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1.go skateboarding 2.hardly ever

3.once/twice/three times a week 4.the result of/for 5.activity survey 6.as for

7.once/twice/three/four times a month 8.of course 9.eating habits 10.get good grades 11.healthy lifestyle 12.the same as 13.keep in good health 14.have a stomachache 15.lie down and rest 16.drink hot tea with honey 17.see a doctor/dentist 18.traditional Chinese doctors 19.a balance of yin and yang 20.be stressed out 21.conversation practice 22.go camping 23.baby-sit my sister 24.spend time with friends 25.plan to do

26.go hiking in the mountains 27.go away for too long 28.send me a postcard from 29.go bike riding

30.go sightseeing 31.rent videos 32.decide on

33.take vacations in Europe 8a(4-6)

34.Take the subway 35.ride the bike 36.by bus

37.1eave for school 38.bus ride

39.in other parts of the world 40.depend on 41.not all students 42.be different from 43.a small number of 44.be ill in hospital 45.have/go to a piano lesson 46.go to the doctor 47.the day after tomorrow 48.study for the chemistry test 49.as you can see 50.in some ways

51.look the same/different 52.in common

53.be popular in school 54.be good at schoolwork 55.make me laugh

56.1ike to do the same things as me 57.opposite views and interests 58.beat sb. in/on…

1.去玩滑板 2.几乎不

3.一周一/二/三次 4.…的结束 5.活动调查 6.至于/关于

7.一个月一/二,三/四次8.当然 9.饮食习惯 10,取得好成绩 11.健康的生活习惯 12.像…一样 13.保持健康 14.胃疼 15.躺下休息 16.喝加蜂蜜的热茶 17.看医生,牙医 18.中医 19.阴阳平衡 20.紧张 21.对话练习 22.去野营 23.照看我妹妹 24.和朋友一起度过 25.计划做某事 26.去山区徒步旅行 27.走得太远

28.从…寄给我一张明信片 29.去骑自行车

30.去观光 31.租影碟 32.决定 33.去欧洲度假

34.乘地铁 35.骑自行车 36.乘公交车 37.去学校 38.乘公共汽车 39.在世界的其他地方 40.依靠

41.不是所有的学生 42.与…不同 43.少量的 44.生病住院 45.上钢琴课 46.去看医生 47.后天

48.准备化学考试而学习49.正如你看到的 50.从某些方面 51.看上去相同/不同 52.相同 53.在学校受欢迎 54.擅长学校工作 55.让我发笑

56.喜欢与我做相同的事 57.冲突的观点和利益 58.打了某人什么地方

59.relax in the swimming pool 8a(7-9)

60.make a milk shake

61.pour the mild into the blender 62.turn on 63.cut up

64.two teaspoons of honey 65.mix…up 66.add…too… 67.2 slices of bread 68.the recipe for… 69.go to the aquarium 70.take photos

71.hang out with friends 72.buy souvenirs 73.win a prize 74.on the school trip 75.at the end of the day 76.on the next day off 77.have fun camping 78.have a yard sale 79.get wet

80.in one's opinion

81.in yesterday's singing competition 82.in the future 83.too…to…

84.at the age of four 85.difficult pieces of music 86.take part in 87.because of

8a (10-12) 88.grow up

89.computer science 90.take acting lessons 91.fashion show 92.a part-time job 93.save some money 94.all over

95.hold an exhibitions 96.keep fit 97.exchange student 98.do the dishes 99.take out

100.make one's/the bed 101.1iving room 102.work on 103.do chores 104.do the laundry 105.take care of 106.radio station 107.be close to 108.talent show 109.do a survey of 110.brown bread 111.Forbidden City 8b(1-3)

112.on a space station 113.fall in love with 114.1ive alone 115.go skating

59.在泳池里放松 8a(7-9) 60.制作奶昔 61.将牛奶倒入搅拌器 62.打开 63.切碎 64.两茶匙蜜 65.将…混合在一起 66.将…添加到…上 67.两片面包 68.…的烹调法 69.去水族馆 70.照相

71.与朋友一起闲逛 72.买纪念品 73.获奖 74.在学校旅行 75.在一天的末尾 76.在下一个星期日 77.野营快乐 78.一次庭院旧货出售 79.弄湿 80.根据某人观点 81.在昨天的唱歌比赛中82.在将来 82.in the future 83.太…以至于不能… 84.在四岁时 85.难的歌曲86.参加 87.因为

8a (10-12) 88.成长,长大 89.计算机科学 90.上表演课 91.时装表演会 92.一份兼职工作 93.攒些钱 94.到处,遍及 95.举行艺术展 96.保持健康 97.交换生 98.洗餐具 99.取出 100.整理床铺 101.起居室,客厅 102.从事;忙于 103.处理琐事;干家务104.洗衣服 105.照看,照顾 106.无线电台 107.靠近,接近 108.才艺表演 109.做调查 110.黑面包 111.紫禁城 8b(1-3) 112.在太空站 113.爱上… 114.单独住 115.去滑冰

116.be able to 117.the Word Cup 118.come true 119.be used by 120.in the future 121.hundreds of 122.look for 123.keep…out 124.argue with 125.out of style 126.call sb up 127.on the phone 128.pay for

129.borrow sth. from sb. 130.ask sb. for sth. 131.buy sth. for sb. 132.the same as 133.in style 134.find out 135.be angry with 136.fail the test 137.pass the test 138.get on

139.as…as possible 140.all kinds of 141.on one hand 142.on the other hand 143.barber shop 144.get out 145.take off

146.at the train station 147.run away 148.hear about 149.take place 150.World Trade Center 151.as…as… 8b(4-5) 152.be mad at 153.first of all 154.pass…to… 155.pass on 156.be supposed to 157.be good at 158.do well in 159.be in good health 160.report card

161.have a hard time with 162.copy others’homework 163.get over

164.the Ministry of Education 165.Chinese Young Pioneer 166.sea level 167.open up 168.care for 169.take away 170.go to college 171.around the world 172.make a 1ot of money 173.make a living doing 174.all the time

116.能够,得以 117.世界杯 118.实现,达到 119.被…应用 120.未来,将来 121.好几百,许许多多 122.寻找 123.不让…进入 124.和…争吵 125.不时髦的,过时的 126.打电话给

127.用电话交谈,在通话 128.付款 129.向某人借某物 130.向某人要某物 131.为某人买某物 132.与…同样的 133.时髦的,流行的 134.找出,发现,查明真相135.对一生气 136.考试不及格 137.通过考试 138.相处,进展 139.尽可能 140.各种,许许多多 141.一方面 142.另一方面 143.理发店 144.出去,离开 145.起飞

146.在火车站 147.逃跑,跑掉 148.听说 149.发生 150.世界贸易中心 151.像…一样 8b(4-5) 152.对一生气 153.首先 154.把…传给 155.传递

156.被期望或被要求 157.擅长

158.在某方面做得好 159.身体健康 160.成绩单 161.在某方面有困难 162.抄别人的作业 163.克服,恢复,原谅164.教育部 165.中国少年先锋队 166.海平面 167.打开 168.照料 169.拿走 170.上大学 171.在世界各地 172.挣很多钱 173.以做某事而谋生 174.一直

175.get injured 176.mobile phone 177.watch out 178.make friends 179.play football 180.in order to 8b(6-8)

181.collect stamps/shells 182.skating marathon

183.your first pair of skates 184.raise money for charity 185.the whole five hours 186.three and a half years

=three years and a half 187.stuffed animals

188.Congratulations to sb on sth 189.Run out of=use up 190.the snow globe of monster 191.the most common/unusual hobby 192.extra English lessons 193.with a very colorful history 194.some European influence 195.be welcomed by the Song Emperor 196.famous characters from Chinese history 197.in Russian style 198.get out of the bathroom 199.at a meeting 200.the school open day 201.finish these tasks 202.won't be long

203.make posters

204.complain about sth. to sb 205.give sb. a terrible haircut 206.from the most to the least annoying 207.spend some time on sth/in doing sth 208.break the rules of etiquette 209.social behavior

210.take care not to sneeze loudly 211.like to be criticized 212.feel uncomfortable

213.in every culture or in every situation 214.not creative enough 215.easy to take care of

216.fall asleep half way through it 217.may be given away 218.enter a contest 219.all age groups

220.sing as well as native speakers 221.encourage sb to do sth 222.make progress 8b(9-10)

223.an amusement park 224.hear of 225.be themed with

226.all the normal attractions 227.end up in the same place 228.a flight attendant

229.the most important requirement 230.three quarters of the population 231.a more natural environment

175.受伤 176.移动电话 177.小心,留神 178.交朋友 179.踢足球 180.为了

181.集邮/收集贝壳 182.滑冰马拉松 183.你的第一双滑冰鞋 184.为慈善募捐 185.整整5个小时 186.三年半 8b(6-8)

187.填充动物玩具 188.为某事祝贺某人 189.用完 190.怪物水晶球

191.最普遍/不寻常的爱好192.额外的英语课 193.有着丰富多彩的历史 194.某种欧洲影响 195.受到宋朝皇帝的欢迎 196.中国历史上的著名人物197.用俄罗斯风格 198.从浴室出来 199.在开会 200.学校开放日 201.完成任务 202.不会太久

203.做海报 204.朝某人抱怨


206.从最令人恼火到最不令人恼火的事 207.花时间在某事上/花时间做某事 208.破坏礼节规则 209.社交行为

210.注意不要大声打喷嚏 211.喜欢被批评 212.感觉不舒服 213.在每种文化和情境下 214.不够有创意 215.容易照顾 216.半路睡着 217.也许被转赠 218.参加一个比赛 219.所有年龄组 220.唱得像本地人一样好 221.鼓励某人做某事 222.取得进步 8b(9-10) 223.一个游乐场 224.听说 225.以…为主题 226.所有的普通的看点 227.结柬于同一地点 228.一个空中乘务员 229.最重要的条件 230.3/4的人口 231.一个更自然的环境

232.so close to the equator 233.look through the books 234.get along well 235.part of the group

236.many other famous Disney characters 237.a Disney cruise 238.take different routes 239.for me

240.in Southeast Asia 241.feel brave

242.to have successful small talk 243.in an elevator

244.hate waiting for the bus

232.如此接近赤道 233.浏览书本 234.相处得好 235.群体中的一部份

236.很多其他的著名的迪斯尼人物 237.一次迪斯尼巡游 238.走不同的路线 239.对我来说 240.在东南亚 241.感觉勇敢

242.为了进行成功的闲谈 243.在电梯里 244.讨厌等车

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