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Review of Units 6-9

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1. He has a friend who _____ the piano very well.

A. play B. playing C. plays D. played

2. I like music that I can dance _____.

A. with B. to C. along D. on

3. I prefer pieces of music that _____ great lyrics.

A. have B. has C. there is D. there are

4. —— Wow, you look so fat!

—— So I do. I prefer _____ at home rather than _____ sports.

A. to stay; to do B. stay; do

C. stay; to do D. to stay; do

5. —— What kind of songs do you like?

—— I like those _____ lyrics are beautiful.

A. who B. whose C. that D. which

6. I like musicians _____ wear really cool clothes.

A. whom B. who C. this D. what

7. ——_____ do you think of my new haircut?

—— I think it’s perfect.

A. How B. What C. Why D. Who

8. I forgot to tell you the boy _____ David.

A. name B. names C. called D. calls

9. _____ the name suggests, this song is very gentle.

A. For B. Like C. As D. To

10. Be sure _____ late for school.

A. to be B. not to be C. not being D. /

11. —— Do you like _____ music?

—— No, but I like _____ music of this TV play.

A. a; / B. the; the C. /; the D. the; /

12. —— What kind of music does she like?

—— The one that _____ her _____.

A. make; happy B. make; happily C. makes; happy D. makes; happily

13. Do you know the young lady _____ is in a red coat?

A. whom B. who C. to whom D. which

14. —— Which do you prefer, grapes _____ bananas?

—— I prefer grapes _____ bananas.

A. to; or B. or; to C. than; to D. or; than

15. Betty went to the museum and saw the pictures _____ were drawn by a famous artist.

A. that B. who C. what D. whom

16. When I walked through the playground, I saw my friends _____ football.

A. play B. to play C. playing D. to playing

17. —— I don’t like that film. It’s so boring.

—— I disagree. There’s _____.

A. nothing better B. nothing good

C. good something D. something better

18. The show is so _____, and it _____ me.

A. interesting; interested B. interesting; interests

C. interesting; interesting D. something better

19. We will have a _____ holiday after the exam.

A. two month B. two-month

C. two months D. two-months

20. All the students expect _____ English well.

A. learn B. to learn C. learning D. in learning

21. I would like to trek _____ the jungle of Brazil.

A. across B. cross C. through D. thought

22. My mom loves places _____ is fascinating.

A. where B. who C. it D. that

23. My friend will go to _____ for his winter vacation.

A. somewhere warm B. warm somewhere

C. places warm D. warm the places

24. He was _____ after the _____ work.

A. tired; tiring B. tiring; tired C. tired; tired D. tiring; tiring

25. We could get _____ when we go to _____ places for holidays.

A. relaxed; relaxing B. relaxing; relaxed

C. relaxed; relaxed D. relaxed; relaxing

26. He hopes _____ a trip to Shanghai with his wife some day.

A. to take B. taking C. takes D. took

27. The students considered _____ up the City Park.

A. clean B. to clean C. cleaning D. cleaned

28. Tom is one of _____ in our class.

A. the tall boys B. the tallest boys C. taller boy D. the tallest boy

29. For your next vacation, why not _____ Singapore?

A. consider to visit B. to consider to visit

C. to consider visiting D. consider visiting

30. Some robots are _____ to do the same things _____ people.

A. enough smart; as B. enough smart; with

C. smart enough; as D. smart enough; for

31. They were _____ when they heard the _____ news.

A. excited; exciting B. exciting; excited

C. excited; excited D. exciting; exciting

32. The dictionary _____ me $ 5.

A. paid B. cost C. spent D. took

33. It took _____ people _____ the work.

A. hundreds of; finishing B. hundred of; to finish

C. hundreds of; to finish D. hundred of; finishing

34. This is the library _____ my brother goes once a week.

A. that B. which C. there D. where

35. The organization will provide _____ in the neighborhood.

A. people with books B. people books

C. books to people D. people for books

36. I met my idol in the street _____.

A. one day B. some day C. some days D. a day

37. —— I dream _____ to Switzerland some day.

—— It sounds great.

A. to go B. of going C. to going D. about to go

38. —— Let’s go to Wuhan Plaza.

—— Sorry. I have lots of work _____ right now.

A. do B. doing C. done D. to do

40. —— Where would you like to go this summer holiday?

—— I don’t know. Maybe I’ll go _____.

A. to somewhere cool B. to cool somewhere

C. to places cool D. somewhere cool

41. How long will you _____ next week?

A. leave B. away C. be away D. go away

42. It’s your turn to _____ the room, Wang Fang.

A. clean up B. clean to C. clean-up D. clean off

43. Don’t put off _____ to the doctor when you are ill.

A. go B. to go C. going D. gone

44. She _____ by finding me a specially trained dog, which actually _____.

A. helped me; cheered me B. helped me out; cheered me up

C. helped me up; cheered me up D. helped me out; cheered me out

45. The manager was arrested because he put his power _____ bad use.

A. to B. for C. in D. at

46. Not only _____ he like math, but also he likes Chinese.

A. does B. did C. / D. is

47. He found a job _____ advertisements in a supermarket.

A. hand out B. handing in C. handing out D. to hand in

48. _____ a helpful person is great.

A. Be B. Being C. Been D. Not to be

49. She’s so excited that she doesn’t know _____ she should say to us.

A. what B. which C. when D. why

50. She is a blind girl. She is _____ to see anything.

A. can B. unable C. can’t D. able

51. Please pass me the basket which is _____ eggs.

A. filled of B. full with C. filled with D. full by

52. The people in this village have to walk a mile to _____ water.

A. bring B. take C. fetch D. have

53. Not only _____ he feel good about being a volunteer, but also he helps others out.

A. does B. / C. did D. is

54. If you get there, please _____.

A. call us out B. call up C. call us in D. call us up

55. On that special day, all the streets were _____ people.

A. filled with B. full with C. filled of D. full about

56. This kind of TV set _____ Shenzhen.

A. are made in B. are made of C. is made in D. is made of

57. The bridge _____ by the farmers themselves in 1982.

A. built B. was built C. build D. was build

58. —— Leo, what do you think is the most helpful _____ in modern times? —— I think it is the computer.

A. invent B. invention C. inventor D. inventive

59. What _____ is the most helpful invention?

A. you think B. I think C. you do think D. do you think

60. —— Your city looks beautiful!

—— Yes. Lots of trees and grass _____ last year.

A. are planted B. have planted C. were planting D. were planted

61. He wasn’t _____ to lift the box.

A. too strong B. enough strong C. strong enough D. so strong

62. He likes _____ chips but doesn’t like ice cream.

A. potatoes B. potato’s C. potato D. the potato

63. They sprinkled some sugar _____ the cake.

A. in B. at C. with D. on

64. She tried many times to pass the exam, and _____ the end she succeeded.

A. by B. at C. in D. on

65. There is _____ umbrella on the table.

A. a B. / C. an D. the

66. English is used _____ a second language _____ people in many countries.

A. as; by B. as; for C. for; by D. by; for

67. Edison was a great _____ ; he _____ over 1000 _____ all his life.

A. inventer; invented; inventions B. inventor; invented; invention

C. inventor; invented; inventions D. inventor; invents; inventions

68. China is a _____ country. Japan is a _____ country.

A. develop; developing B. developing; developed

C. development; developing D. develops; develop

69. The leaves in the water produced a _____ smell.

A. please B. pleased C. pleasure D. pleasant

70. Many students enjoy the book Harry Potter _____ by J. K. Rowling.

A. wrote B. was written C. was writing D. written

71. I didn’t notice you _____ a box when you came in.

A. is carrying B. carried C. to carry D. carrying

72. Glass can _____ glasses.

A. make into B. be made into C. be make with D. be made to

73. The band played many songs, _____ some of my favorites.

A. including B. include C. included D. includes

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