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Module 1 Unit2 You should smile at her!

设计:八年级英语备课组 时间:2013-9-3学案编号:2013C2002



1.预习课本第137页Module1的单词,能根据音标正确拼读这些单词。 2试着从课文中找出学习英语的困难和建议。

3.Write a letter to sb. asking for advice.

学习方法:Reading and writing






1.发送____________________ 2.请求建议_______________

3.几次_______________ 4。每次_______________

5.害怕做某事_______________ 6.对某人微笑_______________

7.在纸上_______________ 8.advise doing sth_____________

9. advise sb (not)do sth______________


一.Revision (建议表达法)

1) Why don’t you do …?

2) What / How about doing …?

3) You should …

4) You should not …

5) Try to …

6) Try not to do …

7) It’s a good idea to do …

二.Warming-up (1: P4)

Questionnaire (调查问卷)

1.Do you often read English newspapers? ( )

2.Do you often speak English in class? ( )

3.Do you remember eight or ten words a day? ( )

4. Do you often watch English films? ( )

5.Do you often listen to English radio programmes? ( )

6.Do you often listen to English songs? ( )

7. Do you often talk to foreigners? ( )

探究 1三 Reading2阅读课文讨论Li Hao,Wang fan ,Zhang Lei 学习英语遇到的困难和语言医生给他们的建议。

What are the three basic questions ?

1.The first question is about ____________.

2.The second question is about __________.

3.The third question is about ____________.

探究 2.重点句式

1. Many students ask for advice about improving their English.


征求别人的意见。ask for advice

向某人征求意见做某事ask for advice about sth / doing sth

I want to ask for your advice about the plan.


ask (sb) for sth (向某人) 要某物

Don’t often ask your parents for money.

2. I enjoy watching English films and listening to real English songs.


★ enjoy + v.-ing 喜欢干某事

★ enjoy oneself 玩得高兴 = have a good time

3. forget to do sth 忘记要做某事 forget doing sth 忘记已做过某事 当堂检测

Don’t forget more English in daily life.

A.to speak B.speaking C.speak D.spoken

4. has difficulty (in) doing sth 做某事有困难 Mike has difficulty speaking English and grammar.

A.in;learning B.on;learning C.to;learn D.at;reading 5.The little girl does reading well,but she more listening.

A.can practise B.should practise C.would practise D.may practise 6.I like English films and English songs.

A.to watch;listen to B.watching;listening 

C.watching;listening to D.to watch;listening




一.句型 1.To understand American English is sometimes hard. (用it 作主语改写) sometimes hard American English.

2. Watching films ____great ways to learn English. (is,are)

Watching films and listening to songs ____great ways to learn English.

3 .It’s natural to forget news words !

It’s +形容词(for sb) to do sth 做某事是怎么样的

____ _____ ____ you ____ watch English films.(是有趣的) Many imals have no place ____ ___ ____(居住)

We have much homework _____ ______.(做)

5.suggest doing sth suggest+sb (should) do sth should______ I suggest you ______ ____ or____ words every day.

He suggested ______(go) home.


Write a letter to sb. asking for advice.

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