白求恩

Lesson 38
To China, with Love


aims :

1. Learn some new words and phrases.

2. Listen , read and understand the text. 3. Learn about the life of Bethune. 4. Learn Bethune’s international spirit. 5. Language notes.

Key points 1. 2. 5.

and difficult points:

When and where was he born ? What was he ?

Norman Bethune was born in Canada in 1890, died in China in 1939.

He was man.







He met Mao Zedong once, in 1938 , in the Anti-Japanese War .

He went to northern China, as he knew many people were dying in the AntiJapanese War. 抗日战争

die –dying

operate v. ---operation

Bethune was operating on a wounded
做手术 受伤的


It was in a difficult situation. 在困难的情况下 He gave this soldier first aid. give first aid 进行急救

die of


Bethune died of blood poisoning.

He had been operating on a wounded soldier when he accidentally cut his hand. blood n. 血 poison n. 毒药,毒物 v. 使中毒 accident –accidental---accidentally n.事故,意外 a.意外的 adv.意外地

Norman Bethune is buried in Tang County, Hebei Province. bury v. 埋葬

Canada remembers Norman Bethune, too. His house in Canada is a museum.

Bethune is very famous?

? Norman Bethune
? TB=tuberculosis 肺结核 ? War -- peace (反义) ? northern ? a.北方的

operate v. 做手术 . bury v.埋葬



? kill

v. 杀死

? anti-Japanese war 抗日战争
? aid---give first aid 实施急救 in a difficult situation ? 在困难的条件下

? blood 血液 ? poison n. V. 毒药,毒害 ? wounded a.受伤的 ? accidentally ad.偶然地

Listen, read and answer
1)Who was Bethune ? 2)When did he die ? 3) Where was he buried ? 4)What killed Bethune ? 5)When and why did he come to China 6)What did he do to help Chinese ? 7)Why is he famous ?

He is famous for :
? ? ? (1) Finding new ways to help people with TB--a disease that damages the lungs. (2) Working as a doctor in wars. (3) Inventing tools that doctors still use today.


(4) Traveling to China.
He is well-known for helping Chinese people in the Anti-Japanese War.


Language notes
operate v. operation n.

? 1) operate on sb.

? The doctor is operating on a patient. ? His head was hurt badly, the doctors operated on him at once. ? 2) do an operation 做一个手术 ? The doctor did an operation for his stomach last year. ? It’s very difficult to do an operation in the AntiJapanese War/ in the difficult situation.

? ? ? ? ?

die v. 死 dead a. 死的 death n.死 dying 垂死的 died 1) chairman Mao _______ in 1976, he has been dead ____________ for 37 years. died ? 2) Several pigs ______ a few days ago on his farm. Their _____ made him lost death much money. dying ? This little pig is also ______ today , he has to send for a vest (兽医) .



die of & die from “死于...,因...而死”

? (1)die of ...
? 表示由于内因而死, 如疾病,伤心,饥饿等 ? The old man died of hunger/cancer. ? A few old people died of flu/T.B/lung disease every winter.

? (2)die from...
? 表示由于外因而死, 一般指意外事故导致死亡

? Many people died from traffic accidents every year.

In China , he is a ….. People remembered how ….in a difficult…. He once operated for 69h… He will be missed forever by Chinese.

R e te ll
doctor , nice 1890---1939 bury , die of

Norman Bethune
He 1. 2. 3. 4. is famous for : Finding….. Working as … Inventing tools … Travelling to…is wellknown for…

In 1938 , he went to …., as he know… Organized, taught, showed,…

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