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一、 选择正确的选项

1.-How is your mother?

is very well.

A. I B. You C. She

go to school together(一起).

A. They B. We C. He

, Tina and Cindy.

A. He, I, you B. She, he, they C. She, I, you

A. I and you B. You and I C. You and me

are always(一直) good friends.

A. I, you and she B. You, she and I C. She, I and you

A. I, you and she B. you, she and I C. she, I and you

A. He, him, her B. It, her, it C. it, it, her



often plays basketball after school. I often (他) . watch


tell your name, please?

5.-What are these?

- 给……涂色are twins(双胞胎).

7.-How is the weather today?

- is sunny, but a little cold.


一, 根据提示和语境填入适当的物主代词和人称代词。

(他的) coat is black, but 她的) is red.

2. Whose wallet is this? It’s(我的). It’s(我的) wallet.

3. I’m a nename is Helen.

你们的) skateboards?

-Yes, they’re我们的).

6. Look, there is his new book. 我的) is as new as his.

7. book? (你能把你的书借给我看一下吗?)

I) shirt. It’s(he).

are listening to the radio. Don’t talk to 他们).

) will buy a pair of shoes for ).


1. This is Sandy. A. He, her B. She, her C. She, his

2. Let a book..

A. me, your B. you, my C. me, you

-Yes, it’s A. yours, mine B. my, mine C. mine, your

is broken(坏了).

A. his, He’s B. her, His C. his, His

A. His B. Theirs C. Their 指示代词

一、 选择正确的选项。

1.-What are in English?

-They’re basketballs.

A. this B. these C. they

-No, A. that, that B. you, I C. that, this

-I think it’s a small house.

A. this B. that C. she

in this small town (小镇).

A. those B. that C. these


1. That is not a tall tree. (改写为复数句)

2. Is this your hat? (改写为复数句)

3. These blue pencils are mine. (改写为单数句)

4. What color are those fish? (改写为单数句)


一、 根据汉语填空或选择适当的一项完成句子。

1. was a doctor.(他本人就是一位医生).

2. 她年纪太小,不能照顾自己。).

A. enjoyed myself B. enjoyed ourselves C. enjoyed ourself

4. “Makeat home.” He said to his friends.

A. yourself B. yourselves C. you


A. him B. his C. himself

A. You, yourself B. Your, yourself C. You, your

at the party.

A. herself B. them C. themselves


一、 选择正确的选项。


A. themselves B. them C. each other

2. People usually put small presents (礼物) in stocking (长筒袜) on Christmas Eve (圣诞夜).

A. each other B. each other’s C. each other’s


A. one the other B. each the other C. one another


1. We just said “ hello” . (我们仅仅相互打了声招呼。)

2. They often in English. (他们常常用英语书信来往。)

parents. (他们应该见见彼此的父母。)



is the best season of the year?

A. What time B. What C. Which

2. - pencils are these?

- They are theirs.

A. Which B. Whose C. What

-They are brown.

A. Which B. Whose C. What

4.- -He’s very tall.

A. Which B. What C. Who

发生) and did it?

A. Who; who B. What; who C. What; what

6. - is bigger?

-The yellow one.

A. Who B. Whom C. Which

7. - are they looking for?

-Their lost (失踪的) son.

A. What B. Whose C. Whom

8. - is your sister?

-She is a nurse.

A. What B. Which C. Who 不定代词

一、 选择正确的选项。

1.-Do you have a computer?

-Yes, I have a good

A. some B. one C. it


A. one’s B. ones C. one

sides of the street.

A. both B. every C. some

-Yes, there is A. any, some B. any, any C. some, any

for me, please?

A. everything B. anything C. something

6. Turns off(关掉) the TV, Betty. A. somebody B. Nobody C. Everybody

A. anybody; nobody B. somebody; everybody C. anybody; somebody

more coffee?

A. little B. any C. some

A. anything surprising B. something surprising C. surprising something

are on the playground. They in the


A. All, all B. No, all C. Some, both


housework to do. (妈妈每天有太多家务要做。)

2. If (如果你们有任何问题都可以来问我。)

3. Let’s do . (让我们做点有趣的事儿吧。)

4. tourists (游客) cone to China. (有大量的游客到中国来。)

5. Sam and Tom from the USA. (山姆和汤姆都来自美国。)

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